Jan 22, 2020
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A thousand year old secret room A sultan s stolen treasure A missing French priest And an invitation to Paris to rekindle an old flame Historian Jaya Jones finds herself on the wrong side of the law during an art heist at the Louvre To redeem herself, she follows clues from an illuminated manuscript that lead from the cobblestone streets of Paris to the quicksand sA thousand year old secret room A sultan s stolen treasure A missing French priest And an invitation to Paris to rekindle an old flame Historian Jaya Jones finds herself on the wrong side of the law during an art heist at the Louvre To redeem herself, she follows clues from an illuminated manuscript that lead from the cobblestone streets of Paris to the quicksand surrounded fortress of Mont Saint Michel With the help of enigmatic Lane Peters and a 90 year old stage magician, Jaya delves into France s colonial past in India to clear her name and catch a killer.

  • Title: Quicksand
  • Author: Gigi Pandian
  • ISBN: 9781941962275
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quicksand A thousand year old secret room A sultan s stolen treasure A missing French priest And an invitation to Paris to rekindle an old flame Historian Jaya Jones finds herself on the wrong side of the law d

    Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede

    Historian Jaya Jones has settled in San Francisco when she gets a letter from Lane Peters, an old fling, with a ticket to Paris She has her doubts about going, she has a great job and leaving in the start of the term isn t the best thing, but, in the end, thanks to a little help from a friend she is able to leave her job for a week to see Lane again But of course, nothing goes as plannedI had no problems getting into the story even though this is the third book in the series and the first one th [...]

    Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    I like the style of this series An armchair adventurer with an interest in history and culture will get their desires well satiated as they accompany Jaya on her adventures To anyone who is a Francophile, look no further.Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine for the March 2015 issue affairedecoeur.


    One incredibly smart narrative with highly intelligent characters I found both narrative and characters quite appealing The plot has an interactive feeling with undeniably charismatic characters, you try to solve the mystery with them every step of the way Fabulous historical elements cement the solidity of the storyline.S bastien quickly became my favorite, his zest for life, his vibrant personality jumps off the pages Jaya possesses all the ingredients for a standout female protagonist I like [...]


    I just love how the author has used her real life experiences and true historical events to craft am action adventure novel If you like Indiana Jones, Dan Brown, kick ass heroines or history this is the book and series for you view spoiler I love that the author was present IRL when the Louvre was robbed and worked it into this novel, that is so cool I wonder how close Jaya is to Gigi hide spoiler

    ❂ Jennifer

    The premise of the plot felt way too out there even for me, but once the story got going it was a lot of fun and the history was engaging This one isn t a murder mystery, but much of a cozy action adventure a la Indiana Jones Can t wait for the next one Full review jennoklikes post 115366


    Thanks Henery Press and Net Gallery for this free e galley in exchange for an honest review This was an easy read and pretty fast paced I loved the locale of France and I have pinned a picture of Mont St Michelle on Pinterest so that certainly added to my enjoyment Finding out who was the real boss also added to my enjoyment At times I thought it was a little hokey, but it did keep me entertained.


    Quicksand is the third book in Gigi Pandian s Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mysteries series It s the beginning of the school year for history professor Jaya, but a mysterious invitation to Paris quickly captures her attention and pulls her away from her San Francisco university But as soon as Jaya arrives, it s quite clear that all is not what it seems What I like so much about this series is how they are really of adventure stories than a mystery Oh, sure, there s mystery involved, but the main pl [...]

    Debra Schoenberger

    This is the first book I ve read by Gigi Pandian and found it to be so much fun It is 3 in the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery but can easily be read as a stand alone I plan to go back and read the first two novels in the series.Jaya Jones receives a mysterious letter and airline ticket to Paris from a former love interest who she hasn t heard from in months She is torn between her new teaching assignment and pursuing the mystery of the French occupation in India What she doesn t expect is the [...]

    JoAnne McMaster (Any Good Book)

    When Jaya Jones, historian at a university in San Francisco, receives a first class ticket and hotel reservation at an upscale property in Paris from her sometime boyfriend Lane Peters, she hops on a plane to visit him When she arrives at the hotel, she finds Lane didn t send the ticket, and didn t know she was coming It was a ruse to get her there, because Lane has been recruited for an art heist from the Louvre, and Jaya is insurance that he ll do the jobOnce Jaya has resigned herself to what [...]

    Andrea Guy

    Quicksand is the first book by Gigi Pandian that I ve read and I was really blown away by it This isn t your typical cozy mystery It s much than that.Jaya is a really smart heroine that you will really connect with The book centers around an art heist, an old flame and Paris.The chemistry between Jaya and Lane is electric I wish there were a little romance to the book, but that s not really a gripe, its me feeling sorry for Jaya, who didn t get much alone time with the guy she s really attrac [...]


    It s been a long time since I ve read a book that was interesting enough to make me stay up to midnight in order to finish it This book had just the right amount of suspense and danger to suit my tastes I also enjoyed the brief author s notes at the end which sort out fact from fiction it helps me know what to Google for information.

    Mariah Klein

    The intrepid Jaya Jones is lured to Paris by a false message seeming to be from her ex lover Lane Peters When she arrives, she finds both she and Lane are an integral part of a master criminal s plot to rob the Louvre, setting them on a journey around France to uncover a long buried secret treasure that some would be willing to kill for.I fully expected to love this book because I really enjoyed the first two in the series However, it surpassed even my high expectations I actually think this is [...]

    Jo Dervan

    Jaya Jones was preparing to instruct her students at a San Francisco college when she received an invitation to go to Paris to help her old boyfriend, Lane Peters So she flew to Paris to discover that Lane had not sent the invitation but it was sent by a master art thief, North Lane had previously stolen art works for North but was currently an art historian However North needed his help to steal a work from the Lourve and Jaya was used to insure that Lane cooperate.The theft took place and the [...]


