Jan 22, 2020
Family of Lies
Posted by Mary Monroe

New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe weaves a stunning portrait of a family immersed in deceit d the women whose happiness depends on the secrets they keep.After growing up poor in Texas, Vera Lomax used every gold digging trick in the book to land a rich husband Now living in the lap of luxury in San Francisco, her only job is to fawn over her much olNew York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe weaves a stunning portrait of a family immersed in deceit d the women whose happiness depends on the secrets they keep.After growing up poor in Texas, Vera Lomax used every gold digging trick in the book to land a rich husband Now living in the lap of luxury in San Francisco, her only job is to fawn over her much older husband, so it s been easy for her to balance a life of shopping and affairs with younger men with a major secret the sixteen year bribery of one of her husband s mistresses to keep her pregnancy under wraps Vera figures that a little hush money every month will ensure her husband s fortune is hers alone.Unfortunately for Vera, Sarah Cooper is the child Kenneth Lomax always wanted When the father she never knew shows up at her mother s funeral to claim her, it s a fairy tale journey from the ghetto to a mansion on a hill But Sarah s life is not as carefree as her father wants it to be cause Sarah knows from the start that her step mother is as two faced as they come And after losing all the family she s ever known, she wants a life that s richer than what Vera s got planned for her.Neither woman can be sure who will win Kenneth s heart and fortune But as Vera and Sarah scheme to get what they want, everyone they know will be choosing sides, taking chances, and gambling it all to come out on top.Praise for the novels of Mary Monroe Once again, Monroe displays her gift as a marvel with this sensational novel RT Book Reviews on Lost Daughters Reminiscent of Zora Neale Hurston, but the story has a bizarre, violent edge a la Stephen King.a candid portrayal of the cold blooded yet fascinating Mama Ruby Publishers Weekly on The Upper Room Monroe s style, like her characters, is no holds barred earthy Monroe s characters deal with their situations with a weary worldliness and fatalism that reveal their vulnerability as well as their flaws Booklist on Mama Ruby Another witty and wise installment to her God series.If this raunchy and rambunctious book is any indication, Monroe s series has a lot of life left in it Publishers Weekly on God Ain t Through Yet A fast paced, sexy, tense story that will make readers think twice before getting tangled up in an affair Booklist on God Ain t Blind Readers are left on edge.Monroe once again skillfully delivers a crafty story wrapped around a host of heartwarming characters battling everyday struggles and obstacles, even as she entertains readers with spurts of unexpected comedy and tragedy Library Journal on God Don t Play A highly satisfying page turner and one that will stand out Publishers Weekly on God Don t Like Ugly

  • Title: Family of Lies
  • Author: Mary Monroe
  • ISBN: 9780758274748
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Family of Lies New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe weaves a stunning portrait of a family immersed in deceit d the women whose happiness depends on the secrets they keep After growing up poor in Texas Ver




    I think this is the final book by Monroe that I am going to read I could be lying, so don t quote me on that I have been reading her work since her first release and I have continued to read her books throughout the years even though her characters have become even ridiculous and buffoonish I recall the magic of Monroe s earlier novels, God Don t Like Ugly and The Upper Room I have been waiting to be wrapped up in her work like I was while reading those two novels, but over the years I have bee [...]


    Excellent book Finished this book in one day.

    Read In Colour

    Such a disappointing read Seems like Monroe was on deadline and just threw something together Either that or she s been watching too many soap operas because this reads exactly like one, a really bad one.

    Nicole Hughes

    This book was interesting from beginning to end Vera was a scheming and scandalous hooch She was able to manipulate those around her whom she was close with I tried to feel empathic towards Kenneth but I couldn t because he did his dirt also.I could not agree with Vera spending her husband s money on her boy toys I thought that was very stupid of her She took for granted that her husband would not check on her day to day frivolous activities Vera was just as foolish for having conversations in h [...]


