Feb 16, 2020
Undercover Captor
Posted by Cynthia Eden

Get rescued by a hero in disguise in New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden s Shadow Agents Guts and Glory miniseries The man standing watch over Dr Tina Jamison was an imposing, scarred figure Even frightening was what would happen when her kidnappers discovered they d taken the wrong woman Only she didn t realize this same guard was an undercover agent,Get rescued by a hero in disguise in New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden s Shadow Agents Guts and Glory miniseries The man standing watch over Dr Tina Jamison was an imposing, scarred figure Even frightening was what would happen when her kidnappers discovered they d taken the wrong woman Only she didn t realize this same guard was an undercover agent, or that Drew Lancaster left no fellow Elite Operations agent behind.Running handcuffed together through Texas, Drew vowed to protect Tina against all dangers For a man who d fought so may battles, he couldn t afford to lose this one She d need to follow his orders to stay alive But it didn t take a doctor to see that this wounded warrior she d once feared needed some saving himself.

  • Title: Undercover Captor
  • Author: Cynthia Eden
  • ISBN: 9781306106696
  • Page: 177
  • Format: ebook
  • Undercover Captor Get rescued by a hero in disguise in New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden s Shadow Agents Guts and Glory miniseries The man standing watch over Dr Tina Jamison was an imposing scarred figur


    Rating 3.5 starsI like this series, heroine is mistaken as the daughter of the head of EOD and kidnapped and there she finds the hero who is undercover The hero has always been attracted to her but he thinks he is only best at killing However, danger changes the equation between them This book is a typical Eden and a fun read.


    The fifth book in the Harlequin Intrigue series Shadow Agents Guts and Glory by Cynthia Eden Dr Tina Jamison is kidnapped and Drew Lancaster is forced to break cover to protect her The kidnappers believe the doctor is the daughter of the head of EOD, Elite Operations Division Fast paced and suspenseful romance.

    Cindy ~ SnS Reviews

    Never a dull moment in this series Its high octane from a kidnapping to bombs at Marti Gras When the heroine Dr Tina Jamison is mistakenly kidnapped by a terrorist organization thinking she is Mercer s daughter Mercer is the head of the EOD and has spent years protecting the identity of his real daughter her story was in the previous book in this series You re in for a fast paced thrill ride of escapes for Tina and her EOD protector Drew Lancaster trying to stay a step ahead of the man who wants [...]


    Personally, I thought that this book had the most twists in the series and also most emotional and suspense which was totally great It seemed that the villain in this book was really awesome He was the mastermind of the mastermind that I almost felt that there was no hope for the heroes I was so glad it didn t end in tragedy Although I already expected that there could be no way that the author could end it that way but Ms Cynthia Eden created such a complex and smart evil villain that made the [...]


    I really enjoyed the romance between Drew and Tina They were attracted to each for a long time but gave the impression to the other that there were no feelings It was nice to see them show their emotions as they stuck together The ending was nice There really were times where I wasn t sure how the author could pull off a happy ending, but she did

    Tiny Shen 沈帝妮

    Enjoy it


    Fantastic book, a real page turner from the start Tina is a doctor who works for the Elite Operations Division She is used to patching up agents when they are done with a mission She doesn t expect to end up in the middle of a mission herself, but that s what happens when she is kidnapped Only, it s a case of mistaken identity, and if they discover the truth she ll be dead Drew has been undercover with this group for several months and is shocked to see Tina He knows he has to get her away, even [...]

    Paula Brandon

    An easy four stars Dr Tina Jamison is kidnapped by terrorist organisation HAVOC in the mistaken belief that she is the daughter of the head of specialist spy government division EOD Luckily for her, one of EOD s agents, Drew Lancaster, has infiltrated HAVOC and is ready to put his life on the line to protect her They go on the run, caught up in a deadly feud between EOD and HAVOC s leaders It s an action packed, suspenseful tale I must say, the guy on the book cover is quite attractive, so pictu [...]


    I really like those shadow agents booksIf this is the definition of ice then I d love to see of that I enjoyed the story and loved the characters Yet another great book by Cynthia Eden.


