Feb 17, 2020
Posted by Angela Felsted


  • Title: Chaste
  • Author: Angela Felsted
  • ISBN: 9781480210608
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • Chaste None


    I wrote this So I might be a tiny bit biased.

    Lindsay Lock

    Fantastic YA book Bad girl meets good boy Will bad boy give into the pressure of the bad girl or will the bad girl turn out to be not such a bad girl after all Great read for any young lady or young adult books enthusiast Loved the main characters and their parallels, but yet differences all the same time in how they see things approach things Themes of different forms of relationships, grief loss, repentance, love, trust, betrayal, facades so many themes so deeply hit in such an easy read I can [...]


    What I liked about Chaste was that it dealt with chastity Duh It s right there in the title Like I said, it deals with chastity As an issue In a YA book In many YA books to have or not to have sex is kind of glossed over It seems that this question to have or not to have is either THE MAIN ISSUE or is mostly avoided There are stories about YAs who are having sex, some heart wrenching stories about those unwillingly having sex, or stories where sex is never part of the landscape, so to speak I th [...]

    Laurel Garver

    It s fairly rare to find stories for teens with the conflict built around faith to portray that faith in a mostly positive and nuanced way Though I m Presbyterian myself, I always enjoy reading about what it s like living inside other faith traditions.The author gives us a good boy Quinn, who struggles to discern where his Mormon faith is genuinely calling him to live selflessly, and how much his family manipulates him, using that faith as a weapon to beat him into submission When he collides wi [...]


    booksforcompanyIn Short A slow start but worth the wait Brilliant and strong characters Loved the religious side of the book, unique and different.In LongChaste takes quite a common storyline and turns it into a unique and refreshing read which tackles subjects that not many other authors seem to tackle I always admire an author for doing this I really enjoyed the religious side of the book I m not religious myself so it was kind of a learning curve for me and I found this side of it very intere [...]

    Beth Fred

    So I have to admit this had a slow start, but it s worth reading I point that out, because if you get deterred in the beginning stick it out It s worth it This book gets really good Quinn is rather selfless almost to a fault and Kat is exactly the opposite But the character transformation Kat makes by the end of the book is beautiful This is a beautiful story One thing I really love about it is the way Quin and Kat communicate necessary for a relationship and the kind of thing you don t see a lo [...]

    Margie Palmer

    My approach for reading this book was to try to see it through the eyes of a young adult Within a very short time I realized that the writing style and the story were quite sophisticated and I was hooked I was suddenly reading because the grown up me, who usual eschews teen romantic fare, could not wait to find out what was going to happen to the characters I especially liked the even handed treatment of human beings that Angela shows in her writing Reasons for behavior are explored without judg [...]


    Review of First Reads edition I feel like this book needs a little time in the oven My approach was to read it with the high schooler in me in mindI just couldn t get into it I had a very hard time following it Even with the character names as each title, they sounded like one another and I kept finding myself pausing trying to figure out who was who They are a boy and a girl, and I was getting confused Weird There are good scenes, but they need a better lead and finish.

    Spunky N Sassy

    SNS Rating 4.0 Lindsey s Review This book was a sweet mix of romance and religious conflict I found the religious conflict between the two principal characters very intriguing and it made it hard for me to put the book down I have always enjoyed a book with a lot of conflict brewing between the two main characters as they fall in love It s usually boring for me if the couple resolves things too quickly Very intriguing read


    This book was given to me by the author I enjoyed the book very much I loved reading it and look forward to reading of your books I did not not expect for him to get back with the girl but I m kind of glad that he did I wish there are boys out in the world that are like Quinn Willing to protect the one that they love even if it means they may get harmed This is a must read book D


    The writing was pretty good, but needs some polishing There were way too many mistakes overlooked by editors, which distracted me as well.Otherwise, the story is compelling enough to propel the reader I feel like the ending is very Mormon y everyone is happy, and the non Mormon agrees to live by Mormon standards.


    This is not what I typically read, but I consider the author a friend I found the subject matter interesting, and from growing up Mormon I found the portrayel of Mormons accurate.


    This was a bit of a slow start for me, but I found myself continuing to read because I wanted to know what was going to happen next Overall, if was a pretty good book.

    Shelli Proffitt Howells

    Although the book was flawed, I felt drawn into the story and it kept me hooked throughout.

    Cassie Hawkings

    This book is going to be interesting I look forward to reading it.

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