    The book cover is nice but don t let it fool you This is not a goody two shoe family.The title speaks for itself and .A story of a family with deceit, lies and lots of deception The characters are all well developed and the story flows as to that you don t want to put it down.Each character was well played out and had their own issues which fitted the storyline perfectly.This book pulled me in from the beginning.I highly recommend this book to all readers


    I am listening to this book via audio, it is horriblebut I am trying to get through it I have been skipping chapters too I usually like Mary Monroe book, but this one is pretty bad This book is written like a poorly orchestrated soap opera Very dramatic, unrealistic, far fetched and a ridiculous plot.


    A page turnerThis was a good read I gave 3 stars because the some of the characters seemed a little juvenile All in all I couldn t stop reading I just had to see how it all turned out I would definitely recommend it to my friends as well as the authors other books.

    Nikinnia Smith

    Great book Mary Monroe is such a fantastic writer She has a way of captivating you and making you feel as if you are actually there Vera Lomax met her wealthy husband while working as a hostess for a convention She is rescued from a poor life to live a wealthy one Her husband is not faithful, but one day falls in love with one of his employees He gets her pregnant, but doesn t know Vera convenience the woman to stay away by giving her hush money Sarah Cooper is that child She has never known her [...]

    Sheryl Boyce

    I really enjoyed this book like I usually do Mary Monroe s books The character Vera was something else She was so fake and phony but you enjoyed her When she finally married her rich husband, she would do anything to keep him happy to keep the money rolling She knew her husband cheated on her but she was ok with it cause she was doing her thing She thought she had everything under control when he got his mistress pregnant and didn t know about Leave it up to Vera and he never would But when the [...]


    I really enjoyed this book First of all, it was my break from ghetto drama but it was full of drama From page one I could tell that Vera would be one of the most sneakiest women I have ever read about With a woman like Vera in your life you certainly would not need any other enemies I felt bad for Kenneth and Sarah a lot but, I was schocked that Sarah was making the choices she started to make Bo, Cash, and Collette were just pawns in Vera s vain and money hungry world Too bad none of them had t [...]


    Family of Lies.5 stars Awesome job A rich family with a bunch of money, bunch of secrets, and lies, money can be the root of all evil This book will keep you on your toes The love of money will make you do some crazy things.

    Maya B

    Very great read 416 pages of drama and lies Vera was evil and got what she deserved in the end awesome stand alone.

    Nandi Crawford

    The lesson I get from this is you cannot build a life on a lie or .

    BW Diva

    This was a ok readI just disliked Vera from the beginning to endI love how Kenneth found her out before he passed.

    The Book

    Vera Lomax goes from rags to riches after getting married Vera vows to never be the broke Texas girl again, so she stays on top of her game by catering to her older husband Being a wife to an older man is not easy, so she balances it out with lots of shopping sprees and undercover affairs Vera knows that her husband is not faithful, but she turns a blind eye to his extracurricular activities Well, that is until she finds out that one of his mistresses is pregnant with his child That s when she c [...]


    Vera Lomax has did every trick known to man to land her a rich husband.Now that she has succeed she stops at nothing to make she her old husband is happy.Meanwhile she makes her self happy by going on multiple shopping sprees and having multiple affairs.Vera soon finds out that she isn t the only one having a affair When she finds out her husband mistress is pregnant she come up with a bribe that will hide the truth and secure her husband fortune as hers only.Sarah Cooper has always wonder what [...]

    Destiny Hawkins

    This was a good book Long, but good My book club s selection for the month Kenneth was a rich older man who married a much younger Vera Vera was not in love with Kenneth, she was in love with Kenneth s money Vera was very deceptive to Kenneth She lied, cheated, schemed, etc Kenneth cheated as well, but he treated Vera well Nothing was beneath Vera She did whatever she had to do in order to get what she wanted Vera knew Kenneth wanted children, since she didn t she tried everything to keep Kennet [...]


    A Family of Messy Drama LolI couldn t stop reading once I started A Family of Lies, a bunch of messy drama is what it was All the characters were a mess even in some of them were very naive and self centered Mr Lomax was very naive, yet he was a humble and generous man despite his indiscretions Vera was narcissistic and scandalous to the bone Poor Sarah was just cursed from the moment she was conceived Bo was a good man but he was also a bit naive and severely damaged by love and the lack there [...]


