Feb 19, 2020
Season of the Witch
Posted by Mariah Fredericks

Like Fredericks s The Girl in the Park, here is a page turner that perfectly captures the world of New York City private schools, as it explores the notion of power among teenage girls Publisher s Weekly, in a starred review, raves, Fredericks again proves her gift for conveying the intensity of adolescence, while exploring the ways girls sexuality is used against themLike Fredericks s The Girl in the Park, here is a page turner that perfectly captures the world of New York City private schools, as it explores the notion of power among teenage girls Publisher s Weekly, in a starred review, raves, Fredericks again proves her gift for conveying the intensity of adolescence, while exploring the ways girls sexuality is used against them and asking why we all have to be predators and prey Queen Bee Chloe is going to make Toni suffer for whatever transpired between Toni and Chloe s boyfriend, Oliver, over the summer From day one of eleventh grade, she has Toni branded as a super slut, and it isn t long before things get so ugly that Toni fears for her safety What s a scared, powerless, and fed up teenager to do Guided by Cassandra a girl with some serious problems of her own Toni decides to stop playing the victim and take control Cassandra has been experimenting with witchcraft, and together they cast a spell on Chloe that may actually cause her death Could Toni have really made such an awful thing happen

  • Title: Season of the Witch
  • Author: Mariah Fredericks
  • ISBN: 9780449812778
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Season of the Witch Like Fredericks s The Girl in the Park here is a page turner that perfectly captures the world of New York City private schools as it explores the notion of power among teenage girls Publisher s Wee

    Shelby *trains flying monkeys*

    This book started off with so much promise I thought it would be similar to one of my favorite movies The Craft Toni was one of the cooler kids in school until over the summer she messed with the Queen Bee Chloe s boyfriend.So Chloe and her two BFF s decide to make her life a living hell at school Text messaging, phone calls and even personal attacks I so hate teenage girls.Then Cassandra comes into the picture She has a book of spells and says she knows how to help her.Bad things happen you hav [...]


    Season of the Witch was a pretty pleasant surprise When I first ordered the book from Random Buzzers, it sounded interesting, but upon reading the first few pages, I was skeptical I m happy to say that it definitely turned around However, there were a few problems, especially in the writing, that I couldn t ignore.The level of bullying in this book was surprisingly graphic and violent I honestly very surprised by this I expected mean girl drama, but nothing this bad Toni is subjected to the usua [...]


    While bullying is a popular topic in young adult novels today and rightly so as it s such a prevalent and growing problem , Ms Fredericks takes a unique angle on it Toni isn t a typical nerdy wimp She s not in the In crowd, but she has friends and people like her Until that summer night when Oliver told her he and Chloe had broken up, so he and Toni hooked up And then Oliver and Chloe got back together And Chloe told everyone that they had most definitely not been broken up, and Oliver wouldn t [...]


    I picked up Season of the Witch by Mariah Fredericks totally at random The title sounded interesting and I was looking for something to get me in the Halloween mood This book turned out to be so much than that Reading this book was like taking all the best junk food plots revenge, mean girls, murder , witchcraft mixing them all together and somehow ending up with a gourmet meal It sounds like it should be cheesy, but it just wicked awesome Teen girl, Toni, is coming back to school after a rough [...]


    3.5 stars Fredericks takes a really unique approach to talking about bullying in school, specifically bullying of girls I loved how bullying became this kind of evil energy, almost magic, that girls worked on one another I think that interpretation is really provocative and really captures the feeling of the victim, especially when it seems like one popular girl has bewitched the entire school to turn against you So I was totally behind this book, up until the end Unfortunately, I felt that the [...]


    Disappointed Yeah right, I got my BOS here and lets call on Hecate to kill off our classmates.Like Hecate cares about high school angst I was hoping for so much The Craft, this book is not.


    Over the summer, Toni had a brief fling with Queen Bee Chloe s boyfriend Oliver Now summer s over but what happened in the summer doesn t stay in the summer Instead, Chloe s determined to make Toni s life hell for daring to cross her by hanging out with Oliver And Oliver s refusing to speak up to explain what had happened between him and Toni Toni s got nobody to turn to, her family is still trying to recover from their own problems and her best friend too uncertain to help her out Instead Toni [...]

    Alisi ☆ wants to read too many books ☆

    Rating 2.5 rounded down I briefly considered rounding up because I enjoyed the authors voice but I really couldn t do this book that kindness.This book is about a girl who dates the then broken up boyfriend of the most popular girl in the school Girl comes back and decides to kick this girls ass And it goes from there.Before I start, this books theme or major plot is kind of the high school revenge story like Mean Girls with magic sort of It s not quite the same discussed below but I just wanted [...]