    2 stars Military Romantic Suspense


    This was not one of the strongest in the series, it was very weak and mild The plot was ok but I ve seen it done better I think that a lot of these books suffer because they re so short and don t give us enough time to really feel for the characters Drew and Tina were good people but there wasn t really anything that made them special to me Drew was a good man beneath his rough exterior, there s no doubt about that I just feel like the book needed to be a lot longer and some background would hav [...]

    Danielle Gypsy Soul

    This is the 5th book in the series I read the first one and then skipped to this one, quite honestly because it went on sale I don t think you need to read the books in order although there were a few mentions of past events that I was unaware of However, it didn t detract from my enjoyment of the book In this installment Agent Drew Lancaster is working undercover to take down a terrorist organization, in particular their leader when the staff doctor, Tina, is kidanapped Drew has been attracted [...]


    Drew and Tina s story.Drew has infiltrated HAVOC, acting as a pilot Imagine his surprise when the recently captured victim is Dr Tina from the EOD Trouble is, HAVOC thinks she is the daughter of the head of the EOD.The plot was fairly familiar, as expected from a Harlequin Intrigue, hero thinks he isn t good enough because he s a stone cold killer, heroine thinks she s not good enough because she s not an agent plump short sighted, whatever.The baddie was bad and his motives were worthy of a bat [...]


    This series is fun and exciting I really enjoyed this couple and how they were equals in the relationship Tina is a strong character that doesn t stand down from a challenge I appreciated that she had vulnerabilities that seemed realistic in the situation and was not just a damsel in distress without cause, while also showcasing her medical abilities and strengths.Highly recommend these books are just fun campy goodness I know what Im getting when I pick it up and they haven t disappointed yet I [...]


    Tina is mistakenly kidnappedShe is thought to be the leader of the EOD s daughterShe is note is just a Dr for the EOD that the director has helped over the yearsShe is helped by DrewHe has infilitrated the group HAVOCShe hears his voice when she is being taken and knows that he will rescue herhe doeshe helps to take down Havoc but not before his sisters are taken by the mean man leader of HAVOCA fast easy read

    Harlequin Books

    As a wrap up to the ongoing EOD vs terrorist storyline, Eden s latest doesn t disappoint, giving readers a heated romance in the middle of an intricately twisting plot, with enough double crosses, mistaken identities and explosive action to keep readers riveted RT Book Reviews, rated 4 starsMiniseries Shadow Agents Guts and Glory

    Amanda Gylling

    I really like the continuation of the events from previous books in this series This story is not as exciting and romantic as some of the others, but it was still pretty great I just wish that there had been alone time for the couple I can t get enough of Cynthia Eden s captivating stories


    Love the shadow agents.Does anyone write alpha suspense heroes better than Cynthia Eden I don t think so I m so hooked on everything she writes I love this series and the EOD guys ladies.

    Debbie Heaton

    In Eden s romantic intrigue novel, when Dr Tina Jameson is kidnapped, Elite Operations agent Drew Lancaster is there to protect her As they run handcuffed across Texas, Drew vows to protect the doctor from dangers lurking.A strong addition to the Shadow Agents series.


    3.5If you ve read and liked Cynthia Eden before, especially if you ve read and like her shadow agents series then you ll like this one too.Felt like average Eden but I cried at one scene, which was great.

    Angel Ruess

    Romantic and edgy A suspenseful thrill that will keep you turning pages.

    Heli - So Many Books - So Little Time

    3.5 stars

    Emily Fox

    Pretty short, but not horrible.

    Nikki Brandyberry

    Typical of a Cynthia Eden book Full of suspense, danger and awesomeness Loved this book from beginning to end


    review to come


    Really enjoyed this


    Alright, not anywhere near as good as Cynthia Eden s other books For me series Montlake series but interesting enough.


    At least in this book I don t want to hit Mercer with a 2 by 4 this time.


    I loved this book Drew was amazing, so intense and yummy Great suspense, awesome romance.

    Ashwini Iyer

    It is an awesome book The whole plot and the way the story came through was simply great Though the first half was 4 stars the next half was FRIGGING 5 AWESOME FABULOUS SUPERB STARS

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