    Mary Monroe is such a skilled story weaver This saga was so vividly detailed that I was able see the story unfold as I read along.Vera researched Kenneth so well that the OK school player never even knew he was the prey So disillusioned was he that he did not fathom his beloved bride would ever cheat Turns out they were far evenly yolked than he could ever imagine When Kenneth discovered he had a child of his own everything changed Vera vowed to have him make it up to her every chance she got.T [...]

    Carla Harris

    I must admit in the beginning I was fascinated by the book and Vera Lomas, but the I read her character became cold and outlandish I was glad Kenneth was able to find out her true colors but I must say, he was no saint It was great that he put his selfish whorish ways aside when he found out about his daughter but how many affairs did he have on Vera He didn t allow her an opportunity to apologize They were two of a kind I enjoyed the book but not sure I cared for the characters Bo and Cash, wh [...]


    For 15 years Vera Lomax hid a secret from her husband out of greed and the love of money, but when Kenneth finds out he possibly has a child, fathered by a previous mistress, he pulls all the stops to find out the truth vows to take good care of Sarah Louise for the rest of his life As Sarah grows up, she lives her life how she sees fit, doing things just as her dad did When Vera is made aware of Sarah s actions, she plots and plans to keep Sarah and all Kenneths money in her possession But when [...]


    Book was good although I hate some of the secrets and lies were never revealed I was hoping that Vera s hidden secrets would come to light Although she was wrong, she wasn t the only one and she truly got a raw deal Funny how men can t acknowledge their own wrong doing when there are 4 fingers pointing back at you as you point at someone else I could see a sequel 10 years later although one of the characters wouldn t be able to resurface.

    Michelle Lindo-Rice

    Every single character in this novel is a liar Vera, Kenneth and even Sarah There was so much drama and intertwining scenes that I just shook my head What a family full of lies Some of them were for no reason Besides a couple of not so needed scenes, Mary Monroe kept me turning the pages Loved her descriptive language The ending, ah not sure how I feel about the character s decision in a pivotal plot point but Vera got what she deserved.

    Lashonda Brezial

    Family of liesWhew This book was long but pretty good Kenneth was man that had loads of money with flaws of infidelity that he thought his gold digging, selfish, trifling, and manipulative wife Vera didn t know about Poor Kenneth had on blinders when it came to the people around him The characters in this book was all suck in by Vera to be a pond in her life long plan to get Kenneth s money all for the Exception of Kenneth Daughter Sarah I gave the book 4 stars

    Adrien Julious

    This book was a hot mess and so was every character in it The one character who we were supposed to like was childish, immature, and never grew The story can be summed up as people with money doing too much You ll enjoy this book if you like reality shows like Keeping Up with the Kartrashians or any of the Real Housewives which I don t I still love Mary Monroe as an author though.


    Really good read.


    This book had me engaged from the start, always guessing what will happen next Vera, the manipulating vixen is the main character living a pampered life of luxury and deception Vera has manipulated and controlled everyone for her own selfish greed in order to continue the lifestyle she foolishly orchestrated Many of the characters are hardworking with the exception of Vera and Sarah All of the male characters are hardworking as well as the story s other females who mostly live in the poor neighb [...]

    Kesha K.

    First let me state that I received this copy via an ARC Oh what a tangled web we weave if at first we deceive Family of Lies is a story about deception and twisted fantasy The story opens up with drama that mirrors one of The Real Housewives shows Vera Lomax has finally struck gold after growing up in a less than perfect home She s met the man of her financial dreams, Kenneth, an electronics tycoon, even if he is old enough to be her father Her life is than sweet it s magnificent She shops high [...]


    First all I have to say is I hated this book,,it has no substance The characters Were horrible every last one of them Everybody in this book is gettho and stupid I typically like Mary Monroe books but this is a piece of crap I loved Mamma Ruby the Upper Room and the God don t like ugly series.I have to say again this book is the worst book I ever read in my entire life and if one person belched I would have thrown up Why the author would write some crap like this is beyond me Why the author had [...]

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