    What happens during summer should stay in summer.Toni had a bit of a wild summer and now that school is starting she s going to have to face her actions head on She didn t realize what she was getting herself into at the time She s not the only one to blame, but she s the only one getting the blame Oliver has gotten back together with his girlfriend Chloe, but Chloe is out for blood Who knew a kiss could be so dangerous Toni doesn t know what to do to get Chloe and her friends to stop harassing [...]


    When I got this book in the mail and looked at the cover, I thought it would be a paranormal novel about witches After reading it, I m still not sure if there was actual true witchcraft or not, but I definitely got a much contemporary YA book about high school girls and how far bullies will go to show exactly who is on top at their school If there s one thing Toni has learned after summer, it s that people love drama and love taking sides When Toni had a thing with Queen Bee Chloe s boyfriend w [...]


    Season Of The Witch by Mariah Fredericks is a thrilling book The main character Antonia who lives in New York city, is girl who is mistaken for being a slut by her whole high school She is starting her junior year, and is not excited about it Over the summer she was just having fun One of the most popular girl in the school, Chloe and her two best friends branded her a super slut , over the summer Oliver who is Chloe s boyfriend, got together with Antonia Oliver thought they were on a break Whil [...]

    Michelle (In Libris Veritas)

    3.5Season of the Witch is a really quick read that fits perfectly into the fall season It s a book with an interesting premise A girl who is so fed up with being bullied turns to another girl for help and her answer is witchcraft It becomes the foundation of their friendship and Toni finds herself wondering if the witchcraft is real.I blazed through this one and really enjoyed how everything played out It s a very contemporary novel with a really creepy feel Toni is a high school junior with who [...]


    So this book was interesting I found it on Common Sense Media and saw that it was new So I read about it and thought that it sounded pretty good I borrowed it from the library and turns out it wasn t as good as I thought.The protagonist, Toni, was a little wild this summer Doing a couple things her parents wouldn t proudly boast about Queen Bee Chloe is going to get Toni back for stealing her boyfriend, Oliver Toni doesn t have many friends either only Ella So things aren t looking too amazing f [...]

    Candice Marie

    I enjoyed this book up until the last quarter It all became horribly predictable and extremely rushed Almost as if the author was told to hurry it up already If you like things such as Heathers or The Craft then you will enjoy this I do But like I said it did get stupidly predictable My review states it took me ten days to finish but honestly that s due to distractions in the real world In all reality this took a day to read Perfect for a lazy day off Spoilers This book was mainly about a girl w [...]


    I always enjoy Mariah Fredericks, so I give her four stars for her usual excellent writing and well crafted characters However, I feel as if the first half which was amazingly edgy for this author that scene where the mean girls almost kill the protagonist in the toilet was startlingly violent does not fit with the second half The first was uncharacteristically out there, with a real supernatural tilt, the second was much traditional Fredericks, where everything is solved by working talking it [...]


    What I liked most about this book right off is that Toni, at the begging tried everything to make the energy around her better It is very easy to call her superstitious, she believes that figures that her father gave will, will faith Her harassment and slut shamming started before the school year started, by Chloe and her two friends with threatening texts messages and hangups on the phone, but when school starts like typical bullies they get others to join in At first Toni tries to ignore the t [...]


    I liked this book, but overall it left me with an unsettling feeling For that reason, I am giving it 3 stars instead of the initial 4 I was thinking.I picked this up randomly at the library and was immediately sucked into the book I felt so awful for Toni when Chloe and her gang of friends were bullying her The scene in the bathroom actually made me dry heave I liked Cassandra at first, but it soon became apparent that view spoiler something was up with her I suspected that she had cast a spell [...]


    Toni and Cassandra friendship which started out as something weird blossomed into an anchor for each of them to lean on They had based their friendship on bad sequence of events that they had no one to talk about Even their connection was strong that it allowed them to instantaneously know what was on each other s mind The relationship that they had based on was significant in the book as each of them taught one another values such as trust, compassion and opening up by the end of the book The b [...]

    E. Anderson

    There have been a lot of books about bullying lately And that s a good thing bullying is a real issue that we need books about And, man, mean girls are mean In SEASON OF THE WITCH, high school junior Toni is about to face the brunt of the consequences that come with hooking up with queen bee Chloe s boyfriend over the summer And it s going to get ugly.What I love about SEASON OF THE WITCH is that it straddles the line between reality and fantasy while still completely capturing the feelings of h [...]


