Feb 16, 2020
Two's A Couple, Three's The Law
Posted by Eve Langlais

Werewolves exist Shocking, I know, but not as shocking as the way I want to jump the super hot wolfman that walks in to my office.Tall, Dark, and Furry has got a problem with authority He s also batshit crazy Pity, because nutjobs automatically make my do not date list.On that same list is Anthony, the too hot for his suits district attorney Instead of dismantling my cWerewolves exist Shocking, I know, but not as shocking as the way I want to jump the super hot wolfman that walks in to my office.Tall, Dark, and Furry has got a problem with authority He s also batshit crazy Pity, because nutjobs automatically make my do not date list.On that same list is Anthony, the too hot for his suits district attorney Instead of dismantling my cases, why can t he destroy my bra As if having the virile attention of a werewolf and a panty creaming lawyer isn t enough, something is killing people Witches, to be exact Rumor says it s a demon.I might need a bigger cross and a king sized bed.Warning This story has received a new look and title Formerly known as Two s a Couple, Three s the Law This story contains adult subject matter, menage situations and language that is not suitable for all audiences Reader discretion is advised.

  • Title: Two's A Couple, Three's The Law
  • Author: Eve Langlais
  • ISBN: 9781927459454
  • Page: 100
  • Format: ebook
  • Two s A Couple Three s The Law Werewolves exist Shocking I know but not as shocking as the way I want to jump the super hot wolfman that walks in to my office Tall Dark and Furry has got a problem with authority He s also batsh

    Isa Lavinia

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    bookslifewine twos a coupl2.5 stars rounded down to 2 starsI consider myself an Eve Lanlais fan I ve read and enjoyed many of her books I also consider myself a fan of menage romances what can I say I like reading about a little DPWhen I heard about Two s A Couple, Three s The Law being released December 2013 I was so excited I rushed out and purchased a copy on release day and settled in for some good reading Sadly, Two s A Couple, Three s The Law doesn t live up to what I was expecting The MC [...]

    Sammy Loves Books

    Funny, Sexy, with a touch of action My perfect read


    3.5 Stars Ok so this book was nothing like I expected I was expecting the typical paranormal threesome book where it s all about claiming ones mate and fighting and all blah, blah, serious blah There were some serious moments in this book but not like I thought Besides the awesome sex, there were a bunch of bwahahahaha moments for me I seriously put that in my notes quite a few times.Apparently Chloe and everyone else live where it s now encouraged to be in a than two relationship Threesomes, f [...]


    This review was originally posted on Delighted ReaderI have read a few of Eve Laglais books and most have been either real hits or real misses This fell in the middle with a sorta shrug on if I liked it So the paranormal world has outed themselves and things have not been the same Now I am not saying every type of paranormal being has been outed, but shifters definitely have They now have to register to get some protections Chloe is a public defender and you wouldn t really believe the cases she [...]


    I thought this one had some promise, but as I read it, it didn t work for me Chloe annoyed me She says she hated the DA she keeps going up against, yet goes home with him for a night of fun Then there is the werewolf she has as a client, who she lusts after, sends away, but her parents invite to dinner Too much for me to buy in to In the end this one just isn t for me.


    Great ReadI absolutely love this book It had a little bit of everything to have you hooked from beginning to end There suspense, intrigue, action, and of course steamy romance I really hope her bff get her story told Overall a enjoyable and entertaining read looking forward to reading books in this series.


    Fangirl alert I love both menage books and Eve Langlais s writing And werewolves And other things that go bump in the night So, you know, this one hit the spot AS EVE LANGLAIS BOOKS TEND TO DO WITH ME.Since that s out of the way, WHOO EEE Smokin Alphas know how to give the lady a good time Honestly, the two men couldn t be different but they both light a fire in Chloe And, man, does she fight it She doesn t want to be involved with anyone long term, but those two delectable hunks just keep show [...]

    Jenifer Mohammed

    Interesting story I liked Anthony and Chase but never really warmed up to Chloe The sex was hot between the three of them but the sparks didn t seem to be there in non sexual encounters Good but not one of Langlais s best stories.


