Feb 16, 2020
His Obsession Next Door
Posted by Cathryn Fox

Once the fuse is lit, there s only one way to extinguish the flames Years ago, Cole Sullivan made a battlefield promise sealed in a dying man s blood to take care of his best friend s little sister Now he s forced to live with the fact that Gemma Matthews is completely off limits.Though Gemma s always had a crush on the darkly handsome, far too serious explosives expert Once the fuse is lit, there s only one way to extinguish the flames Years ago, Cole Sullivan made a battlefield promise sealed in a dying man s blood to take care of his best friend s little sister Now he s forced to live with the fact that Gemma Matthews is completely off limits.Though Gemma s always had a crush on the darkly handsome, far too serious explosives expert, she can t forget the sting of his rejection Now here they are, ten years later, with Cole still stubbornly in the role of protector But when she catches him watching her from his house next door, she jumps at the opportunity to show him everything he s been missing.Cole can barely keep his cool at Gemma s bedroom window performance He s never been a risk taker, but her all out campaign of seduction ignites a fuse that can only blow up in his face.All thoughts of backing off are swept away in the heat of reckless passion Leaving him wondering how he will live with himself amid the razor sharp shards of his broken promise.Warning Contains a smoking hot explosives expert and enough heat to set an ammunition depot ablaze.

  • Title: His Obsession Next Door
  • Author: Cathryn Fox
  • ISBN: 9781619219779
  • Page: 223
  • Format: ebook
  • His Obsession Next Door Once the fuse is lit there s only one way to extinguish the flames Years ago Cole Sullivan made a battlefield promise sealed in a dying man s blood to take care of his best friend s little sister No

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    I m giving this 3 Stars only because of Gemma and how hot the love scenes were.I spent 95% of this book frustrated and ready to scream WARNING SPOILERS AND RANTING BELOWDon t read if you don t want to know The book goes as follows view spoiler Guy goes off and joins military Guy promises best friend he will protect his little sister when best friend is killed in the line of duty Guy comes home and is immediately attracted to grown up little sister he s known just about all his life One, who I mi [...]


    4.25 stars Totally enjoyed this read Thought it was fun and sweet Loved the dog storyline She was his best friend s little sister She has had a crush on him for years Back from the military, where her brother died, he is committed to keeping her safe It is a really sweet story No triggers Totally safe view spoiler She is not a virgin so she did not pine away for years waiting for him hide spoiler

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    LA RECENSIONE COMPLETA QUI thereadingslove 2 Un romanzo esplosivo e sensuale con la giusta dose di romanticismo senza risultare melenso Un romanzo che si incentra sull amicizia, su un a acerbo che nel corso degli anni sboccia per diventare un potente antidoto per placare il loro dolore, sull a per la patria e la famiglia, per il sacrificio e l onore Cathryn Fox riuscita a riunire tutti questi temi in un romanzo intenso e coinvolgente Coloro che sono andati in guerra, che hanno visto con i propri [...]


    4.0 RATING A well written, surprisingly steamy, contemporary romance with a great ex military hero and a heroine I liked Definitely a solid read I enjoyed books two and three than this one but this was a solid start to the series Good writing and HOT romance Note At the time this review was posted, this book was available to borrow through SCRIBD Subcription Service.To see other books available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited or SCRIBD, check out the Subscription Addiction group group show


    A solid three stars An obvious plot that I ve read hundreds of times before but largely made up for by lots of love for animals, something for which I can forgive most things Decent writing and minimal typos, particularly considering it was a freebie Godawful title though.


    Dal 2 al 3 Troppo boh, troppa voglia di saltarsi addosso ogni due per tre, troppi capezzoli turgidi e troppi capogiri dovuti all attenzione.La storia li per se anche bellina, nuova, eppure tutto sto sesso sospirato gi dalla seconda riga mi ha stufato.Peccato

    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewThis is one of those books that takes an often used romance trope and turns it into something pretty damn special Gemma Matthews has been in love with her now deceased big brother s best friend Cole most of her life despite the fact that he refused her advances 10 years ago Back home and leaving the military behind Cole has one mission left, the one he promised his friend, to keep Gemma safe Thi [...]

    Misty (Red"s Romance Review"s)

    Cathryn FoxARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for a honest review Once again Cathryn Fox has created a true work of literary art, and provided readers with a beautifully written story that will capture their hearts I ABSOLUTELY loved reading this story, it captivated my attention instantly and held onto it until the very end The story line was very engaging, thought provoking, and very well written I love second chance love stories and this one DEFINITELY hit the mark Cole and Gemma s [...]


    This book spends a lot of word count on physical descriptions and lusting I m the kind of reader that needs a strong emotional connection and the physical is secondary I m also the kind of reader who is bored by pages of physical descriptions of abs, tight shirts, people bending over and watching their rear ends, tingling, burning, pooling and such This meant I was not the right audience for this book It centers on the physical and relies on the emotional growth having occurred mostly in the pas [...]

    Cyn Mistress Kitty

    Great story Gemma has loved Cole since she was a little girl Cole has loved her too but feels he would be dishonorable to her brother s memory if he acted on those feelings Things get hot though before he knows it I m glad Cole finally got his priorities right.I want to read about the rest of the team but it looks like only Garrett s story is in this series.

