Feb 16, 2020
The Continuous Conversion: God Isn't Just Proving Us, He's Improving Us
Posted by Brad Wilcox

I wrote this book because I know too many people who are giving up One discouraged friend said, I can t do this Mormon thing I ve tried, and the expectations are just way too high I know returned missionaries who spent their entire missions teaching about the Atonement, but now they have made some mistakes and feel like the Atonement won t work for them I know peopI wrote this book because I know too many people who are giving up One discouraged friend said, I can t do this Mormon thing I ve tried, and the expectations are just way too high I know returned missionaries who spent their entire missions teaching about the Atonement, but now they have made some mistakes and feel like the Atonement won t work for them I know people who have gone to the temple to be sealed and then never returned I know others who are feeling burned out in their callings Too many Latter day Saints feel like they will never measure up I wanted to write something that will provide hope and motivation next time we or those we love are tempted to toss in the towel I wanted to write something that would remind people why we do what we do and that it s worth it not because of all we are earning, but because of all we are learning Instead of just going through the motions, I wanted people to read this book and once again feel the emotions of discipleship That s what they are missing Whether the challenge is getting out of the temple endowment or dealing with callings or juggling the many aspects of our lives and feeling like we are dropping too many balls, I wanted to provide a shot in the arm.I started writing The Continuous Atonement when I was serving as the bishop of a young single adult ward I realized that there was an aspect of the Atonement they didn t get They knew about how the Atonement could cleanse and console us, but they didn t grasp how it can transform us and how Christ offers us His enabling power however long that transformation process takes even continuously This book picks up that same theme and answers the question, How How do I apply the Atonement and feel it s transforming power on a continuous basis True conversion is not a onetime event, but a process that takes time Most people accept that in theory, but we still beat ourselves up when we fall short My message is Be patient You are doing better than you realize Hang in there We are not paying our way into heaven We re practicing for it Brad Wilcox I can t do this Mormon thing, a friend told Brad Wilcox I ve tried, and the expectations are just way too high And she s not alone in her thinking Many people, as they feel themselves falling short of perfection, are tempted to quit trying.But are there only two options Think of it this way When a person is learning to play the piano, are the only two options performing at Carnegie Hall or quitting Similarly, in mortality, are the only two choices being perfect or giving up No, writes Brad Wilcox Growth and development take time Learning takes practice Discipleship is a journey, and true conversion is a continuous process In this hope filled book, Brad shares his keen understanding and testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ as it relates to our own conversion Conversion occurs, he says, when we stop trying to earn heaven and start trying to learn it As we take each little step to show faith, repent, make and live covenants, seek the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end, we are not paying our way into heaven We are practicing for it.

  • Title: The Continuous Conversion: God Isn't Just Proving Us, He's Improving Us
  • Author: Brad Wilcox
  • ISBN: 9781609073275
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Continuous Conversion God Isn t Just Proving Us He s Improving Us I wrote this book because I know too many people who are giving up One discouraged friend said I can t do this Mormon thing I ve tried and the expectations are just way too high I know returned miss


    The Continuous Conversion is a sequel, of sorts, to The Continuous Atonement, though they need not be read in order There is little new here, but that is not why I read these books there is nothing fundamentally new in the gospel, either, but like most people, I need frequent reminders, refocusing, redirection, and a broadening of my vision and understanding Reading books and articles by thoughtful people helps me in that way.Wilcox points out that we should never think there are just two option [...]


    This is one of those books that needs to be read and then re read over and over again.Packed with so much information and guidance it will help someone seeking to truly convert to the gospel of Jesus Christt only to the gospel, but convert to Jesus Christ.I love all the examples and stories within these pages.I also love the way Brother Wilcox teaches and the little phrases he uses for example Heaven is not a prize for the perfect, but the future home of all who are willing to be perfected We se [...]

    Erika B. (SOS BOOKS)

    Inborn in every man is a strong instinct find God and to worship Him, President Benson I loved it Didn t hear me the first time I LOVED THIS BOOK I used capslock so you know I am serious Brad Wilcox is a spiritual wizard okay he s not a wizard.but he is like the Hogwarts of spiritual I always learn so much from his books He lays out concepts so simply that they become simply profound This book is about how we, as humans, need to be constantly progressing but at our own speed and at God s speed W [...]


    I can still hear Brad Wilcox s voice in my head It took me some time to complete this, tho I wouldn t say that s the fault of the author I m glad I stuck with it As I read the last chapter last night, the clown of God, I double checked to make sure that wasn t a typo for crown It wasn t And it was a wonderful chapter to conclude with Brad believes that life is comparable to juggling, as opposed to finding balance I thought this was an interesting comparison, but I could totally relate Somedays o [...]

    Julie Nelson

    I met with the author, Brad Wilcox, this morning and we exchanged copies of our new books he wrote an endorsement for mine He is truly one of the most incredible people I ve ever known This book is the companion to The Continuous Atonement Can t wait to read it I hold him in the highest regard A person of inestimable integrity and genuine caring.

    C. Spencer Reynolds

    This is one of the best books I ve read in years from a spiritual perspective He has such an amazingly clear and consider way tot putting things Loved it

    Paula Soper

    Again, I now look at the world differently.

    Stephanie Taylor

    A wonderful, life changing book I have loved and appreciated both Continuous books They have made a tremendous impact on my life and decisions Thank you Brother Wilcox

    Suzette Kunz

    A great follow up to the Continuous Atonement, this offers insights into how to live the gospel and endure to the end His thoughts about callings and church activity were especially helpful.


