Feb 17, 2020
The Winter of the Robots
Posted by Kurtis Scaletta

Seven feet of snow, four science fair nerds, one creepy junkyard Get ready for the ultimate robot battle.Jim is tired of being the sidekick to his scientific genius, robot obsessed, best friend Oliver So this winter, when it comes time to choose partners for the science fair, Jim dumps Oliver and teams up with a girl instead Rocky has spotted wild otters down by the rivSeven feet of snow, four science fair nerds, one creepy junkyard Get ready for the ultimate robot battle.Jim is tired of being the sidekick to his scientific genius, robot obsessed, best friend Oliver So this winter, when it comes time to choose partners for the science fair, Jim dumps Oliver and teams up with a girl instead Rocky has spotted wild otters down by the river, and her idea is to study them But what they discover is bigger and much menacing than fuzzy otters a hidden junkyard on abandoned Half Street And as desolate as it may seem, there s something living in the junkyard Something that won t be contained for long by the rusty fences and mounds of snow Can Jim and Rocky along with Oliver and his new science fair partner put aside their rivalry and unite their robot building skills Whatever is lurking on Half Street is about to meet its match.

  • Title: The Winter of the Robots
  • Author: Kurtis Scaletta
  • ISBN: 9780307931863
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Winter of the Robots Seven feet of snow four science fair nerds one creepy junkyard Get ready for the ultimate robot battle Jim is tired of being the sidekick to his scientific genius robot obsessed best friend Oliver


    The thing I love about reading books by Kurtis Scaletta who you should know is a friend of mine , is that they zap me back in time to when it seemed my only responsibility and the only thing I wanted to do was read the book in my hand His books make me read while eating, read while watching TV, and read way late into the night so I can find out what happens.Today his latest The Winter of the Robots is to blame for my advanced tiredness I even knew what was going to happen and there I was at midn [...]

    Susan Niz

    Such a fun, original story, great sense of place, suspenseful, engaging characters, and lots of ROBOTS realistic and fictional Awesome read for MG girls and boys

    Becky B

    The science fair is coming up, and once again, Jim s best friend Oliver wants to build a robot Jim is less than excited about getting stuck building the things for the robot to destroy, so when the girl next door invites him to join her project observing the lives of otters, Jim jumps on the chance It also doesn t hurt that Rochelle Rocky is kind of cute To do their otter observations, the two go into an old junkyard down by the Nomicon disaster remnants and set up cameras which Jim borrowed wit [...]


    2.5 starsJim Knox is doing a robot project for the school science fair But things get complicated when he and a few friends find huge, dinosaur like robots lurking in the ruins of a labratory What is the secret behind the lab, and why are the robots starting to hurt and kill people Ew.Just writing that summary got me unwanted memories of this story.I was looking for something to read, and just grabbed The Winter of the Robots of the shelf It sounded like a toy franchise made for 7 year old boys, [...]

    Ms. Yingling

    Jim and Oliver like to make robots for their school s science fair, and are debating what kind of robot and what the robot can destroy when Jim s neighbor, Rocky, asks him to help her with her project observing the otters near their homes, using security cameras borrowed from his father s business Something odd keeps showing up on the security cameras, and when Dmitri, one of their classmates, goes missing and later shows up in the laundromat tased and frost bitten, they boys know that something [...]


    True to the rating system, this was just okay for me The actual plot that you read about on the inside cover doesn t begin until you are halfway through the book, and only a few events leading up to it even have much relevance in the long run I feel like this title is two seperate books mashed together the kids who build robots for the science fair and then the kids who find out there are robots in the junkyard, and neither one does a very good job resolving their plotline The characters didn t [...]

    Marathon County Public Library MCPL

    It s science fair time but Jim s best friend Oliver always wants to build robots so he chooses a girl partner named Rocky He borrows cameras from his father s security business and places them in a hidden junkyard in an attempt to study otters for their project They don t find any otters, but discover strange noises and movement coming from this allegedly deserted scientific corporation What they uncover unites these friends as they use their combined wits to build a gigantic, war ready, dinosau [...]

    Karen Gedeon

    Jims often feels like a second wheel as every year his best friend Oliver controls their science project Oliver chooses the project always a robot then designs, builds and codes it himself This year Jim has had enough and chooses a new partner Seventh graders Jim, Oliver, Dmitri and Rochelle aka Rocky start out as two rival science teams, but soon end up together trying to solve the town s biggest secret in an abandoned junkyard With the help of some family and friends the kids must deal with fa [...]