    Il confine dei libri

    Ciao ragazze, ritorno a scrivere dopo un periodo particolare, ma per fortuna c la lettura che mi aiuta a distrarmi Oggi vi parler de Il suo chiodo fisso , scritto da Cathryn Fox e edito Triskell Edizioni , primo volume di una serie di vari libri tutti auto conclusivi Il fulcro di tutto naturalmente l a, trattandosi di un contemporary romance.La storia ha come protagonisti Cole Sullivan, che sul campo di battaglia si trova a dover fare un importante promessa al suo miglior amico prendersi cura di [...]


    Rate 3Heat 3Gemma is Cole s best friend s little sister She s always had a crush on him, but he always kept her at a distance When Gemma s brother got killed while they were soldiers, Cole promised him he would watch over Gemma So, as soon as he s back in town, Cole keeps an eye on her Gemma is a veterinarian and runs a no kill animal shelter that she needs to expand too many animals, not enough room for all Her parents are well off, still she wants no help from them She s tired of being taken c [...]


    This was enjoyable.I liked the dog aspect a lot Yes, it seemed a little repetitive at times, but that was understandable However, one of the things that got on my nerves was the fact that we were never told exactly what her brother said to Cole And so because of that it was just a lot of he made me promise type statements But he was freaking out over thinking he was dishonouring the promise made well we didn t know what exactly he said Did Brandon say Promise me you won t touch my sister No He d [...]


    Sweet light story.


    Cute, sweet story.


    3.5 Stars Quick and sweet read, with some super spicy scenes Looking forward to continuing the series.


    Sweet and Hot I love how Gemma gets her man and doesn t let him walk away no matter what




    MehThis was just not my cup of tea I was bored early on, but I pushed through although I liked his alpha tendencies.

    Franci Neill

    I just love this series from Cathryn Fox Gemma and Cole have known each other forever and Gemma has worshiped Cole from afar for most of this time until a night when she tries to show Cole her feelings for him and he rejects her Little does she know, Cole didn t want to reject her but didn t feel right about his feelings for her because she s his best friends little sister.Brandon and Cole are in the military together as explosive experts and on a fateful night, Cole makes a promise to Brandon t [...]

    Amanda (Hootie) Clark

    There s nothing I love than a romance full of hot sex, fantastic character chemistry and a great backstory to go along with it His Obsession Next Door certainly delivered on all fronts and though I ve never read anything by this author before, she definitely has my attention now The story of Gemma and Cole is the typical best friend s baby sister trope and while it s been done countless times, this story had something unique all of it s own Gemma and Cole shared a connection as younger characte [...]

    Wednesday Stanley

    Ok so I should have had this review up a few weeks ago But real life has gotten in my way the few past weeks But anyways I was so happy to be able to read this book from Cathryn Fox I love a good book with a man in uniform His Obsession Next Door if you haven t read it the 1st in the In The Line Of Dity series.I fell in love with Cole right away when he 1st walked into Gemma s vet clinic with his injured dog Cole is a solider who has come home from the war scarred, both emotionally and physicall [...]

    Christine Mize

    Those who have gone to war often come home changed, both human and canine Cole Sullivan is a Military Working Dog Handler, who lost his best friend overseas his best friend who asked that he protect his baby sister Veterinarian Gemma Matthews does not feel like she needs to be looked after, instead concentrating on her practice and raising money for her animal shelter plans Cole and his MWDH buddies step in to help, building a instruction course at an abandoned military base close to her practic [...]


    I hardly know how to start writing a review of this one I read most of it mostly just skip reading after the first 1 4 It is certainly one of the least subtle books I ve ever read, the author hitting the reader over the head with every idea Repetition, repetition, repetition Although the plot was excessively obvious and the dialog and sex scenes were stilted and unnatural, the book was fairly well edited, containing only a few very glaring errors that should have been corrected before publishing [...]


    In the Line of Duty.Having had his childhood friend and best mate die in his arms and promising to protect his sister, explosive expert, Cole, does just thatd Vet, Gemma, tried to seduce Cole 10years ago but his rejection doesn t deter her now He s fighting his growing feelings towards her, with guilt, she s fighting dirty to get him in her bed Very predictable, corny, unexciting and frustrating how he wants her, then he doesn t At times it was like reading a teenage novel, disappointingbut fre [...]

    Jan Meredith

    Like your heros damaged, loyal and totally hot Then you ll LOVE Cole Sullivan Like your heroines strong, independent and ready to do what it takes to get her man That would be Gemma Matthews The sexual tension crackles between these two, and Gemma has no qualms about doing what ever it takes to break through the protective shell Cole has surrounded himself with He may have made a battle field promise to her brother, but now he s dealing with the woman, and she s breaking out the big guns


    Review Posted on HarlequinJunkie4.5 StarsHis Obsession Next Door is a thrilling and passionate romance by talented author Cathryn Fox I find that each book she writes is just as good or better than the previous one I have read This book is amazing, replete will patriotism, well defined characters and a compelling storyline.Read More

    Tammy Ramey

    I just finished the book and i have to tell you that i loved it it was heartbreaking and heartwarming ,intense,poigant and tender and HOT it was all of the things you want in a gradeA romance novel and then some.if you want to read a book that will make you laugh,cry,feel angry for the characters and all of the other emotions you can feel as a human being then this is the book for you Thank you Ms Fox for writing another wonderful story for us.

    Colleen Everly

    Loved it I love stories about soldiers who come home a little broken yet have such a great capacity to love This story had dogs which I love The dogs were heroes along with the soldiers I love how she used her sexuality to crack his shell I loved how they were always loved one another, she knew it yet he was oblivious he knew he was attracted but didn t think he deserved love Awesome read

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