Feb 26, 2020
Thor: God of Thunder, Volume 4: The Last Days of Midgard
Posted by Jason Aaron Esad Ribic Agustín Alessio

Thor battles on two fronts to save the Earth Thor has always fought to save his adopted home of Earth But who can he fight when the planet itself is dying Thor s ally, environmental secret agent Roz Solomon, has a few ideasmely the world s most nefarious energy company, Roxxon, and its ruthless new CEO known as the Minotaur Has Thor finally met his match in theThor battles on two fronts to save the Earth Thor has always fought to save his adopted home of Earth But who can he fight when the planet itself is dying Thor s ally, environmental secret agent Roz Solomon, has a few ideasmely the world s most nefarious energy company, Roxxon, and its ruthless new CEO known as the Minotaur Has Thor finally met his match in the form of a multinational super corporation Meanwhile, many millennia from now, a future Thor faces a very different battle to save what remains of the earth a battle against Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds King Thor is all that stands between Old Galactus and the planet he s been dying to eat for a very long time But even if Thor wins, is the Earth still doomed Collecting Thor God Of Thunder 19 25

  • Title: Thor: God of Thunder, Volume 4: The Last Days of Midgard
  • Author: Jason Aaron Esad Ribic Agustín Alessio
  • ISBN: 9780785154884
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Thor God of Thunder Volume The Last Days of Midgard Thor battles on two fronts to save the Earth Thor has always fought to save his adopted home of Earth But who can he fight when the planet itself is dying Thor s ally environmental secret agent Roz S

    Sam Quixote

    This one s the last of Jason Aaron s Thor God of Thunder series but, because Marvel s numbering isn t at all confusing, it s not his last Thor book so there s no need to get all misty eyed, Hammerheads After this follows the two Goddess of Thunder volumes, one volume of Thors a Secret Wars tie in so you know it s quality and then the numbering goes back to 1 again for a relaunch of The Mighty Thor, which is the current ongoing Thor title The Last Days of Midgard is two storylines present day Tho [...]


    OK So this marks the end of Aaron s run on this, and the title itself It next picks up with Aaron on Thor with the mysterious female Goddess of Thunder.I really really enjoyed the whole run This volume had the epic King Thor vs Galactus at the end of Earth showdown I never knew I needed, but loved This King Thor in the future is possibly the best part of Aaron s entire run He s old, world weary, wise, bitter, hurt, and only has his three granddaughters, the poorly named Girls of Thunder Other th [...]


    Not bad, but not nearly as good as some of the previous volumes had been There s some really good bits in here, but the eeeeeevil corporate villain is just so far over the top that it affects the readability I can buy a corporate villain who cares less about the environment than about making money, but this guy seems to enjoy destroying the environment even than making money Like, how much farmed salmon is he going to have to sell to make up for the genetic experiments that wipe out the wild po [...]


    Man This run by Jason Aaron has been amazing The last volume lost some steam but this one picked it right back up The foreshadowing of what was to come is pretty fantastic.


    Solid ending to this series but still left something to be desired.This was the weakest one in the series That s not a horrible thing though, because the God Butcher story would have been almost impossible to beat But this volume was basically about present Thor fighting an evil corporation bent on destroying the environment and making tons of money while future Thor tries to keep Galactus from consuming an uninhabited Midgard.The final issue contains a story about Malekith s origin, a story abo [...]


    While better than Aaron s third volume, it s still only a 3 star book The reason I m giving it 4 though is because the Old Thor vs Galactus stuff is really really cool The book itself tells 2 separate stories The Old Thor vs Galactus that I already mentioned and the Present Thor vs the Roxxon Corporation Old Thor vs Galactus feels like a last stand of Thor story as he defends a now desolate earth against the World Eater And it s great Great to see Galactus still hungering in the future Great to [...]

