Feb 16, 2020
Posted by Jay Posey

The world has collapsed, and there are no heroes any .But when a lone gunman reluctantly accepts the mantle of protector to a young boy and his dying mother against the forces that pursue them, a hero may yet arise.File Under Science Fiction Three For All Apocalyptic Wasteland A Journey Home Fear the Weir From the Paperback edition.

  • Title: Three
  • Author: Jay Posey
  • ISBN: 9780857663641
  • Page: 412
  • Format: ebook
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    Three The world has collapsed and there are no heroes any But when a lone gunman reluctantly accepts the mantle of protector to a young boy and his dying mother against the forces that pursue them a hero

    Dan Schwent

    When he runs into a woman and child on the run, gun toting bounty hunter Three finds himself escorting them across a post apocalyptic wasteland and protecting them from genetically altered warriors, brain hackers, and the Weir, glowing eyed ghoul like creatures that stalk the night Can Three stop the people following Wren and his mother and get them to safety or will they join the ranks of the undead Official Business I got this print ARC from Angry Robot in exchange for reviewing it Thank you, [...]


    Buddy read with JennyJen, Faye and Angela Needless to say, I am Steve Carell.Welp I can t finish this Not because I don t want to Jenny Or because I quit Angela But because I m a moron My stupid digital edition of this never verified itself and so my ARC has expired and it s now lost in the aether somewhere I blame myself for not paying better attention So three stars it is as I liked what I read in the hundred pages I was able to manage I ve seen some other reviews for this and I feel like it s [...]


    When the world of ARCs opened it s doors for me I realized something I have a weakness for using quotes in my reviews, and really hate being without them The story is set in some kind of apocalyptic future, but other than that, I can t give any other background Not because the publisher asked to keep it quiet, no, it s because there s none there This bothered me until some 30% into it, and is a pretty big deal to me I need to know the why of things It was especially hard not knowing since the ma [...]

    Experiment BL626

    The book was rude It threw me into the mix with scant explanation I waited and waited and when answers were finally given I didn t understand them because the book didn t explain what they meant Characters would act shocked upon awareness and I would just go, So what The writing spent too much time with scene setup and barely any time with world building I craved exposition.For example, Weir were roaming zombie like monsters A competent warrior can take one down relatively easily, but the true d [...]

    Rachel the Book Harlot

    4.5 Stars I m trying not to get a temper tantrum over certain events But frakk, man Even though I knew where certain aspects of the story were headed, certain things sucked all of my emotional investment and desire to continue with the series Why, Jay Posey Why But, despite my disappointment over certain events, the truth is that this book is really, really freaking good Three is truly one helluva post apocalyptic sci fi novel It s filled with suspense, well drawn characters, great world buildin [...]


    I m not quite sure what to say about this book The start was so dull and boring that I nearly quit around the 25% mark I pushed on and was rewarded by this developing into an average read It had some interesting aspects, but plenty of faults The WorldThis was set in a post apocalyptic sci fi future Some unexplained event has decimated the human population The survivors huddle in safe zones as the mysterious Weir prowl the night killing all they find The remaining humans were all connected to som [...]


    I was pleasantly surprised by this novel it wrapped up completely than I expected for the first of a series As weird as the post apocalyptic world is, we slowly figure out much over the course of the novel There were no data dumps LOVE IT, although if you like tidy answers everything explained, this book isn t for you You need to read between the lines remember the few facts that are so casually dropped Even so, you still won t know all the answers, although I think I made some good guesses Tha [...]

    Faye, la Patata

    An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review This did not alter my thoughts in any way The following text is my opinion only.I really, really need to stop falling for covers I mean, look at that baby right there isn t it just mad cool It gives me that Assassin s Creed vibe, something that I don t really play I gave up on the first mission but think is awesome nonetheless I know, I know, there s a bit of bias, but even without my identifying it with AC, it still looks pretty sweet It has [...]


    DNF at 21%.I just can t any Some reasons I quit 1 I have no idea what s going on What kind of world this is, how it got this way what kind of people these are, how they got this way Where it is, when it is, how it is.I ve got nothing This is best as I can figure it.We re in some vague science fiction world maybe earth, maybe some place else Weirs populate the outside and it took until 18%ish to get a name idea of what they were FYI They re zombie like creatures with glowing blue eyes that track [...]

