Jan 22, 2020
Garfield Sits around the House
Posted by Jim Davis

He s the 1 champ at sleeping, eating, and watching TV and when the world s favorite cat sits around the house, he really sits around the house And of course, he s as sassy and lovable as ever when he chases Odie, plays with Nermal and Pooky, and makes life both wicked and wonderful for his owner, Jon.

  • Title: Garfield Sits around the House
  • Author: Jim Davis
  • ISBN: 9780345320117
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
  • Garfield Sits around the House He s the champ at sleeping eating and watching TV and when the world s favorite cat sits around the house he really sits around the house And of course he s as sassy and lovable as ever when he


    3.5 stars Book 7 in Garfield s continuing quest to locate and digest the ultimate pan of lasagna without having to work too hard to get it Along the way, he torments Odie, Jim, Nermal and the rest of gang in classic Garfield fashion.

    Mark Austin

    I don t ever remember laughing at Garfield Reading it was like re watching an episode of a sitcom you ve already seen ten times and know all the plot threads and punchlines There s a bland comfort to it and, for a stretch in early Middle School, bland comfort was preferable to none.I consumed all the Garfield books in the Middle School library, idly wondering when something new would happen to shake up the Groundhog Day esque loop in which they lived their lives, for a character to maybe grow or [...]

    Kaelin Miller

    A book that is as good as the others in its series Lots of interesting characters and humor It s a great book and yet another good book for children to read

    Conan Tigard

    Garfield can make me smile when I am reading about that darned, fat cat Always hungry, and with his mischievous attitude, Garfield always finds himself getting into trouble in one way or the other This lasagna eating cat loves to pick on Odie, the dog, and Jon, his human Is Jon really Garfield s owner Well, Jon may think so, but I ll bet Garfield has his own ideas about that one Jim Davis celebrates Garfield s fourth birthday in Garfield Sits Around the House.

    The Badger

    I was addicted to these as a kid I drove my parents insane following them around demanding, Read this one I m sure that my Dad regretted owning a bookstore As an adult, I foster cats, and every foster kitten has a picture taken in a box labeled to Abu Dhabi None of my two personal cats are obese, but one is especially adept at tossing chihuahuas off furniture using only one paw


    I loved Garfield when I was in middle school I had several of these collections, and I read them all again and again I m giving three stars based on the way I felt about the book when I read it the first time or should I say the first 10 to 15 times Now I can t imagine reading any one of these books one time.I can barely believe how many of these collections exist.

    Rebecca (everyday reader)

    I love the fat cat


    It got worse later on I like that Garfield is mean

    Tara Calaby

    Garfield is second only to Footrot Flats when it comes to my most loved comic strips, and even then, it s only by a smidgeon.

    Holly M.

    I love Garfield


    This is so funny, I got the book for my son today but my curiosity won and I read it , it made my day.

    Iggy Igwell

    Garfield gets insulted by a talking bathroom scale.


    FunnyXD I love GARFIELD

    Amma Saunders

    Loves it I wish Garfield was my cat Too bad I m allergic

    Little Miss and the Legomeister

    Legomeister loves the Garfield books He laughs out loud while reading them, and follows me around to show me the funniest parts.


    love it

    Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*

    Garfield is always a fun, easy comic where you can leave your brain at the door but enjoy plenty of snickering at the felines bizarre and selfish antics A cute book that s fun to look through.

    Julianna Grossman

    pretty funny i like reading garfield comics in my grandparents attic.

    Benjamin Plume

    good your mama joke, less good book.

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