    Chris Lemmerman

    Thor God of Thunder started very strong for the first 11 issues with the epic God Butcher arc, but then it kind of fell apart a little for The Accursed arc which followed Some of this was due to losing Esad Ribic as artist, but it also felt a little overly long for a story that s basically just setting Malekith up as a villain for later on.We re back on form for this final volume of the title as Ribic returns so the visuals skyrocket with aid from Agustin Alessio, whose artwork gels quite nicely [...]


    Very forgettable and terrible artwork What happened to Ribic ffs This was nothing compared to the first two volumes A shame.


    This was much better than Vol 3 Ribic is back so that helped tremendously and this pretty much continues from that breather issue I mentioned in the last volume This time around the theme is the environment and the current state of power that corporations have in our society Aaron s opinions are pretty blatant here but they match mine and Thor s frustration mirrors my own Aaron brings in of Thor s rogue gallery which I like too so that I can learn about them While the main story was really good [...]

    "kris Pung

    Epic end to a epic series old Thor vs old Glactus was just redonkulous , I m a bit sad to see it end to be totally honest That said I ll give Aaron s Lady Thor and shot but I m doubtful it ll hold a candle to this run.

    Jesse A

    Necro Thor A great ending to a well done series.




    One of the weaker volumes in this run, but that still puts it way above lots of comics Loved the epic All father Thor versus Galactus thread, as well as Thor s kick ass granddaughters please Totally agree with other reviewers about the portrayal of Dario Agger as one dimensional to the point of comical That s mainly why this dropped to three stars After the awesomeness of the God Butcher and Malekith, Agger makes me yawn.Gotta say, I love Ribic s artwork It s the reason I started reading Thor a [...]

    Rituraj Kashyap

    Gods be damnedGalactus will feast.A great ending to the series Glad I picked it up after the disappointment of Vol.3 This one has the All Father Thor and the present Thor engaged in epic battles in their own timelines to save Midgard Who are the adversaries, you ask The Devourers of Worlds literal, and the other a corporate scumbag with ambitions so high that laying the earth to waste is just one of his goals The last issue raises some questions which set up further Thor stories and leave the re [...]

    Michael Church

    Don t you love it when a book takes a left turn into Sucksville and then immediately makes a u turn back to Awesometown and acts like that sidetrack never happened Welcome to Volume 4, then All ish of the crappiness from the Malekith story in Volume 3 is replaced by going back to the approach that made the first two so excellent First and foremost, Esad Ribic is back on art and oh my god wink I forgot how pretty his panels are Practically any page could be framed and hung on a wall There are som [...]

    Callie Rose Tyler

    This strory bounced back and forth between Thor of the present and Thor of the future, unfortunately both stories are crappy They have these weird environmentalist that come off as overly political and preachy Sorry but if I want a superhero to make me feel bad about pollution I ll turn to Captain Planet.Our present timeline baddie is an over the topCEO Dario Agger is the CEO of Roxxon, and oh yeah he turns into an evil Minotaur cause you know, why not I could not stand Thor s new love interest [...]

    Michelle (In Libris Veritas)

    One thing I love about Thor is that no matter how arrogant he gets or stupid he is, he always has a love for Earth He tries to protect it to the best of his ability, though sometimes the destruction is partly his fault, and no matter how much he does within the other realms he always returns to Midgard It s his weakness but he never lets that stop him This last volume focuses on his love for the Earth, as well as shedding a bit light on a new companion of his Roz Solomon.In this volume Thor goe [...]


    Eesh, apart from some incredible art, not much to write about on this one I ll break it down for y all Pros Old Man Thor v Galactus on the dusty plains of a dead future Earth Hyperbolically awesome Thor v Climate Change intriguing mismatch of the century Ribic s art, in generalCons Sneering CEO Bad Guy named D ario Aggerturns into a Mintoaur Why He was much interesting as an amoral, cerebral villain The physical stuff is what henchmen are for Thor s new girlfriend was a a good characterbut didn [...]