    Luke Taylor

    Cinematic Visceral Dramatic Creative Poignant I can t begin to articulate how good Three is without spoiling the immersive experience Go pick it up for yourself and dive into the stark realism of Jay Posey s world You ll laugh, you ll cry, and you ll set it down ready for the next one.

    Mogsy (MMOGC)

    Thank you to NetGalley and Angry Robot for providing me with a pre release copy of Three in exchange for an honest review This futuristic, post apocalyptic science fiction novel piqued my interest as soon as I saw it, and I knew even from reading its simple and brief description that I definitely had to check it out.The story opens, introducing us to a world where society has crumbled and human activity only exists in pockets of safe zones across a devastated landscape When the sun sets, creatur [...]

    Bob Milne

    What would happen if Mad Max were to step into the world of The Dark Tower, aided and abetted on his journey by the likes of William Gibson and Richard Matheson Well, you d get something very much like Jay Posey s post apocalyptic cyberpunk thriller, simply titled Three.This is a book that demands a lot of the reader a lot of patience, a lot of imagination, and a lot of faith that Posey knows where he s going with it all He simply drops us into the middle of his world and expects us to catch up [...]


    Received this to review from Netgalley I enjoy most Angry Robot books, but this one was a cut above They normally have new and intriguing ideas, but this was a whole world that felt organic, revealed slowly, with no unnecessary detail The whole idea of the Weir was perfect enough information that they were frightening, but not so much that the mystery went out of it and left them ridiculous They re sort of zombies High tech zombies They re not invulnerable, and their danger isn t hyped up unbear [...]


    This is a post apocalyptic, fast paced story that pulled me in from the start Not my favorite genre but this is one of the few that I could stick with and enjoy The characters were original and the world was believable, without being over the top, or violent every second A roughneck bounty hunter who keeps his secrets to himself is thrown into a position where he feels responsible for a mother and a child They find themselves on the run from a group of miscreants that have special talents and a [...]

    Milo (BOK)

    The Review thefoundingfields 2013 07 A fun, action packed read that serves as a solid debut I m on board for Book Two for certain The Founding FieldsAll too often, I find myself either reading or requesting a book to review purely based on its cover, and Jay Posey s Three is certainly no exception I mean just look at it Sure, it may fill the bill of a hooded man clich d cover, but its design really drew me in, and I was eagerly awaiting the chance to read this book And when I started it, at firs [...]


    The moment when you read a memory which is shared with the character and you realize you both just figured it out at the same time Wow was uttered so much throughout this book my husband wondered if I was reading erotica, which I don t read that and the squealing.Post Apocalyptic Fan Pick this book up Like books with a bleak outlook and very little hope Pick this book up Like books with a touch of sci fi and make you feel cool reading them Pick this book up Do I sound like a fan girl Well I am J [...]

    Nicholas Smith

    Probably the best post apocalyptic novel I ve read in the past two years I really enjoyed the setting and Three He was one of those guys you don t want to like, but end up liking because he s inherently good, no matter how much bad shi he does The world Posey has developed is really cool, and the Weir are unlike anything I ve read about My only complaint is the lack of information on them I suppose that was the point, but I really wanted to know about their origin.


    What an intense ride this was Never really let up from the first page to the last Not much world building or character development, but man was it exciting The world does seem pretty interesting, from the little we re given, and I wonder if the following books delve deeper into it If you re looking for a fast paced, futuristic thriller you could do a lot worse than this one

    Tabitha (Pabkins)

    Prepare to be unplugged This powerhouse of an apocalyptic read cannot and will not be denied Visit Not Yet Read for an article from Jay Posey on Post Apocalyptic Bounty Hunting.Three is the kind of book you pick up that refuses to be put down until finished Tension runs high as it rushes you from action scene to action scene with just the right amount of downtime to catch your breath in between.In this post apocalyptic future, you must fear the Weir, monstrous once humans that roam the night wit [...]


