Jan 22, 2020
Magic City
Posted by James W. Hall

A novel based on real events and newly declassified documents, Magic City is to Miami what L.A Confidential and Chinatown were to Los Angeles It evokes a time in our nation s history when powerful men were willing to do whatever they thought necessary to achieve their goals.A simple black and white photograph taken during the 1964 Cassius Clay Sonny Liston fight on MiamA novel based on real events and newly declassified documents, Magic City is to Miami what L.A Confidential and Chinatown were to Los Angeles It evokes a time in our nation s history when powerful men were willing to do whatever they thought necessary to achieve their goals.A simple black and white photograph taken during the 1964 Cassius Clay Sonny Liston fight on Miami Beach may hold the key to a horrific, politically motivated crime forty two years earlier After it suddenly appears on display at a trendy Miami gallery opening, the photograph is burned in an act of arson that sets off a modern day murder spree, reaching from the quiet neighborhoods of Miami to the back corridors of the White House What the killer didn t know is that there is one remaining copy When it falls into Thorn s hands, he and everyone he loves become the target of madmen and trained killers, each of whom has his own powerful motive to see the photograph destroyed forever and its mysteries kept hidden.To find retribution for the death of a loved one, Thorn joins forces with a dangerous enemy to solve a maddening puzzle At its center are two families from very different worlds with their own dark secrets Unraveling this dangerous riddle shakes the foundation of his bond with both Alexandra and his closest friend, and sends him on a deadly journey But cover ups have a way of disintegrating over time, especially when someone like Thorn is pounding on the door Magic City is an epic crime thriller exposing the past of a city in a time capsule of a novel.

  • Title: Magic City
  • Author: James W. Hall
  • ISBN: 9780312271794
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Magic City A novel based on real events and newly declassified documents Magic City is to Miami what L A Confidential and Chinatown were to Los Angeles It evokes a time in our nation s history when powerful men

    Kathleen Hagen

    Magic City, by James W Hall, A minus, Narrated by Richard Allen, produced by Tantor Media, downloaded from audible.The publisher s note says that this novel is based in part on real events from recently declassified documents Thorne, a young man who has spent most of his life on Key Largo or in the Keys, has become attracted to a woman who is a police technician in Miami He decides to move to Miami and figure out whether he and Alexandra have anything in common When he gets to Miami, Alexandra i [...]


    I am really starting to fry on reading Hall s books, and I think I have six to go, and a new one due out this fall The plot is marginally interesting than most in that it centers on a photograph taken during the Liston Clay fight in Miami in 1964 which could prove highly incriminating to many people and they all want to get their hands on it to destroy it If anything, it was a break from the usual Florida environment concerns voiced by Hall, although I m right back in them currently with the n [...]

    Tedsandi2000 Kinghorn

    His books are always interesting Good escape for a couple of days.

    John Hood

    miamisunpost archives Bound 03 08 07102 in the ShadeIn James W Hall s Magic City, Even the Shadows Have Shadows and They BurnKey rats and cops, Cuban ultra nationalists and paid for politicos, all with secrets to be kept or else.By John HoodMiami seethes with story High, low and just plain otherwise Hot, most of those tales tend to be heated, and, as we all well show, heated very often gets intemperate Our town s peculiar place in the sun also requires those stories to be shady, very shady, lest [...]


    I m always on the lookout for new authors I ve never read before I recently finished my first James Hall novel, Magic City Will I read a second novel Perhaps, but not for a while Overall, I m giving this book a rating of a solid 2 There were things I liked and things I didn t.5 I give the story itself a solid 5 The plot was something new, not the same ol same ol rehashed storyline It was clever and well thought out with some plot twists and turns which I like.3 I ve always liked novels where I c [...]

    Lourdes Venard

    The reclusive Thorn leaves his home in Key Largo to visit Miami for a few days in this novel He s prepared to show his commitment to girlfriend Alexandra, taking care of her father Lawton, who has dementia, while she s in police training for a few days But on the first day, two men try to break into Lawton s house, looking for a photo taken in 1964, during the Cassius Clay Sonny Liston fight The photo is important enough for several people to lose their lives, and Thorn is caught in the middle a [...]


    05 11 08TITLE AUTHOR MAGIC CITY by James W HallRATING 5 AGENRE PUB DATE OF PGS Mystery 2007 308 pgs SERIES STAND ALONE 9 in the Thorn seriesTIME PLACE Present MiamiCHARACTERS Thorn PI FIRST LINES Outside Snake s window a slice of Miami moon hung like the blade of a freshly sharpened scytheMENTS 04 27 08 purchase from MOTB Loved it Have only read the 1st book in the series even tho I loved that one just had not gotten around to reading Magic City is the pick for the upcoming Sunday Sleuths group [...]


