Feb 16, 2020
The Splendour Falls
Posted by Susanna Kearsley

Praise for New York Times bestseller The Firebird Kearsley blends history, romance and a bit of the supernatural into a glittering, bewitching tale KirkusAn Ancient Castle, a Tragic Love, and a Web of Secrets Begins to UnravelEmily Braden has stopped believing in fairy tales and happy endings When her fascinating but unreliable cousin Harry invites her on a holiday tPraise for New York Times bestseller The Firebird Kearsley blends history, romance and a bit of the supernatural into a glittering, bewitching tale KirkusAn Ancient Castle, a Tragic Love, and a Web of Secrets Begins to UnravelEmily Braden has stopped believing in fairy tales and happy endings When her fascinating but unreliable cousin Harry invites her on a holiday to explore the legendary own of Chinon, and promptly disappears well, that s Harry for you.As Emily makes the acquaintance of Chinon and its people, she begins to uncover dark secrets beneath the charm Legend has it that during a thirteenth century siege of the castle that looms over the city, Queen Isabelle, child bride of King John, hid a treasure of great price And in the last days of the German occupation during World War II, another Isabelle living in Chinon, a girl whose love for an enemy soldier went tragically awry.As the dangers of the past become disastrously real, Emily is drawn ever deeply into a labyrinth of mystery as twisted as the streets and tunnels of the ancient town itself A mix of intrigue and adventure a style similar to that of Mary Stewart or Barbara Erskine, Kearsley does an excellent job evoking the atmosphere of Chinon with its brooding castle The Winnipeg Free Press Kearsley s action packed mystery romance, set in a medieval French town, shows the same deft plotting that won Kearsley the Catherine Cookson prize for Mariana Chatelaine

  • Title: The Splendour Falls
  • Author: Susanna Kearsley
  • ISBN: 9781402258633
  • Page: 477
  • Format: ebook
  • The Splendour Falls Praise for New York Times bestseller The Firebird Kearsley blends history romance and a bit of the supernatural into a glittering bewitching tale KirkusAn Ancient Castle a Tragic Love and a Web of


    Curling up with a book by Susanna Kearsley is a bit like being with old friends you like them, you trust them, and they re comfortable to be around Reading a Kearsley book also holds an element of deja vu to it You feel as though you ve read books like this before books that were descriptive, well written, well characterized and un put downable And then it hits you aha these books are much like Mary Stewart wrote over 40 years ago, only updated to modern times and with a distinctive flair all th [...]


    If you like your tangents long and winded, then THE SPLENDOUR FALLS may just be the book for you The dialogue may lack purpose and direction the descriptions may be verbose to the point that it ll keep your cabinet chock full of words and you may find yourself meandering through a meadow filled with daisies and daffodils, but that s just all part of the experience Not parts I looked forward to, mind you, but I m sure someone out there will just eat that up faster than a glazed doughnut.While thi [...]


    A mystery with elements of romance, this is about Emily Braden, a young Englishwoman who goes to Chinon in France to meet up with her notoriously unreliable historian cousin Harry, an expert in the history of the Plantagenets Harry is not in Chinon when Emily arrives and although initially unfazed, Emily eventually becomes concerned about his absence and starts to investigate The plot touches on the story of Isabelle, the wife of the Plantagenet King John, who allegedly hid a treasure in or near [...]


    This is by far the most disappointing Kearsley book I have read to date In fact I believe I have never given one of her books below 3.5 stars before But Splendour Falls It absolutely failed to impress.First of all, by the end of the novel I barely recognized any point to it The summary overestimates the historical input and the mystery included in the novel by far, in fact there was very little of either There were very brief viewpoints told from the 1100s I believe with Isabelle and her treasur [...]


    Light, easy read and the descriptions of Chinon were wonderful, as Kearsley s settings always are However, the mystery and romance parts of the story otherwise known as the plot leave a little to be desired and fall short of what I ve come to expect from this author That said, a meh Kearsley is better than a lot of other books, it s just never going to be one of my favourites.Buddy read with Kim.

    Katrina Passick Lumsden

    I want to make one thing clear before I delve into what I thought of this book Susanna Kearsley is one of my favorite authors I d even go so far as to say that, thanks to books like Mariana and The Winter Sea, she s my favorite contemporary female author And while The Splendour Falls doesn t disappoint in the areas of atmosphere, dialogue, intrigue, and plot progression, it failed me in one monumentally important area I couldn t stand the heroine For the most part, she seems like a relatively in [...]


