Jan 28, 2020
Η σονάτα του σεληνόφωτος
Posted by Yiannis Ritsos Γιάννης Ρίτσος

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  • Title: Η σονάτα του σεληνόφωτος
  • Author: Yiannis Ritsos Γιάννης Ρίτσος
  • ISBN: 9789600401264
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
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    Beautiful, haunting and timeless No extra words needed.


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    Layla ✷ Praise the sun ✷

    Nostalgic, deep, sad, beautiful, and poetic, Moonlight Sonata is a monologue of an old woman.Since it is very short, I won t spoil it for you and instead just quote some of its many lines that deeply touched me People sat here who dreamed great dreams, as you do and I too and now they rest underearth untroubled by rain or the moon Let me come with you Often I slip out to the pharmacy across the street for a few aspirin, but at times I m too tired and I stay herewith my headacheand listen to the [...]

    Maria Bikaki

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    Jimmakos Gavagias

    When life gives you lemons,make lemonade or grab a beer and dive in poems like this.My heart still black but my purpose and my point of view are crystal clear Ritsos defines love in may ways in this poem.In its classical way as a lover to another lover,as motherly love and finally the love of freedom.It talks about rebellion and high causes,it talks about how love can and must be the vessel to achieve high causes.When you are in love it is the only time that you feel really free,the only time th [...]





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    and it makes no difference that my hair has turned white that is not my sorrow my sorrow isthat my heart too does not turn white.Let me come with you.

    Mariana Orantes

    Como todo lo de Ritsos, hermoso Este libro pertenece a la serie de mon logos que escribi , no s si todos sean sobre una figura femenina, pero as est escrito este y Fedra A mi me intriga mucho su manera de sentir a una mujer, me encanta que sea l quien pueda llamar as y ver dentro del alma de su personaje Me encant que hubiera contradicciones en el discurso de la mujer, no por lo que viv a, sino por lo que sent a La escena es muy triste, me lleg mucho, personalmente me lleg mucho Y los motivos de [...]

    Filippos Farmakis



    Archodoula Vlg

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    youtube watch v V6d _A flawless masterpiece I read this during my final school year I ve read it so many times since then I ve cried so much while listening to this poem recited by Ritsos himself One of the reasons I am proud of being Greek let me come with you

    Dounia Elbouzidi

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    simply majestic.


    Loved it D

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