    Arghh Marvel and their classic status quo change occurring outside of the solo series in an unlisted title while casually mentioning it in the 2 line character blurb at the start of an issue gambit Oh yeah, Thor is now unworthy after Nick Fury whispered something in his ear on the moon WTF Do I really have to go read Original Sin I presume that s where it happened to catch up Ok, back up a step While the Roxxon Minotaur story was a little weak, it was fun seeing Thor play cosmic environmentalist [...]

    Brian Dickerson

    BCDER 88A very good closing volume of Jason Aaron s Thor God of Thunder series Jason continues to write Thor under a differently named series, but the first 25 issues he penned under this heading was a special reading experience of all Thor comics I have yet read.Galactus was a nice inclusion Gorr s necro weapon makes another appearance There is foreshadowing of what lies in the future for Thor and friends I also really liked the origin story of Malekith It was also nice seeing Ribic s art again [...]

    Get X Serious

    Wow.This fucking book right here This fucking book RIGHT HERE Two things, the Thor of now has basically joined the Earth Liberation Front in an all out assault on the corporations responsible for destroying the world, and the Thor of the far future travels back to a dead Earth to mourn what was and to cherish what still is even in it s dying state.Thor of now quickly finds out that you can t fuck with evil corporations and not feel the payback in full, so they go to his beloved city of Broxton, [...]


    This fourth volume of Thor God of Thunder heads into a different direction to the previous three Whilst they were fantasy based, delving into the world of the Thor mythology, this takes of a sci fi approach Like the first volume though this does take place in than one part of Thor s life and features than one Thor.In the far future King Thor, the old one eyed version of Thor that rules Asgard, battles the world eater Galactus as he tries to consume the Earth, although by this point Earth is a [...]


    Collects Thor God of Thunder issues 19 25I ve really been enjoying Jason Aaron s run on Thor for the last couple of years, but even with most of the other volumes being great, I believe this was my favorite one that I ve read so far.Aaron once again follows multiple timelines in Thor s life This volume primarily features the present day Thor teaming up with a new S.H.I.E.L.D Agent named Roz Solomon, and we also see a Thor in the distant future still trying to defend the Earth even though it is v [...]


    Review is for the individual comics that make up this collection I will keep it brief, for those waiting for the graphic novel, but SPOILERS may follow.I feel like this book will end up getting a lot of flak for straying away from standard comic book fare and tackling head on issues such as environmental destruction and global warming, but The Last Days of Midgard stands out as one of my favorite Thor stories, and, for me at least, the strongest of Aaron and Ribics contributions to the Thor myth [...]

    Ryan Stewart

    Jason Aaron is the man If you like Aaron at all, you already know how badass he makes his characters Just to offer a small part of this volume for context We get King Thor fighting Galactus I HUUUUNNNNNGGGGGGEEEEERRRRR in the distant future with the necro sword pulled from a black hole at the end of existence to fight for the memory of Earth while Galactus aims to feed on the annoying little planet that s eluded his palette for thousands of years Sound good It is Oh and I ll just mention that th [...]


    Thor Vs Roxxon in Broxton which ends up being renamed Broxxton I had stopped reading this title after God Bomb, which was a great stopping point Then, when Lady Thor came into the picture, I was on board again Little did I know, that all of the stuff in between was fantastic, too Aaron does such an incredible job mixing a sort of Dungeons and Dragons take on Mythology with a not so subtle Pro Environmentalist Battle Royale It is a lot of fun, and tying things together with Original Sin and the L [...]

    Sean Kennedy

    A bit of a mixed bag Love the Old Thor Galactus stuff, and really liked Thor s granddaughters but Thor s present day love interest is just blah along with her insistence every third panel that Thor isn t her boyfriend Looking forward to see what new Lady Thor brings us this comic is in desperate need of a transfusion.


    While this is still one of the better Marvel books out right now, it hasn t quite lived up to the first arc God Butcher God Bomb was SO FANTASTIC that anything else feels like a bit of a disappointment.


    Public library copy.This book is the final in the series and the prelude to the new, mysterious female Thor I don t think I ve ever read a Thor vs Galactus fight before until now Aaron was teamed with good artists.


    A little preachy at times, but good sentiment.

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