    1.5 5It was just that when one s parents, after thirty years of marriage, chose to go their separate ways, it made one view life rather realistically So what, I asked myself, was wrong with that So my parents happy marriage hadn t been so happy after all So love was never meant to last for ever It was better that I d learned that lesson young, instead of making their mistakes all over again.Meet Emily Braden, the twenty eight year old heroine of The Splendour Falls, whose parents divorced five [...]


    Looking at the reviews for this book, I had to laugh at how many people compared Kearsley s work to Mary Stewart s Including myself, I m afraid, which leaves me wondering if Kearsley embraces that or is rather sick of it by now But truly, some of the plot things here are right up Stewart s street, too the moment where the villain kisses the heroine, that charged moment between them Except that there s something subtle here the villain isn t purely villainous, but motivated by love as well There [...]


    I really should read this woman s work when I m off haha Each time so far I have gotten completely swept up in her work, the real world blurring and not being aware of time She s one of a handful of writers who have put me under her spell like this Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Kate Morton, Cat Winters to name a few.This one has a bit of meandering pace to it at times but it never dawdles or stalls there s a purpose to everything that is written You are lead steadily down the path, everything twisting and [...]


    Definitely not my favorite Kearsley Took a bit too long to get the story moving and a few characters than my sleep deprived brain could keep track of Still, like Jemidar says, an off Kearsley is better than the rest of the genre Kindle copy obtained via library loan.


    This is my least favorite book by Susanna Kearsley so far I had a difficult time warming up to any of the characters and the story didn t spark my interest until about 200 pages in It was hard for me to accept that Emily could become friends with so many male strangers in such a short amount of time and I found the multitude of coincidences that were blamed on fate a little annoying The story has 2 historical sub plots, and while this is something I normally adore in her books, having 2 historic [...]


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    Chinon, France with Ch teau de Chinon on the hillOkay, I know I ve been shouting SUSANNA KEARSLEY for a few weeks now, but you ll have to put up with some as I gush over The Splendour Falls This lady can write, peoples She s one of the best authors I ve read at making locations come alive for the reader, and I think that s because she s visited most, if not all, of the locations in her novels I fell in love with Chinon through her descriptions of it, just as I ve fallen in love with Exbury fict [...]

    Marguerite Kaye

    3 and a half stars I feel the same about Susanna Kearsley as another reviewer her books are like old friends To a degree predictable structure, but always with beautiful settings and new twists Having just re read Mary Stewart for the first time in about 20 years, I found this one strangely resonant of her style, something I hadn t noticed before I loved the setting of this story, since I m a complete Francophile, though I ve never been to Chinon I loved the twists and turns, and the inter weavi [...]

    Olga Godim

    A very lyrical story, this novel is slow and introspective On occasion, the narration rambles aimlessly among medieval streets and their denizens or stops altogether to contemplate a mystical treasure or a human folly Personally, I prefer action and less woolgathering, but in case of this novel, the author took the only possible approach She invested most of her skills in her characters They re alive and diverse, a fascinating bunch, each one with his or her distinct personality, although none [...]


    This was a great read I ve kind of been in a book rut latelyemingly reading good ok stories but nothing that seemed to just capture me Splendour falls did Wonderful descriptions of a place I d love to visit and quirky characters with mysteriousness surrounding them Very atmospheric It s also an easy read.It is a bit different from the other 2 Kearsley books I ve read, but in no way inferior That being said, I was shocked to see low reviews on this one from lots of people That makes me sad If you [...]


    This is a mixed bag I m surprised to finish so soon Susanna Kearsley is either unconscious of superfluous description or doesn t want readers flitting through, even though mysteries and adventures ought to be pulse racing My delight with her originality, like close cousin protagonists, approximates five stars Regrettably, one feels like flapping the reins of a horse that keeps pausing and rarely galloping forward In 1995, Susanna was not of the school of avoiding adverbs so that action words bur [...]


    I had a very difficult time putting this book down to prepare for Christmas, and I finished on Christmas Now to the kitchen to cook, but first Susanna Kearsley s The Splendour Falls is a enthralling book Emily Braden and her cousin, Harry, go on holiday to Chinon, France In Chinon are the ruins of a castle that belonged to King John of England and his second wife, Isabelle of Angouleme Emily arrives, but where is Harry The author s characters are beautifully drawn I feel as though they are frien [...]


    The Splendour Falls by Susana Kearsley Mass Market Paperback, 380 pagesPublished April 1st 1996 by Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing GroupGenre Fiction Historical FictionSo I don t know what to really say about this book It was an interesting book, but not at all what I expected Sometimes that can be a good thing I read one of Ms Kearsley s books before, The Winter Sea and really loved it I had hoped that I would love this book as much as I did that one.The main character of Emily just seems a bi [...]


