Feb 21, 2020
10-та по Рихтер
Posted by Arthur C. Clarke Mike McQuay Крум Бъчваров

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  • Title: 10-та по Рихтер
  • Author: Arthur C. Clarke Mike McQuay Крум Бъчваров
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Andrew

    Okay I will start by saying that having read this book I am in agreement with a lot of other reviewers feel like I should just refer you on to them but thats just being lazy Let me explain and then you can make your own connections This is one of his later books which seem to appear with an associated writer tacked on for good measure However rather than being another author along for the ride you can actually see what they have done and where they have been.You see the science is still as sound [...]

    Bart Cline

    Arthur C Clarke was always one of my favourite writers, which you can see if you look at my list His work is always full of fascinating ideas that usually come into their own in outstanding ways His characters were often paper thin, but that never bothered me as it was the ideas, the story, the science, and the exotic situations that I was most interested in.In Clarke s later years he claimed co authorship on a number of books by merely providing the idea and a brief outline that a hired gun cou [...]


    This book is about earthquakes, but not in the way you think It s about one man, Lewis Crane, and his obsession This obsession will cost him everything On the way, we see fascinating glimpses of an evolving society and, oh yes, some earthquakes Very good stuffokssboch p 585


    This book falls short because it strays from Clarke s expertise in hard science fiction and small scale psycho social dynamics Instead it tries unsuccessfully to incorporate large scale social dynamics and leaves a sense of lack of fulfillment at the conclusion.


    I picked this book off the library shelf never having heard of it However I could see from the lead author it was science fiction, and from the title about earth quakes which is my field of earth science.But after 30 pages of terrible prose, terrible charcterizations, and utter science nonsense, I returned it.

    Ken Schloman

    Decent science regarding earthquakes and a possible future for prediction and damage control Poor character development and the story line becomes unbelievable Concept was good but the final product came up short.

    Dirck de Lint

    I have the same problem with this book which I had with The Hammer of God, in that the world building is a little breathless there s too much change from the now of writing to the then of the action for disbelief to quite suspend properly I think I actually prefer this book to those other two, as the story telling is a little linear and the time line for most of the book compact.This is in essence a disaster movie in the shape of a novel, and I suspect one s enjoyment of this will vary in prop [...]

    Geoff Battle

    Arthur C Clarke and his co authour did not set out to create a straight forward book about a massive earthquake The result here, is a complex futuristic book, conceived from many cultural and political strands, resulting in a thriller rather than an action novel The characters are well created, and their subsequent relationships draw you in to the story and keep you turning the pages The irony is, unfortunately, the earthquakes are a device to move the characters forwards However, as damning as [...]


    Couldn t finish.


    A fairly average disaster movie type book, about a group of scientists who can predict earthquakes The usual SyFy channel type stuff.Not too bad, but nothing special.

    James Christensen

    Good read.

    Michael Shaw

    A fun read I think I picked this up once when I was younger, but never got through it It tells the story of the scientists who could predict and perhaps stop earthquakes, but is a story of their interpersonal relationships and the rise of the Nation of Islam than it is about the science.

    Swapna Nair

    A lot of sci fi have been written about adventures on outerspace and inter galatic travels and time travels But very few have been written on the very ground that we stand upon On Earth This is a intriguing tale based on when the planet turns against us, one of the biggest natural calamitiesearthquakes Though sometimes the ideas seem very far fetched and sometimes the story is a bit drag with a lot of politics thrown in, in the end atleast some consideration should be given to the unique subject [...]

    Michael Thompson

    I vowed never to read another Clark book with a collaborator, but I got this as an eBook without noticing the coauthor I decided to read it anyway, and thoroughly enjoyed it Clarke definitely had a stronger hand in this one At first it was difficult to find a likeable character, but after awhile, I grew to like them all There is no real hero, no real villain, just flawed people, as in the real world Too bad the coauthor passed away shortly after this writing He had a promising future Give it a c [...]


    Not too bad Not that great, either The characters not the plotline were the problem here I also felt the science was glossed over where detail would have been appropriate I never fully understand the Globe thing, which given it s importance, is fairly inexcusable Still, it was an interesting read.


    A scientist predicts a major earthquake but no one believes him so he uses unconventional methods to prove he s right I only recommend you read this book if you are into the sci fi genre, other than that, don t bother with this book.

    Bob Rust

    Richter 10 1996 with Arthur C Clarke is a stiffish sf novel written from an outline by Clarke It is secure that McQuay s copious energy would eventually control his equally apparent sentimentality his early death cut off further speculation about this potentially interesting author.


    Not bad actually even though its not really Clarke.sfaddict 2009 12


    It was interesting and fast paced, but I hated how the book spanned decades It just didn t have as much character build up as I would have liked because it kept skipping so much.


    I read about 70 pages and couldn t get into it The characters felt really heavy handed to me, all very one dimensional I m a fan of scifi but for some reason the technology kept distracting me.


    I think that this is an amazing book It is well written, and shows a perspective of the future that I would have never thought of It s a very exciting read too.


    Clarke is always the most amazing of writers, and this books follows his typical themes and stories of both failure and success A good story all round


    Good one, though sad in places.

    Mike Thomas

    A great book, with good characters and a very plausable plot, excellent


    I gave it a four because I was in the mood for some A.C.C And it delivered.


    earth quake


    An interesting story that gives us ideas of the future life of mankind At the same time gives some hope about avoiding the harm of earthquakes


    Fun book perfect for poolside summertime reading A little science fiction, a little far fetched, a real escape.


    Scientist in the future wants to stop earthquakes and their devastation by fusing the tectonic plates But will the Islamic fantasists allow it to happen


    Touched on a lot of different political social things that may bubble up but generally kind of clunky, melodramatic and bleah.

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