Feb 16, 2020
The Lyris
Posted by Lola St. Vil

The end of the world is not coming it s hereAn impossible decisionA massive warA Guardian silenced forever Please note chapters 29 30 are for mature audiences

  • Title: The Lyris
  • Author: Lola St. Vil
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Lyris The end of the world is not coming it s hereAn impossible decisionA massive warA Guardian silenced forever Please note chapters are for mature audiences


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book This book really makes you feel bad for Marcus and Emmy because even though Emmy did steal Marcus from Ameana, Bianca is a real Every time Emmy is hurting I hurt with her This story is so descriptive you feel as though you are one of the characters in the book But I do feel some scenes in the book are alittle too detailed for my liking Julian is one of my least favorite characters in the book I want to kill him for every single thing he s done to hurt Emmy, his own dau [...]

    Renee Hood

    WowWowwow I can t get enough of this series, of these characters I can only hope that the last book 6 is out A.S.A.P PUHLEEEEZZZZ I admit, that chapter 5 is going to be a tough one to get through Jeeezzz it gets me angry And there were a few other things However, I still love them all I still had to read The ups and downs is what keeps us all reading You just never know what s going to happen next.This author can make you fall in love with a bad guy I 3 Rage My adviceREAD READ READ

    Lori Salsbury

    Okay, this review is not just for this particular book I m putting the same version on each book but for every single hair pulling book in the series I have rated the books mostly 4 s and I ll stand by that because the story, had it been about something like super heroes, rather than angels demons it would have been great Butey re not They re aboutumLola St Vil s warped idea of angels Here are my MAIN issues.1 She is obviously either an Atheist or not of a Christian religion because she actually [...]


    Furious Get your series page straight Don t be schemed So on the series page it doesn t tell you that there is a Book 5 part 2 and and Book 6 then again a Book 6 part 2 This is nothing than a money making scheme These could have easily been separate books In the end of book 5 Marcus is left with a decision to make an then in B5P2 the decision is made and it s the day What the check happened to the story I moved onto book 6 and was LOST Thinking that was the order of the books Wrong, wrong, wron [...]

    Mariana P-Murray

    it got better I enjoyed the plot of the actual story except for the Marcus Emmy thing really wish the author had let that go from the beginning I still think Emmy is a crappy character and Marcus is too the story line would gonna lot better if that couple wasn t the main focus but I guess it was ok.


    I did not like what she did with Marcus in this book I almost quit reading the series.


    I left quite a gap between reading The Quo and reading this book so it took a little time for me to catch up I should have just re read The Quo I absolutely love the way the twists and turns keep taking me by surprise, except for the spelling and editing issues which I don t remember there being in the previous books.Emmy must have an internal vat of superglue the amount of times Marcus keeps breaking her heart, and she still keeps going back for In The Lyris, he breaks her heart by marrying an [...]


    I have never wanted to root for someone so much and strangle them at the same time Why is it when it calls for it, no one can be selfless Then in another moment, you can be Why is it Emmy agrees to something and then continues to act as if she doesn t and causes problems by doing that Why does Marcus want to sacrifice the world for Emmy but then scolds her when she doesn t think that s right then decides she s right later Why am I so into this Shame on me Why are there these cycles when someone [...]

    Jeanette Crump

    This book is book number 5 in this series Well worth the read Often by the time you get to the fifth book it is getting old However, that certainly is not the case here This story is just as good and engaging as the last four have been We learn that Rage is not all bad or bad at all The Lyris is a surprise I will keep it that way Rage s relationship with the Lyris is so sweet and touching StVil is a master and does a good job of tying everything in while adding enough new to keep it going and in [...]

    Toni Michelle-Editor

    I have loved this series since I started it I can t stress to you how awesome it has been reading The Guardian series Book 5 Part 2 has only added to the excitement I know that there is only one book left and it makes me sad, but at the same time, I am having a blast reading about Emmy and Marcus and their journey of love and heartbreak You really want to read this series I mean honestly you will be just as in love as I am Happy reading, and I know it will be a happy read for everyone that reads [...]

