Feb 17, 2020
101 Best Jokes
Posted by Various

One hundred of hilarious and funny jokes Have fun and laugh

  • Title: 101 Best Jokes
  • Author: Various
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Best Jokes One hundred of hilarious and funny jokes Have fun and laugh


    free on kindle, and I paid too much for it.


    If it was possible to give out 1 2 stars on here, this would have a.5 star out of 5 rating This book completely failed to achieve it s goal of making the reader a.k.a me laugh Most of the jokes were either way too corny or downright mean I think I laughed at a total of two jokes in the ENTIRE book The only reason I read it was the fact that it was free on the kindle store I would never recommend this book to anyone.


    A freebie from No, sorry it is not the 101 best jokes I may have laugh once or twice but most were just dumb and not at all funny The humor may appeal to pre schoolers but I think most mature adults will be bored.

    PJ Croy

    Mostly lameOnly a few of these made me smile Maybe I don t think wife and mom bashing are funny But then I m both, you know being a woman and all, which is 50% of your audience.

    deana dean

    Really funnyI really like the jokes in this book some of them are so dumb that u can t help but to laugh at them if u like funny and rude blonde jokes, your momma and just a good laugh I recommend this book to u.

    khungkhing (Sleepless Book Junkies)

    I read 101 Best Jokes because I got it for free Sadly, it had a few jokes that made me laugh And I really hated Yo momma It wasn t funny it was verbal bullying Don t like it at all 95 Worst Jokes ever.


    Started off like 101 Worst Jokes, but in the end there were a few good okay ones Besides, it was free and occupied for the 10 minutes it took to wait for a train so can t complain too much.

    Jöel Gerber

    This book was hilarious Every page made me laugh For those out there who love reading jokesThis book is a MUST READ

    Tiffany Arredondo

    Great JokesI like this book because every time I read a joke I start cracking up I love this hilarious book

    Angel Arroyo

    FunnyWill really brighten your daythis will turn you into a funny comedianso please stop and look if you want to feel funny

    Shewanda Pugh

    Read this in a sneeze.

    James Pittman

    Hey, gang This book, available for free download for Kindle for PC, is funny and will either leave you rolling on the floor, in stitches, or downright laughing for about 30 minutes Then, its you who will run out of gas.

    Albert H. Ong II

    Free, beggars can t be choosersthe book is free, it s not much worse than the comedy clubs or late night tv humor kinda goes along the lines of internet humor in spam mail, good effort at compiling this list nonetheless


    I ve only really give this 3 stars as it was free, it would have been 2 stars otherwise There was some decent jokes, but not a huge amount There was also far too many yo momma jokes, a couple would have been fine, but there was lots of those


    Will make you chuckle and groan.


    It s funny but has stereotypesIt has a lot of dumb blonde jokes ect I thought this would be a kid joke book IT IS NOT A KID JOKE BOOK It has gay brunk and stereotypes.


    Well, this had the potential to be better than it was, but then again it was free on kindle Some of the jokes made me laugh but majority did not Some even left me sitting there thinking Really I honestly didn t expect to see Yo momma jokes in there Its unlikely that I will read it again unless I want to have a laugh with some friends and we can t find anything better to do, but we will probably just end up laughing at how not funny some of the jokes are I wouldn t recommend it but I also wouldn [...]

    monica casteel

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    Considering that I got this book for free, it wasn t that bad Some of the jokes were okay and I got a few laughs out of the book Overall, however, a lot of the jokes were fairly poor It s a very quick read, and you could probably get laughs out of it if you read the book out loud among friends you would probably get laughs out of discussing how lame some of the jokes are personally.


    Horrible book They call these jokes Really Give me a break Its likely to frustrate you than making you laugh or lighten up your mood There were probably 5 jokes in total that could be considered as jokes Meh Read this one as it was free on kindle What a terrible mistake Do not read this book if you value your time XD


    Some jokes are funnier than others, and this book has both kinds Formatting is easy to read and there are some real chuckles in here, so I don t mind skimming past the jokes that are less or not funny Coming from a family of jokesters, it s always nice to have a few gems up my sleeve.


    Not too impressive For a free joke book, many are lame as you would expect Quite a few a blank walked into a bar jokes and blonde jokes Nothing I found laugh out loud funny but a couple made me crack a smile.

    Jayvon Lee Atkins

    Jayvonthis book of jokes are so awesome I wish that you made a yo mama joke that is yo mama is so ugly one direction went the other direction or yo mama so fat she got arrested for selling ten pounds of crack is not good


    I can laugh at almost anything I didn t laugh that much during this book It s ok, but not the best.


    quite a few funny jokes here worth the read.

    Rich Meyer

    Some chuckles but mostly old jokes Good for a five minute read if you re waiting in line somewhere.


    Meh This is not funny This is insulting These jokes are meant to discriminate other people, and not even to entertain them.


    YYYYAAAAASSSSSSSS Finalllyyyy I get to write a review of my FAV OMMGGGG This is book is just so amazing I can say that the book is FunnyamusinghumorouscomiclaughableYOU SHOULD READ IT RIGHT NOWW WHERE EVER YOU ARE YOU GOTTA BUY THIS BOOK IT S ONE OF THE BEST IT HAS AMAZIIINNNGGGGG JOKES THAT YOU WILL LAUGH OUT LOUD READ THIS BOOK GUYSSS

    Richard Triplett

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haSmile cause this book is funny and I like it cause I downloaded three hundred years ago isnt that great

    Jean Albert

    GoodGreatLoved itEveryone should read this bookLoved the sex jokesCrazy crazy crazy awesome awesome awesome Life is crazy

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