    I still visit the world of Three from time to time I feel the dry, arid landscape I hear the rusted scrap metal banging in the cold wind as the sun begins to set I see the glowing blue lights in the distant darkness.I still wonder what happened How the world ended up this way What went wrong.I think about Three, about Cass, and about Wren I can picture each of them Their demeanor Their struggles.I can visit this world, much like I can take a quick trip to The Book of Eli , I Am Legend , or The W [...]

    Ben Babcock

    Sometimes I come across stories that are so well written but also so safe and undemanding in their tropes and structures that I m simultaneously enchanted and bored Three is one such story Immediately recognizable to anyone with even a passing knowledge of post apocalyptic stories, it nonetheless has all the hallmarks of an exciting, well paced, thoroughly plotted novel Jay Posey has a talent for narrative, both in the sense of the twists and turns that keep you reading, as well as the little fl [...]

    Rebecca McNutt

    Three is a post apocalyptic sci fi novel about the adventure of a man who is basically a killer for hire , who strangely enough decides to join a woman and her son in the desolate life they find themselves in This book was really well written and haunting at times, yet the main characters give the whole story a lighter theme than most post apocalyptic books have There s a really great amount of emotion and depth in this novel and a large amount of vocabulary that most sci fi novels don t bother [...]

    Michael Underwood

    Emimently, thorughly enjoyable, THREE is like the awesome fusion of the FALLOUT series and something with the cool action aesthetic of COWBOY BEBOP or SAMURAI CHAMPLOO If you don t already know Posey s name from his video game work, you re going to know it soon enough.

    Beezlebug (Rob)

    Full disclosure I received an electronic copy of this book to review from NetGalley It is rare nowadays with all my other commitments that I can find the time to finish a book in one day, but Three was one of those rare exceptions that 1 caught me at the right time and 2 was engaging enough that I wanted to see it through and not put it down.In many ways Three combines the elements we ve all come to expect from stories with a dystopian setting The lone hero with the mysterious past, a tough exte [...]


    Three is a bounty hunter He is well equipped for his chosen career, dark hood and attitude He s the typical loner, bristling with enough weaponry and broodery to discourage casual approach A woman, Cass, and son, Wren, approach him anyway and ask for his help Even as he offers a substantial stack of local currency, Three seems to know money won t solve the woman s problems So, against better judgment, he follows her and becomes immediately entangled in a plot that involves than one woman and bo [...]


    A lot of the reviews I m reading for this book seriously don t do it justice I feel that many of the people who are angry about lack of exposition and backstory, i.e how we entered into this post apocalyptic situation, are missing the point of this book entirely We don t need to know how, this book isn t about the fall of the earth It s about something that happened well after the fall In my opinion, if one lived in a world where some great reality shifting destruction occurred, I don t think it [...]

    Wayne McCoy

    Three by Jay Posey takes place in a strange post apocalyptic world and has an unlikely hero I kindof liked it.When bounty hunter Three accepts the job of protecing a young boy and his ailing mother, he is a bit reluctant about it The job is to escort them from point A to point B, but of course that s not going to be easy There are all manner of strange bad guys in this world, like brain hackers and the Weir, with their glowing eyes and scary nature This is world where life is cheap, but if you v [...]


    First of all, thank you very much to the wonderful awesomeness that is Angry Robot books for the ARC of this book Three looked like the kind of book I dig, Futuristic end of the world setting, creatures, Mad Max style action, guns, swords, fighting You know manly book All kidding aside, Jay Posey creates a deep world with great characters, and the dialogue was spot on I cared about the main protagonists and most importantly he succeeds in the cardinal rule of starting a new series I WANT TO READ [...]

    Heather McCorkle

    A book does not easily earn five stars from me It has to be blow me away fantastic, and this book was definitely that Brilliant, absolutely brilliant This is one of the most forward thinking novels I ve read in a long time It kept me desperately guessing, almost painfully curious, as it slowly revealed its marvels Three s is a dystopian world like none other, and Three himself is one of the most intriguing characters I ve come across, with a depth that many lack now days More science fiction tha [...]


    A cool concept, but what s with all the crying Seriously, two of the main characters break down in tears every few pages I m not even over exaggerating If you took a shot every time someone cried in this book, you would be drunk by Chapter 4, and that s only because they aren t introduced until Chapter 3 or so.

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