    Jim knows, far in advance, that his science project will be building a robot with his best friend or, accurately, watching his best friend build their robot So when an opportunity for a different project presents itself monitoring otters with the girl next door , he jumps at the chance But the otters become the least of his worries when they discover the robots that are already in that junkyardScaletta again delivers a perfectly tuned account of pre teen or early teen angst and drama, coupled w [...]

    Becky Loader

    I am now a big fan of Kurtis Scaletta I love the kids who populate the story smart, flexible, a little goofy, lovable, mistake making, and good hearted Mix in real life parents, robots, a deserted junkyard,robots, a scary man who makes astute observations, robots, great adults who treat kids like people,robots,a mysterious burnt out factory, robots, smart kids, robots, supportive siblings, robots, otters, robots, Minneapolis setting, and did I mention robots and this is a sterling read My nephew [...]

    Shannon O"Donnell

    This was the most original MG story I have read in a long time I loved it The main characters are varied in their personalities, yet united in their friendship I fell in love with each of them And then there is the kicker robots Any kid out there who is even a little bit interested in robots MUST read this book I was riveted by the detail and cool things Scaletta had them doing Add to that some dinobots, cool cars, and a dash of young love, and you have the recipe for an ideal middle grade read [...]

    Brandy Painter

    I enjoyed all of the characters and the story in this book The kids were a great team, all super smart but also pretty normal kids Pretty normal kids up against giant dinosaur robots who have started thinking for themselves Giant Dinosaur Robots That s the books selling point right there It also is an all around fun book about friendship, looking beyond the surface to see who people really are, and with surprising twists and turns to keep the reader engaged.


    I enjoyed the story of this book.It was nice to see the characters figure out their surroundings, work as a team despite their differences, resolve conflicts, and learn to program robots albeit in a somewhat unrealistic fashion.I would have liked a few twists though the one at the very end was a nice touch , I realize it is a children s book and so isn t meant for full on adult mentality.


    While many kids will find this wintry adventure story featuring robotic dinosaurs bent on guarding their junkyard territory an exciting page turner, I felt the author was neglectful of some details how do middle school kids know how to build the kind of complex robots that are described in the competition scenes, and how appropriate is it to ask 8 to 12 year olds to develop battle bots that tear each other apart, ala Big Hero 6 A bit laborious to get through for me 5th grade and up.


    This was a pretty cool book about middle school kids building robots and then having to battle some mysterious real life robots that are threatening the town.I was expecting one of the characters to be a little sinister, but that didn t happen Scaletta did a nice job in educating kids how robots work, and the potential for artificial intelligence in future robots.Moves a little slower than I would like for boys, but still all in all a fun story.


    This book was 3 1 2 stars for me It was a book my son chose and we read together It was not my style at all, but it was well written, exciting for boys his age, and had some creative parts to the story If you love fixing up cars, creating and battling robots, and winter weather, this is the book for you I think it also helps if you are around the age of 10.


    Robot Rumbles get serious in Minneapolis I really liked this and would have given it 4 1 2 starts if I could My only hesitation is that the plot wanders a bit but all the loose ends get nicely tied up in the end Jim, the narrator, is a very engaging character and I was rooting for him all the way This will make an awesome booktalk and is SURE to delight middle schoolers.


    4.5 It takes place in Minnesota automatic win I loved the concept of the book building robots and the teamwork getting everyone involved friendly rivalry the characters do The ending was wrapped up a little too quick and neat it seemed like the problem resolution should ve been difficult.


    Combo sci fi and mystery in this fun MG book Boys will love the cover and robot action There is a slow build up to the hinted at action in the junk yard, the last third is non stop robot action Don t miss the kan ock jokes


    Somewhat science fiction meets magic realism, this is a story with deep and engaging characters While some questions are unanswered and the pace is a bit slower, readers will enjoy action in the satisfying ending.


    A Minneapolis based story about kids who start building robots and discover a secret in an abandoned building It s set up as this great robot battle, but there s not nearly enough battling robots for my taste My kids really liked it, but I got bored early on.


    I m mid book On page 74 and it s a pretty funny and interesting book I think it s about to heat up so I can t say much right now.

    Daniel O.

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    Brenda Kahn

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