    I admit it I am a Kearsley addictd just when you think, this is good but different for it is different from her usual style an earlier work she brings it altogether at the end that leaves you grinning from ear to ear Agatha Christie move aside, this novel kept you guessing and had so much heart and soul that you were there in Chinon France feeling each and every emotion of these characters Loved it.


    I am definitely a fan of Ms Kearsley s without any doubt now Her ability to string together words and phrases and create these atmospheric tales of interesting characters and places is incredible So far of the entire 2 1 2 books of hers that I ve read , I love how the details of the geography and the architecture of the areas she describes feel so real to me It s almost like they become characters themselves The ruins around Chinon certainly felt like that in this book Enough to make me wish I c [...]

    Colleen Turner

    Really 2.5 I reviewed this for luxuryreading.Over the past few years Susanna Kearsley has become one of my all time favorite authors She has this remarkable way of melding and twisting the past and present together, creating these unforgettable, well developed characters and settings and spicing it all up with a sweet dose of romance My love for her stories is so strong that I went out and bought every book of hers I could find after reading the very first one Whether it s this high expectation [...]

    Nancy Goldberg Wilks

    SPLENDOUR FALLS by Susanna Kearsley When I first began reading Splendour Falls, by Susanna Kearsley, I was initially disappointed, as I am wont to be, when I find that one of her books is not set in Scotland But, there was King John and Queen Isabelle and siege and intrigue and hidden treasure And, as with Kearsley s other books that take place outside Scotland, I was wont to very quickly forget about Caledonia and became fully engrossed in the particular setting of this novel With Splendour Fal [...]


    4.5I m SHOUTING I was just blind sided by this book I love Kearsley so I or less knew what to expect, but I think this might be one of her most suspenseful, mysterious ones I ve read that I can remember I would call this a whodunit mixed with a treasure hunt Who wouldn t want to take a holiday to a quaint French chateau town and then get caught up in a racing murder mystery Kearsley does exposition SO well it just sucks me right in I really liked this protagonist, Emily, I personally felt like [...]

    Abigail Yow

    Yet another beautifully written novel by Susanna Kearsley.The splendour falls is slightly different from the rest of her time slip novels It touches on the architectural aspect of Chinon and its citizens Emily Braden is a likable protagonist who is mature and an absolute sceptic due to several reasons Following her little escapade and watching her grow as a character were interesting to read about The author did an exceedingly good job of breathing life into her supporting characters as well I [...]


    Having just finished Every Secret Thing by Emma Cole aka Susanna Kearsley and loving it I was really excited to pick up The Splendor Falls I thought it sounded like a sure thing to become another favorite Unfortunately that was not the case The set up of the contemporary story fell completely flat for me The relationship between the main character Emily and her cousin Harry didn t feel authentic, Emily s personal hang up seemed contrived and their dialogue was forced.After finishing Every Secret [...]


    I ll read anything set in France, and, coincidentally, I was in France just a few months ago in the area where this novel takes place, so I was particularly interested to read it Well, it took me about two months to read, so not exactly gripping The story suffers from a lack of focus is it a historical novel a mystery a romance all of the above check and only coheres at the end By then I didn t really care all that much I also saw the Bad Guy coming from miles off, and I m not that bright in fig [...]


    Susanna Kearsley is extraordinarily talented in transporting the reader to any location Her descriptions of Chinon convince you that you should board the next plane in order to vacation there.I enjoyed this book very much even though , at first , I was a little troubled that Emily s whole outlook on life was predicated on her parents divorcing after 30 years of marriage.She grew on me as the book progressed I would not place it as the best mystery story that I have ever written but there was muc [...]


    Emily desperately needs a holiday When Harry her very unreliable cousin invites her to holiday in Chinon, France, she decides to go But things are not as they seem in this French castle town There might be hidden treasure and a murderer in the tunnels.I thought the setting was fully realized I want to visit Chinon now The characters were individually compelling as well as working in an ensemble And there were a few moments that made me teary eyed I was pulled in from the start and I never wanted [...]


    Although not my favorite Kearsley novel, I still enjoyed it a lot Set in modern Chinon, France, with mysteries from the Plantagenet era, WWII, and the current time to be solved So, no time slipping in this book, but a missing cousin, new acquaintances, ghost stories, and a sense of foreboding keeps our heroine guessing until the end More of a who done it than the other of her books that I ve read.

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