    Encouraging and enlightening.


    This was a good book It teaches the importance of the Atonement and accepting this incredible gift and using it to change I love this quote from the introduction that seems to be a theme, Heaven is not a prize for the perfect, but the future home of all who are willing to be perfected We need to recognize the blessing of Jesus Christ and let Him help us become His disciple, become like Him I was touched by the question and chapter half way through the book that asked the question, Why do we beli [...]


    Another well written and easy to understand book about a daunting topic It is easy for us to get down on ourselves and feel like what we are doing isn t enough, but this book reminds us that like anything in life, conversion is a process One of my favorite lines is from the last page, because of the continuous Atonement of Christ, we are never alone in our continuous conversion This will be a book I refer to often and took copious notes on while reading.

    Kassie Miller

    Every member of the LDS church or anyone period should read this AMAZING book Brad Wilcox explains everything so well and this book inspired me so much Definitely one I want to own and re read often.


    Has given me a hopeful outlook on life and living the gospel Loved it.


    Wow This book was amazing I will definitely be reading of Brad Wilcox s books.

    Heidi Tucker

    Hands down my favorite LDS author A fresh twist on understanding the depth and scope of the atonement.

    Stephan van Velzen

    Possibly even better than The Continuous Atonement.


    This was really good Brother Wilcox knows how to say things in a very simple way, that makes it very easy to understand I learned so much from this book.


    I love this book


    Highly recommend this and the Continuous Atonement

    Bryan Tanner

    I read this book after watching a TV show that really messed me up The show had me questioning whether or not people can change their sometimes evil natures Thank goodness I had Brad to remind me of the simple articles of faith which helped me overcome my fear of accessing the Atonement His sermons were profound, yet totally accessible.I think it s okay not to have an expert understanding of how the Atonement works But it is essential to understand how the Atonement can be applied to my life I t [...]

    Elizabeth Gardner Johnson

    I m going to list some entries from the book that I highlighted A God who asks nothing of us is making nothing of us, and that is not the case Not only does God love us just the way we are, but He also loves us enough to refuse to leave us this way True faith is not just knowing God can but knowing why sometimes He doesn t True faith is not just believing that things can work out perfectly, but trusting when sometimes they don t True faith is not just receiving your answer, but accepting His We [...]


    My good friend Monet made me read this book She literally put it in my hands and told me Go Read Learn It s definitely not my usual fare, I love fiction historical fiction But I also love and respect Monet and I knew she meant what she said, so I did just that I admit I read it section by section over the past couple months, but she was right, it truly is one of the best LDS books I have ever read I started in on section 1 A few pages into it I read a couple things that were rich in wisdom, ligh [...]


    Have you ever felt like you are just not perfect enough and it would be easier to just give up I know that there are days when that thought has crossed my mind In this world of of things that appear perfect on TV and in the movies, we may feel that we don t measure up After reading The Continuous Conversion by Brad Wilcox, I felt like there is always hope for me and every other person out there Right from the first chapter in this book entitled, Learning Not Earning Heaven, we learn that each da [...]


    So many of us feel that we just don t measure up or can t make it into heaven Mr Wilcox addresses this very issue in his newest book The Continuous Conversion We aren t earning our way into heaven were are learning our way into heaven The entire book is filled with the profound idea that we are making it there step by step and that the path to becoming a better person takes a gradual and continual progress over time Conversion is not a fast or on the surface change, it is a deep rooted and littl [...]


    Excellent, excellent book It came along for free when I bought The Continuous Atonement Both books are filled with easy to grasp explanations of how the Atonement works that will be worth sharing to Sunday School classes or my own kids.


    I don t love these LDS talks turned in to overpriced LDS books and yet I get suckered in to reading them from time to time I read this one because I listened to Brad Wilcox s talk His Grace is Sufficient a handful of times and loved it I used it for a couple weeks in my Sunday School class because there was some really good stuff in it, but Brad Wilcox is a speaker than a writer and the plays on words and repetition that work so well when spoken come off kind of cheesy and contrived in this for [...]

    Nicole Smith

    I read this book as part of a book club with some of the people I attend church with During our discussion I was reminded that I tend to focus on and pull things from books that I connect with or resonate with me Instead of taking issue with a book, usually, I just ignore what is less relevant Not sure if that s good or bad, but it was fascinating to me.So, with that caveat, I looked this book I feel it did a good job of reminding me that Christ s atonement had the capacity to cover all sin, tra [...]


    I have heard Brad Wilcox speak many times in the last 15 years or so and am always amazed at his ability to teach with power and depth and understandability and go home filled with things to ponder He is one of my favorite speakers, but I wondered if his speeches would translate well into writing as some fall flat This book FAR exceeded my expectations He definitely has a way with words that sifts out new meanings and reveals truth in a relatable way Chapter 8 deepened my understanding of the te [...]


    I really enjoyed this book There were a few parts that were things I had already heard, and I admit even a few parts that made me roll my eyes But the good parts were SO GOOD that I still gave the book 5 stars I stumbled upon this book while I was actually looking for a different book at the library and I was compelled to pick it up It answered some specific questions I was having, so that may be why I enjoyed it so much I also enjoyed his thoughts on some of the symbolism in the temple, names, [...]

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