Feb 21, 2020
Starlust: The Secret Fantasies of Fans
Posted by Fred Vermorel Judy Vermorel


  • Title: Starlust: The Secret Fantasies of Fans
  • Author: Fred Vermorel Judy Vermorel
  • ISBN: 9780863790041
  • Page: 161
  • Format: None
  • Starlust The Secret Fantasies of Fans None


    Just astonishing I think it was the excess of Barry Manilow fans that really did it for me, I expected it of the Bowie fans.


    it is a crime that this is out of print.


    In which fans relate their usually sexual fantasies about pop stars Published in the 1980s, the stars might be dated Japan, Bowie, Adam Ant, The Police but the sentiments are fresh and vital Unjudgemental, touching, and of course, incredibly funny The fans have unintentionally provided me and my friends with several peachy catchphrases On your knees, punky the imagined exhortation from Adam Ant to an enthusiastic fan, and Manilove the sign off of choice from Barry M enthusiasts Wonderful.


    Barry Manilow fans are in tents


    Available via as an ebook now for under 10.

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