Feb 21, 2020
Ударът на кобрата
Posted by Timothy Zahn Георги Стоянов


  • Title: Ударът на кобрата
  • Author: Timothy Zahn Георги Стоянов
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • Katy

    Book Info Genre Military Science fiction Reading Level Adult Disclosure I received the 6th book in the series or 3rd book in the 2nd trilogy in exchange for an honest review I have purchased these earlier books on my own, but am happy to provide an honest review anyway.Synopsis Will the COBRAs turn mercenary under Troft command If anyone had told Jonny Moreau the Cobras would one day take orders from the alien Troft, he would have laughed without humor He d lost too many friends during the Troft [...]


    Whereas the first novel in the series told the story of the beginning of the Cobra worlds through the eyes and life of Jonny Moreau, the sequel tells a concise story Set about 14 years after the events of the first one, Jonny Moreau has solidified his place in the politics but at the expense of his relationship with his wife and children He is also suffering from arthritis and anemia like all other men who have received the Cobra enhancements and knows that he will die relatively young The risi [...]


    Please vote on list Best Timothy Zahn Novels.This book takes place 14 years after the events of Cobra Members of the Moreau family are the main characters namely Jonny, Justin, Joshua, and Corwin Gwen also makes a couple of appearances A really solid and enjoyable entry in the series, just not quite as good as the first one The twist at the end was unexpected and interesting Good characters from Zahn as always.

    Jesse Whitehead

    Timothy Zahn is like an amusement park ride Dare I say a Disneyland ride When you get on a ride you know there might be some slow spots, just to catch your breath, but mostly it s just going to go and twist you around in unexpected ways until you don t think you can take any Then it ends.I have books by Timothy Zahn than any other author, and I still think that his original Star Wars books are better than any of the movies or books that have come since.Cobra Strike is just Timothy Zahn That s [...]


    This book was fun, but when I wrote the review less than a week after finishing the book , the ending had failed to stick with me so thoroughly I had to re download the book just to check that I had, indeed, finished it.Turns out that I had It s just that nothing much actually happens It s a long story of a war doesn t get started Which, come to think of it, is the same plot as the first book in the series, Cobra But in that case the war was averted because of a courageous plot In this case, it [...]

    Troy G

    I don t feel like I can give an impartial review of this book This book explores nearly all of my favorite tropes, and all together in one place In many ways, this book was so many light years ahead of anything that I d read before it, that it is probably the most fun I ve ever had reading a book.One of the most suprisingly awesome tropes in this book is the idea that myth can have power, and embracing your own reputation, however ill deserved, can give you advantages This creates a crowning mom [...]

    Keith Ross

    3.5 stars Cobra Strike mainly follows the children of the hero of the original Cobra book It s a Timothy Zahn book, and that alone gives it a certain value, but it s not nearly my favourite of what I ve read of his It s one of his earlier works, and I feel that shows Many of the transitions are quite abrupt, and there are a number of point of view changes that break my interest away from the narrative and require me to re focus on a new character some of the characters are interesting than othe [...]

    Jay Hendricks

    Oh I really enjoy the Cobra series by Timothy Zahn and this one, the middle of the 3, is no exception Set in the far future with a couple of planets of humans who have been separated by the rest of humanity by a whole bunch of aliens, they are given a chance to expand into new territory if they simply do a favor for those same aliens Really this book leads into the next and last of the series but it still has all of the fun stuff you expect from humans who have technological enhancements enablin [...]


    The contentious Cobra Worlds are marooned from Human Space, to prevent a 2nd War with the Troft Decades later, the Troft Human relationship has expanded and they are now trading partners Now the Troft come to Jonny Moreau with an offer, as well as a plea they have been facing sporadic attacks by an advanced force on another frontier.The Troft request the help of the overcrowded Cobra Worlds to scout a group of planets, with the agreement that 5 planets will become theirs The survey mission leave [...]


    Second generation of Cobra warriors, and we are enjoying the limits dealing with only one race, and a couple of planets That race has a problem with aliens in the area, and Jonny Moreau decides to train a new generation of Cobra s to take it on Justin is a cobra, and his twin brother Joshua, go on the mission It is pretty awesome, high stakes, keep reading type of space opera new worlds exploration.


    Better than the first in the series Great action scenes.


    Good so far The politics are a little boring.

    Stephen Davis

    How to solve problems interacting with a paranoid branch of humanity.


    Also really really good I liked the ending It was not what I expected It gave me hope that we can find non violent endings to our problems.


    Decent sequel to COBRA.

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