    VERY evocative descriptions of some pretty impressive French sites, such as Mont St Michel, the Louvre, Les Machines de L le In fact, in Gigi Pandian s books I enjoy the sense of history and the amazing locations than the plot itself, although the treasure always ends up being something amazing, which if it were real would have museums trampling each other to get ownership It s always something based on or inspired by real, though perhaps obscure, history So by the end you feel slightly educat [...]


    Jaya Jones is an art historian and teacher She living in San Francisco when receives an all expense offer of trip to Paris from her ex Arriving in Paris she finds he didn t send it Again Jaya becomes in intriguing situation of blackmail, lost treasure, robbery, magic, and a missing priest The characters are well developed and grab your interest The twists and and turns will add keep the suspense up making it difficult to put the bown down This the first time I have read this author but it will n [...]

    Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews

    I ve read these books out of order so I kinda knew some things that were going to happen in this book, but not enough to ruin anything I have read 3 of this series now and really enjoy the historical information provided and the amount of research that had to go into writing these books The interaction and conversations from the characters shows depth and kept me intrigued and entertained.If you like history and mystery, you ll enjoy these books


    Lively and humorousCharming characters, a hint of romantic conflict, and just the right amount of danger Publishers Weekly

    Waverly Fitzgerald

    This series continues to delight I would love to take an Intro to World History class from Jaya Jones, the heroine of this series, who is a historian specializing in colonialism in India, and teaches at Berkeley But shortly after the start of the quarter, she turns her class over to her academic rival and heads to Paris in response to a mysterious message from Lane Peters, the former art thief who helped her in the first mystery in this series But once Jaya arrives, she realizes she s being used [...]


    Quicksand begins with Jaya Jones back in San Francisco, teaching her first Spring semester class at her University Despite the fact that she loves her job, she feels like something is missing, and finds herself experiencing a bit of discontent All of that changes with a letter and a plane ticket from her love interest and reformed art thief, Lane Peters, inviting her to meet him in Paris Is this invitation too good to be true Quicksand is fast paced and full of intrigue You will be on the edge o [...]


    When Jaya receives tickets to join Lane in Paris after not hearing from him since his disappearance, she goes She finds Lane in the hotel where they were to meet, but he is unaware of the forged invitation she received Lane has been coerced into returning to his former role of thief and now Jaya is also being forced into becoming an accomplice When they finish the heist, both are relieved to be free until Jaya puts clues together and sees a bigger theft being planned as a result of Lane s theft [...]


    Another superb mystery adventure treasure hunt As always, the characters are so wonderfully developed not a stereotypical one among them And the locations are always so interesting and beautifully described.Once again, Jaya Jones gets herself into a bit of a mess by jumping at the chance to study history and be with her sort of boyfriend Lane Peters However, Lane is in a bit of trouble, caught up with some people from his past, and they re both duped into some questionable activities To save the [...]


    I would agree with other reviewers that this is my favorite Jaya Jones books so far She was completely in her element out in the field with Lane by her side I was also excited to learn in the notes that Les Machines de L Ile is a real amusement park in Nantes, France My niece is studying abroad this year and I can t wait to tell her to visit and take pictures for me Pandian does such a GREAT job bringing the novel s locations to life I can t wait for to read the next book

    Elizabeth D.

    I love traveling to new places with Jaya and reading about her adventures This book was really special for me because it was set in a part of the world that I ve visited so even though I haven t been to all the places detailed I had a feel for the locations These are the kind of books that I know I can read again in the future.

    Selah Pike

    I haven t had a difficult time with the audiobooks in this series until this one Either I got bored and zoned out a bit, or this book is choppy I m not sure which The historical aspects are fantastic, and I generally like Jaya, but the love triangle is rearing its ugly head.


    3.5 stars

    Heather Rose

    I love your books The Jaya Jones series is amazing.

    Erin Al-Mehairi

    I was entranced by the covers in the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt mystery series, as soon as I first heard about Quicksand and realized it was the third book in the series So that said, I haven t read the first book, Artifact, or the second book, Pirate Vishnu yet, though their covers and blurbs entice me I did read Quicksand for review, though, so let s start there by saying that I didn t feel too lost in reading only it, though as in any series with the same lead protagonist, I m sure it s always [...]


    I received as complimentary copy of this book as a part of a book tour for a fair and honest review I rated it 4 out of 5 stars.As I started reading Quicksand by Gigi Pandian, I was somehow reminded of the beginning of the song Que Sera Sera, mostly because when I was a little girl I wanted to be a globe trotting historian who solved mysteries and was the female version of Indiana Jones While I became something else when I grew up, I still get to live out my fantasies through books and even thou [...]


    The only bad thing about this book is that I ve finished it and I m all caught up with Gigi s books I love all of them, both this Jaya Jones series and the Accidental Alchemist series, and can t wait until the next book is here.In Quicksand, Jaya is trying to get back to a normal life, working toward tenure at her university, and interacting with Sanjay, her magician friend, and Tamarind, her librarian extraordinaire Since Jaya teaches history, specializing in colonialism in India, having a frie [...]

    Jennifer McLean

    Quicksand by Gigi Pandian is the latest mystery that I ve been devouring It s official publishing date comes up in a few days, March 10, 2015 This is the second Gigi Pandian book I ve read in the last few months and I am certainly not disappointed with this selection Read the other review here The Accidental Alchemist.This latest offering volume 3 from Gigi Pandian continues her Jaya Jones series Our main character is aptly described as a female Indiana Jones She is an historian working as a pro [...]

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