    Full review can be found on Cocktails Books Blog cocktailsandbooks revi

    Tanya Davis

    I am trying to pinpoint what it is about the Eve Langlais books I have listened to fall flat for me Maybe it is the great reviews that I see for most of this authors books This one might have helped had I read the synopsis I would have understood better the plot and what areas will have higher priorities.Chloe Bailey is one of our main characters She lives in a world where there are far fewer women than men Relationships are encouraged to have than one partner Chloe doesn t want that kind of li [...]


    Eve Langlais is a go to author for me because I love her writing style, her humor, the sizzling romances, and the quirky set ups for her stories Usually I get caught up in her series, but I stumbled across this standalone on my TBR pile and decided to finally give it a go.The set up was interesting Its a world with humans and paranormal races living side by side Some supernaturals are out , but many are not This world also has changed the laws to reflect that the world also has a shortage of fem [...]

    Cocktails and Books

    I really love Eve Langlais books They are always funny and entertaining This one, however, didn t quite live up to her usual quirky brilliance.I love paranormal books and the synopsis was intriguing, but it totally wasn t what I was expecting With a shortage of women in the world, it has become the norm to have threesomes, foursomes or somes as a typical family since the coming out of paranormal beings With Chloe and her two suitors, the story took on a different vibe that I didn t really get in [...]

    So, I Read This Book Today

    OK, here is my big confession I am a huge Eve Langlais fan Sometimes you just need a huge dose of chocolate, a hot bath, a glass of wine, and some good old sexy belly laughs, and she ever fails to deliver So, last night, chocolate, hot bath, a merlot blend I just discovered that I like quite a bit, and I settled in for an Eve read Chloe is a hoot Snarky and tough, she has no interest in any kind of relationship At All So, she enjoys her crappy paying job as a public defender, working with her fr [...]

    Laurie Garrison

    Eve has delivered us fantastic hot m nages stories for years now, but Two s A Couple, Three s The Law tops them all for me.Two s A Couple, Three s The Law delivers just the right amount of romance and paranormal without going overboard on either one It will satisfy the light paranormal readers all the way to the hard core paranormal readers like me, so there is something for everyone that loves romance This is story is a hot erotic romance so expect lots of hot sex between a threesome The only t [...]


    I absolutely loved this book Eve Langlais has a way with writing paranormal books She takes something old like vampires and spins a whole new take on them Everything you thought you knew about the paranormal just forget it for this book because she is rewriting them all.I really liked Chloe because she didn t have a problem standing up to her two alpha males Sure she was a little bit of a commitment phob and very against threesomes but it was just her own insecurities Let s face it if your paren [...]


    More like 1.5 stars, but I m feeling generous today Some of the setting intrigued me, but since I spent the majority of the book rolling my eyes at Chloe oh my gawd , I can t say I entirely enjoyed my visit to this paranormal spot Chloe was at times deeply annoying, beyond the overuse of gawd For what I assume is meant to be a sex positive book, it s really kind of not, outside of the sex scenes And really, Chloe s TSTL moment view spoiler when she figured out what was luring people outside of t [...]


    Chloe has no interest in being in a relationship, especially two, which is the norm for most especially with a tax break thrown in However, Chloe wants to focus on her career as a lawyer, which is a little difficult with the client sitting in front of her who is making her knees week and stomach melt As if it wasn t enough fielding off her rampant hormones for her no longer client Pete, now she has her adversary in court making a move on her and she can t seem to deny the chemistry with Anthony [...]

    Jessie Potts

    This is a down and dirty m nage book with werewolves and all kinds of paranormal creatures I read Eve when I need laughs and steam, and this delivers on both The basic premise is that Chloe lives in a world where there are way too many men and the law encourages polygamy And paranormal creatures have recently come out of the closet, and one a wolf wants her Oh, and all of a sudden her courtroom nemesis is also bent on seducing her Chloe doesn t stand a chance While I enjoyed the humor and sizzle [...]

