Feb 16, 2020
How to Give Away Your Faith
Posted by Paul E. Little Lee Strobel Marie Little

Here is Paul Little s classic guide to sharing the Christian faith In this practical down to earth book he offers real world examples and helpful advice for ordinary people who want to share the extraordinary gospel

  • Title: How to Give Away Your Faith
  • Author: Paul E. Little Lee Strobel Marie Little
  • ISBN: 9780830834068
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
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    How to Give Away Your Faith Here is Paul Little s classic guide to sharing the Christian faith In this practical down to earth book he offers real world examples and helpful advice for ordinary people who want to share the extra

    Brandon Duncan

    An inspirational and encouraging read

    Amanda Wagman

    This book is on one of the scariest of topics to me evangelism However, it blew me away There were so many wise nuggets and tips And the thing that made this book not so scary is how he emphasized the importance of you and your relationship with God as the basis for giving your faith away It s all about building relationships with God and others That doesn t seem quite so scary

    Clinton Wilcox

    Paul Little was a name unfamiliar to me until a friend gave me this book He has other books which come recommended but this was the book I started with I can see why he was such a well known thinker.His book How to Give Away Your Faith is a great book to add to your collection and read if you want to learn how to effectively communicate with others, especially in the context of evangelism There are certain things we can do which turn others off from our message, and ways that we can be persuasiv [...]


    Even though this book was written over 40 years I found it completely relevant and as insightful as it would of been had it been written today The author touches upon the threat from nuclear proliferation which at the time would of been very much at the back of the mind of his readers in the height of the cold war It could of seemed as recently as ten years ago this book could of seemed to be out of date because of it but now with the threat of nuclear weapon proliferation greater than ever I be [...]


    So you want to witness I did too, but I didn t have a clue about how to do it without stubbing my toe in the process So begins the book that has helped than a million people give their faith to others Paul Little s humor and down to earth approach help show how friendly and natural evangelism can really be Impossible you may say I just don t know what I d tell people What if I can t answer their questions What if they think I m just strange Paul Little has faced these sames fears and found effe [...]


    Packed with great advice and wisdom on how to share your faith, from someone who knows what he s talking about He offers easy to understand, practical apologetics It was originally written in 1966 for college students, but is still relevant for all This is a book I will probably read over again many times, if I have any sense He who wins souls is wise.


    Solid Focused on practical actions, but also on our need to have a vibrant personal faith with Jesus Christ.There were a few times where I thought he was allowing his experiences override what scripture teaches, but over all he was sticking close to truth.Not an exhaustive book on evangelism, but certainly a good primer Very heartfelt.


    Though a little out dated now, Paul Little s book How to Give Away Your Faith provides a strong argument for the Biblical example of witnessing and provides practical help for evangelism It is obvious that Little is not just an armchair theologian, but that his wisdom comes from many years of faithful witness of Jesus It is Christ centered and encouraging.


    I m not one to initiate a conversation about faith with others, but there are times when I m asked about mine When that happens, I want to have informed answers backed by personal testimony, lifestyle evangelism, and scripture This book will help with that.


    Reading this for the second time I believe Didn t we have to read it at Cedarville Feeling the need for a refresher in talking about my faith I m glad my church has a fairly well stocked library


    whish I read this much earliereat book Edition read 1966 version

    Todd Coe

    Great read about personal evangelism

    Heather Gill

    A must read

    Becki Cronin

    A quick read My version was a bit out dated, but the content was as relavant as ever Worth it if your asking yourself how to share Christ to others.


    Great basic evangelism book I will continue to reference this book, especially when feeling discouraged.

    Leslie Jebaraj

    My first taste of Christian Apologetics Excellent resource

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