    In this 15th out of 17 in his series of suspense thrillers, Hall is in top form, and this is an excellent read even if you never read the others Thorn, the off the grid fishing bum with special survival skills, takes a trial run on living in Miami with his policewoman girlfriend, and shitstorm of trouble lands immediately on his plate An art exhibition includes a photograph of the audience at the famous Clay Liston fight in 1964, which raises the violent interest of several parties All prove dan [...]


    It s been flippin yonks since I ve read a James W Hall I think it was Off The Charts was the last one Did they stop publishing him over here for some reason The reprobates Was never a finer writer than Mr W Hall, one of the top Jameses of crime fiction along with the likes of Lee Burke, Ellroy and Crumley the unholy quartet of murder and mayhem and marvelous prose.The inimitable Thorn travels from his snug home ground of the Florida Keys to the bustling and jostling devil s playground of Miami C [...]


    I happened upon this author, and was completely hooked by his mesmerizing lyrical writing style The setting is farther south of my hometown,Miami He writes of the beauty of The Everglades and Key Largo, with its lazy, meandering lifestyle, tropical breezes, and breathtaking sunsets All his books are gorgeously written prose Couple that with intense suspense and realistic, round characters and it makes for thoroughly satisfying,vivid storytelling The protagonist, Thorn, is a dark, brooding, isola [...]


    It has been a long time since I have read a Thorn book I can t say that I really cared for this storyline much The story didn t make much sense to me and was way too complicated and I thought many of the things that happened didn t make a whole lot of sense It seems like if Thorn would have called the police at the very onset or multiple times throughout, he could have kept a lot of people from getting hurt I know his character is this laid back guy who stays under the radar but for some reason [...]

    Michelle Matthews-Calloway

    I m giving this book 5 stars primarily because I loved the prose SO MUCH This was my first time reading this author, and I was surprised to learn I was so late to the party there s and entire series of this Thorn character I m the type of reader who hates to start something in the middle or near the end, which means I ll be going back to start the Thorn series from the beginning Great writing and great story line I m definitely going back for


    9 in the Thorn series A visit with Thorn, south Florida off grid dweller and knight errant is always welcome and satisfying.Thorn goes to Miami for a week to care for girlfriend Alexandra s father Lawton, who is in the first stages of Alzheimer s Two brothers try to steal a photograph Lawton owns A photo of the 1964 Ali Liston fight, that 40 years after the fact show associations of mobsters, politicians, freedom fighters and the CIA that some are willing to murder to keep forgotten.

    Mary Sue

    Thorn can t escape violence and mysteries This novel in the series is one of the best Fish out of water story of Thorn who makes an effort to try city life in an effort to please his love Alexandra One day into the trial and he is embroilled in a fast paced mystery involving an old photograph I liked the story because it is rooted in an actual event Thorn is Thorn and will never change even if it endangers those he cares about.


    Really enjoyed this It had been a while decades since I last read a Thorn novel and I m glad I returned Thorn is a complex character and these novels are never tidy, but always satisfying The relationships feel real and not simply plot devices It s been quite some time since I stayed up into the wee hours to finish a book.


    This book engaged me from the start and moved quickly, but ultimately disappointed Elements of the plot and characterizations were just too far over the top So much seemed so promising at the beginning, and Hall really does write so well, but it doesn t amount to much at the end It s essentially an action movie waiting to be filmed.


    Cassius Clay Sonny Liston fight in 1964 Five bad people go out later and kill a family Surviving son wants revenge Thorn does a lot of illogical and violent things Pretty good, but a little hard to ignore some ridiculous plot points.


    Quick fun read that takes place in the Keys and Miami, with the always enjoyable badass Thorne This story apparantly is based on some true events, however Thorne is pretty over the top where truth is concerned.


    Pretty good I could definitely do without the romance crap It is just such a waste of time when murder, intrigue and large scale conspiracies are at work There were a few pages wasted with that stuff, otherwise quite interesting and supposedly based on some real events.

    Andrew Carter

    Thorn is another one of those great characters, along with Lucas Davenport, Jack Reacher and other similar types I like stories developed around these characters This is a very readable book although in the end, the social love life of Thorn is destroyed within the flow of action of the story.


    Almost forgot why I read this guy s books now I remember Enjoyable mystery thriller set in Miami and the Keys with the usual protagonist, Thorn, trying to figure out why everybody is so interested in a picture from the 1964 Clay Liston bout in Miami.


    3.5 stars Interesting read flavored with nostalgic references to 60s Miami.


    not much action or senspense


    I m in love with Thorn

    Laurie Stoll

    I really liked some of the character s in this book There were also a few surprises.


    James W Hall is another of those authors I enjoy just for pure escapism fun Good plots and interesting characters


    This is the first book I ve read from this author It was pleasantly different, with interesting outlooks on the Cuban population in South Florida The plot has a couple nice twists.


    Superb novel using real life cuban exile situations woven into a real page turnerhighly recommended


    Different from most of Hall s work Based on a true story Definitely a great read.

    Linda Kwiatkowski

    didn t finish

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