Feb 21, 2020
The General and the Jaguar: Pershing's Hunt for Pancho Villa: A True Story of Revolution & Revenge
Posted by Eileen Welsome

Pulitzer Prize winner Welsome s gripping, panoramic story reveals a vicious surprise attack on the United States and America s hunt for the perpetrator, Pancho Villa.

  • Title: The General and the Jaguar: Pershing's Hunt for Pancho Villa: A True Story of Revolution & Revenge
  • Author: Eileen Welsome
  • ISBN: 9780316715997
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The General and the Jaguar Pershing s Hunt for Pancho Villa A True Story of Revolution Revenge Pulitzer Prize winner Welsome s gripping panoramic story reveals a vicious surprise attack on the United States and America s hunt for the perpetrator Pancho Villa


    American foreign policy has not changed much since Pershing rode down into Mexico to hunt down Pancho Villa, he even brought George Patton with him If you re interested in the Mexican Revolution and Pacho Villa this is a must read book It s a wonderful story, well researched and full of foot notes and references But it reads like a novel I really enjoyed this one there s plenty of hard riding, killing and History


    brushes over pretty important items such as villa point blank shoots a woman and then orders the murder excuction of 90 others.

    Jim Gallen

    Friction between the United States and Mexico is a long saga and The General and the Jaguar by Eileen Welsome chronicles a particular flashpoint in that relationship The General is John J Pershing, the Jaguar is Pancho Villa and the story is the 1916 American invasion of Mexico to capture Villa and to disperse his followers.A fairly quiescent period in the relationship existed during the 35 years of relative stability under Mexican President Porfirio D az That peace was shattered after disputed [...]

    Cheryl Gatling

    Remember when a band of Mexican soldiers crossed over the border and attacked an American town Columbus, New Mexico , killing a bunch of people No, neither did I And I think I read history than theaverage person I was surprised that this event has pretty much fallen off the historical radar, considering the public outrage that other attacks on American soil have incited Think Pearl Harbor I think that happened partly because the unpleasantness with Mexico was overshadowed by the events that qui [...]

    Kent Hayden

    The story of Poncho Villa and his ire at the US Government is interesting but as a historical page it s a bit thin Pershing, a well decorated soldier, was charged with bringing in Villa dead or alive after a nortorious train massacre where American businessmen were slaughtered After reaching into Mexico s interior by 500 miles, Villa slipped by Pershing s men and Pershing was ordered back by Wilson s orders Never captured, Villa died of old age years later.

    Jack Harding

    Eileen Welsome s The General and the Jaguar Pershing s Hunt for Pancho Villa is an amazing story to say the least Welsome is brings to light an often overlooked part of US and Mexican history in an interesting and gripping way Welsome begins with the build up to the raid on Columbus, New Mexico and details the expedition to bring Villa and his army to justice This is not simply a story of the chase to bring Villa to justice however, but the impact that Villa s raid had on the small town of Colum [...]


    The title of the book is an accurate description of the contents a long slog through General Pershing s attempt to capture Pancho Villa in Mexico foreshadowed by the tale of the revolution that lead to Villa s banditry Several things struck me about this recounting of the story that is at the heart of the book which is essentially the tale of Villa s attempt to terrorize the small village of Columbus, New Mexico in 1916 Panchito was a stone cold killer, a real badass, but evidently one who held [...]


    Follows the US governments attempts to capture Pancho Villa after his attacks on Americans in Chihuahua, Mexico and Columbus, New Mexico The attacks occurred in January and March 1916, and left 16 and 18 dead respectively.The attacks were an attempt by Villa to destabilize Carranza s government and punish the US for backing Carranza The book reads like a novel, with lots of background information on the soldiers and citizens on both sides of the border The search mission failed to capture Villa [...]

    Joe Higgins

    A book that gets to the heart of the long running enmity between Mexico and the USA It is all here the violence and savagery that seems to plague the Mexican people, and the prejudice and high handedness of Americans and their government The story is grippingly told Pancho Villa s campaign against Mexico s military government found favor in US circles until pre WWI exigencies compelled Woodrow Wilson to recognize Carranza, the dictator Betrayed, Villa vowed to take his forces against US citizens [...]

    Robert Clancy

    In 1916, a band of Mexican revolutionaries under the command of Pancho Villa attacked the U.S border town of Columbus, New Mexico killing a dozen citizens and three soldiers The 13th Cavalry which was camped outside of town repulsed the raiders, killing and wounding about 30 50 and capturing another 7 They then pursued them into Mexico for 15 miles killing 20 When word got back to Washington about the raid, President Wilson sent General John J Pershing with over 10,000 soldiers far into Chihuah [...]

    Laura LeAnn

    I read this book as part of my research for my Masters thesis about the experience of an enlisted soldier during the Punitive Expedition, WWI, his injury, and life upon his return to the United States and after the war The book held my interest in the topic due to Welsome s narrative writing style recounting the historical events of the US Army and Pershing chasing Villa around northern Mexico While I would have enjoyed information about the daily life of the average soldier in the Punitive Exp [...]

    Todd Haines

    I was looking for some context fee troops in WW1 and this event was it Strange the US was in another country when in Europe Germany was urging Belgium to allow its troops to pass through to attack France The US and Mexico actually had an agreement though Also got some local history Worth the read

    Diane Wachter

    HB B, C 2006, 7 2007 Eileen WelsomeAbout the attack on Columbus, NM, and the punitive expedition into Mexico, 1916 Very interesting I read it because I just found out that Maternal Grandfather Adam Kimpel was in the Expedition Forces, and chased Pancho Villa all over Mexico Copies of some of the pictures in the book were found among my grandfather s papers.


    Robert Olmstead s new book Far Bright Star steered me to this historical account of the Punitive Expedition I enjoyed reading the play between the General Pershing and the Jaguar Francisco Villa , although there could have been background about Villa s ruthless career in Mexico.

    Sylvia Johnson

    Glad I read it but could have done with fewer details and asides I did know about this chapter in history I kept thinking about the search for Bin Laden and how some things never change.

    Sergio Perez

    A tad but biased in my opinion, but keep that in mind while reading it and enjoy reading this book.

    Dennis Williams

    This is a well written account of the Columbus, NM raid and the Punitive Expedition.


    Pancho Villa, General Pershing, a young George Patton, Woodrow Wilson Star studded with historical significance.

    Barry K

    Great book in helping perspective of Mexico life and history during its formation years Great descriptions of colorful characters written to hold your interest and entertain.


    Good readI read this book because I wanted to learn about the Punitive Expedition and its book met my expectations Well written and not at all dry like a lot of histories.

    Mark Selby

    Very easy and interesting to read This episode is little known by most Americans, but shouldn t be.

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