    That was actually better than I expected It totally got me out of a reading slump I was in for a couple days.Or maybe it was the book I was currently reading I am so not into it Anyway this book just went by so fast It was so easy to read and I really enjoyed When I finished and looked at the ratings I was surprised Why does this book only have like 56 ratings Did it just come out or something I m not sure since I can t see the publication date on the app Either way I think people should read i [...]


    After a brief fling with the off again boyfriend of her private school s Queen Bee, Toni faces harassment and lewd comments from her classmates who label her the school slut After all, there is no way that Chloe and her minions will let Toni get away with spending time with Oliver As the bullying escalates, Toni is trapped in the bathroom and subjected to physical abuse that almost results in her death When she is befriended by Cassandra, a classmate who claims to be able to cast spells and put [...]


    I can just see this inciting some protests you can, in fact, hex and curse people and here are a few incantations and tricks Well ok But it s also possible to read this as a series of coincidences and the power of mental suggestion Having one main character named Cassandra, particularly one who has an interest in withcraft and can mentally link with people, is a bit over the top Did she kill her autistic younger brother, or was it a seizure that she wasn t there to help with That s one question [...]

    Diane Ferbrache

    On the first day of school, Toni finds that she is bearing the brunt of the wrath of Chloe and her mean girl friends Over the summer Toni and Chloe s then ex boyfriend had a thing Although he has gone back to Chloe, she is not one to forgive forget After nasty rumors spread and Toni is assaulted in the bathroom, Cass offers to help her out She promises to cast a spell that gets rid of Chloe That results in some frightening and unexpected consequences Despite a strange and really unconnected firs [...]

    Leta Hawk

    I didn t hate this book, but I didn t love it either It started off as being your typical mean girls, bullying, teenage drama over you stole my boyfriend, with Chloe and her entourage making life miserable for Toni through texts, phone calls, and notes Things get interesting when Cassandra enters the picture, promising a way to get back at the people who are making Toni s life a living hell.The story itself was intriguing and really had potential however, in a lot of places, the storytelling lef [...]


    I have so many feeling about this book and I am not quite sure where to put them My last final stand though, no matter what it put me through, this was an amazing book There were a lot of cringe worthy parts of the book but the character development for every single character was just so spot on and made me happy I think that s what I like about this book There were a lot of parts I felt so bad for Toni but in the end everything turned out great She went from getting walked on by her peers so be [...]

    Brittany Cano

    I m still on the fence about this book I didn t like the main character nor did I like the way she handled her situation The premise of this book looked promising and I thought it was going to be a book about witches but it was of a book about girls who thought they had powers Whatever Anyways, I still am baffled by the ending It was so abruptly forced that it didn t feel like a proper ending Also, it was suppose to be scary but it was horribly executed Okay I give her props for the bully situa [...]


    I m on the verge of making this a 2.5 star review This book was so juvenile in so many places that it was hard to get through it Fortunately I listened to the audio book, which I m probably going to return This story just dragged and the plot was thin It was all just one big metaphor for bullying and how teenage girls can just be petty The main character didn t really stick up for herself at all She did so many things that just made her of a victim in my mind She did have some redeeming qualiti [...]

    Lauren Puyear

    This book is about a girl named Toni who wants to get revenge on Chloe, a girl at school who bullies her Chloe is mad at Toni because Toni slept with Chloe s boyfriend while they were on a break Chloe and her two friends make life miserable for Toni, they spread rumors so everyone hates her and they beat her up Toni meets Cassandra, who is an outcast, they start doing spells on people to punish them One spell makes Chloe s boyfriend lose his voice when he has an important interview Many secrets [...]


    I am really indifferent about this book I could take it our leave it It was a quick read, entertaining enough for me not to want to put it down, yet I don t know if I would recommend it It is kind of a silly premise really, a girl is being bullied, so she decides witchcraft is the way to make it stop Coincidently the girl whom she puts a spell on dies in a tragic accident Which renders guilt Good but no great It was a good reminder about how hard it is to be a teenager, no matter what your socia [...]

    Maggie Adams-Vaslett

    To start off I enjoyed this book, but only to a certain extent I liked the plot and the direction the book was going in but I had a few problems.The book was horribly graphic In the bathroom scene where Chloe and her friends attack Toni, I had to put the book down It was graphic and disgusting but it did add to the fact that bullying CAN BE like this I was not happy with Chloe, the bully, dying in the book I found it to be too much almost I was happy with the fact that Toni knew what she did and [...]

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