    Georgiasweets Satoshi

    This book was.ere is just no words to fully explain how I feel about it However, I can absolutely say it was a GREAT READ greater than great I cried, I laughed, I was anxious, at times a bit frustrated I was basically on an emotional roller coaster for a good 2 1 2 hrs hahahaha there are 31 chapters, but I really wish there could have been I still loved it though and I can hardly wait for the next installment in the guardians series EEEEEEK, so excited hahaha


    Im getting so tirexd of the back and forth, one minute they are conquering all and the next their love is flat and over for the last 6 books we have had to see this ridiculousness Im tired of there always being something between them if I were emmy I would give up This book is wonderful but im tired for emmy I need resolution and so does she By the way the cliffhanger to die for I HOPE its emmy.


    I just finished, and let me tell you, the ending left me with my mouth wide open I cannot believe Lola StVil Having to wait until November will be terrible I will say that I like the new Emerson It is about time However, I don t think she should have left Bianca breathing If you haven t read book 5, get busy I took longer reading it because I knew I would have to wait for 6 I will be surprised by this cliffhanger for days to come Nice play StVil


    I do really love the effort to develop all the characters And Lola s sick mind has a skill for thinking up torture But I have to admit that this book desperately needs to be re edited Usually I have no problem ignoring typos and grammatical errors, especially in self published, books but there were so many missed errors in this book, I had to force myself not to grab white out and fix the library s copy


    I love this series and will definately get book 6 The reason for 3 stars is typing and grammatical errors They keep getting worse book after book It is almost painful to read and I got so frustrated at times I walked away from my Nook I am so over Bianca and wish Em would have taken her out I know not everyone gets a HEA but day um there is only so much a person can take before they snap and Marcus is kinda dense lol.

    Heather Y.

    Amazing book and series, but getting tired of all the issues between Emmy and Marcus All I can say is Really Please tell people are not this slow in actual life enough already How much are they expected to go through before they go mad Can t wait for the next book Let s hope things start looking up for Emmy and Marcus.


    I love the angels in this book They are not bound by normal angel behavior Rage is by far the best What I don t understand is why the reset I don t get the hole pull Up to this point I love the plot line Just when you think it can t get any worse in pops julien Now Emme is turning dark and some one has a baby on the way Not sure if one book will cut it


    Honestly at the beginning it was kinda slow for me but once it picked up I absolutely adored it like all the other books Miss Lola has writen 3 1 2 stars Ok first I want to say OMG WHAT A ENDING I cant wait until November Second, is it werid that when the angel died I didnt shed a tear but when Mouse died I couldn t contain myself

    greg brammer

    Will Love win outThe end of mankind is prolonged once again even though it has cost the lives of many including Rio and Mouse, the baby girl that defeated some of the worst evil known to man, demons and angles


    Loved this book as i have all the others can t wait for the last book to come out but am also sad as it is the last book in the series and there will be no it s been an emotional journey the last few chapters.

    Lisa P

    It is crazy how they never seem to catch a break, and in short moments they do it doesn t last long Really liked that Redd came back although not the circumstances around it Rage is definitely one of my favorites Looking forward to Emerson though.

    Patience Cruise

    New highs and lows for our guardian addictionWe know our guardians love It s practically in angel code What s surprising is a demon in love Especially when a demon s love is lost Lola focus on my favorite anti hero Rage and his internal battles.


    OmgI love this series as well as this story Love the way to story is written and how it puts you in the story I want to take Emma and shake her cause she gets herself in trouble, but it feel so real Love it

    Kennia Segura

    It was amazing Can t believe the cliffhanger.

    Jamie Humphrey

    this was so freaking awesome, I m so excited for the next one

    Alicia Prochnow

    This book was amazing just for the change in Rage alone Redd makes another appearance which was cool Marcus needs to grow a pair, but he always seems to be between a rock and a hard place.

    Kyle Lawrence

    Awesome I really liked how Emmy is really becoming someone who stands up for herself Can t wait to finish the series.


    I really like this series I laughed I cried, this one was very emotional without giving the plot away can t wait for the next book

    Lakesha Marshall caraway

    This was a great series I wish I had two hands so I could give it four thumbs up It was such a great read I can t wait for the next series.



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