    Heatherbook whore & shifter slut extrordinaire

    Seriously FUNNY SEXY GOOD The delicious sexual escapades between Chloe and her men are an enticing and absorbing part of the book as well And watching Chloe slowly open herself to the men and the possibility of developing an actual relationship with not one but both of them becomes as important to the reader as solving the mystery, which was interesting I liked how the author showed us Chloe s struggle with aspects of the paranormal side of each man s life and how she reacted to each man differe [...]


    Yet another great read from Eve Langlais Laughs from the first page all the way through If you want an author who will guarantee you a light and fun read, it s Eve There are some fabulous books out there that will tug on the heartstrings, make you go through a box of tissues while reading and make you look like a panda when you re done.Eve does not write those On second thoughts, you might laugh so hard you ll still need those tissues I like my reading material to make me chuckle I like it when [...]


    A great, light read, where the paranormal creatures are out of the closet mostly.I love Chloe, she is a hoot Eve keep s writing character s that I could totally be friend with.Looking for info on Eve s books Why not check out Eve s GR Team.

    R *is for Relentless*

    Another great book by Eve Langlais I can always count on this author to give a me a hot read that makes me smile and laugh out loud Feel good smut wink,wink


    A fun little read.This was definitely not one of my favorite books by eve langlais but it was okay as a filler while I decided what to read next I think my biggest issue is that I m not really into the whole m nage thing and into a singular possessive alpha male type mate but it wasn t too bad as there weren t much scenes with all three characters together they would mostly share our leading lady My feelings set aside though it would be hard to choose between a dirty blond with blue eyes and a [...]


    This book had the most jarringly unrealistic internal thought for a defense attorney I have ever read I literally had to set down the book and quietly say no The quote was this Innocent until proven guilty Everyone deserved a fair trail Yada, yada That was the motto all lawyers should live by, but my jaded side knew the cops were fairly thorough They might make mistakes, but when it came to the serious crimes, they tended to cross their t s I have never been so violently broken from my suspensio [...]


    This book was formerly know as Two s a Couple, Three s the Law This book is hilarious Chloe does not want one relationship, let alone two She is not so happy in her job as a public defender, but it pays the bills Anthony, as the DA, is her rival, but he wants to be oh so much .Pete is her client, but he wants too Mom the Dads and Brenda, want Chloe to settle down with how ever many men it will take Well, Brenda just wants her to get laid Hmm now that I think of it, mom wants that too LOL, it ge [...]

    Daniell Marsh

    Fun readLoved how the main character was a strong woman not afraid to show her weaknesses She isn t interested in being a couple or even a m nage, though that is what is recommended by society at this time of the book She is a lawyer that seems to get a lot of wacky cases, like the werewolf peeing on his neighbors flowers This was a fast read with a lot of laughter Had to finish the book once I started as couldn t put it down Would read again and can t wait till the next book comes out featuring [...]


    I have to admit not one of my favorites by her What I hadnt realized was that I read this before but under a different title I kinda hate when they do that I thought I was getting a new story and it was quite the let down I guess I should have read that part before purchasing Oh well Cute story but yeah not her regular type that I am used to Blurb was cute and thought I d enjoy it a ton but not so much Its a menage story which I do love those I dont know why I didnt love it but I guess I wasnt f [...]


    Over the top sexy, protective alpha heroes that s right there are two and a snarky, single public defender not looking for a relationship fall into lust Throw in a devil may care bff, a dinner with the parents mom 2 dadss, legal menage , and a mystery demon apparently munching on the local witches and the non relationship Chloe was looking for turns into just what she needed with lots of sexy times with her two non human suitors This definitely lives up to Ms Langlais other works and I can t wai [...]


    So Chloe has a one night stand with her arch nemesis and is being pursued romantically by a sort of crazy werewolf Despite the fact that women are encouraged to be polygamists Chloe just doesn t buy in When a demon starts killing witches the three of them work together to stop it.This was ok Chloe was fun for the most part but she could also get annoying I think what dropped this to 2 stars instead of being 3 was Chloe s overuse of gawd A couple of times could be cute or quirky But constantly is [...]

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