Jan 22, 2020
The Wicked + The Divine #6
Posted by Kieron Gillen Jamie McKelvie Matt Wilson

The Faust Act is over Welcome to Fandemonium The second arc of THE WICKED THE DIVINE begins with issue 6 in its traditional manner i.e a ludicrous pun and something like nothing will ever be the same again But if you think about it, you can say that about literally everything, ever Also, some comic story Probably.

  • Title: The Wicked + The Divine #6
  • Author: Kieron Gillen Jamie McKelvie Matt Wilson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Wicked The Divine The Faust Act is over Welcome to Fandemonium The second arc of THE WICKED THE DIVINE begins with issue in its traditional manner i e a ludicrous pun and something like nothing will ever be the same


    10 6 17I could really use an Inanna hug 12 31 14Oh, The Wicked The Divine has just been a treasure for me to have discovered I m happy that I ve found it as early as I did, because I love following this story every month 6 was, once again, really well written and the art is still phenomenal I don t know if this consistency is normal in most comics, but I m extremely happy that it is here The story itself felt like a build up to where the story will be going, but I thought there was still so muc [...]

    Tina DeSalvo

    This is so confusing, but I love it.


    It is the start of the new arc and not a lot happens, but it sets up perfectly what will happen.This is one of my favourite graphic novel series, enough so, for me to collect the issues.The art is amazing the characters are just great and the story line leaves me wanting to know .


    I just love where the story is heading and can t wait for the next volume Also duh I hate that those comic books are so short and have a month between publishing I hate waiting for the next one.

    Carolina Téllez

    Y as concluye el primer n mero del segundo arco y a mi parecer fue algo flojo el desarrollo M s que nada, fueron flashbacks de lo que sucedi en el 1er arco y c mo llegamos hasta aqu Inanna nos muestra parte de lo que fue su transformaci n y la idea de una uni n entre l y Laura para vengar a Luci.

    Sara (A Gingerly Review)

    I like how the stories are developing and the characters evolving.

    Amanda Leon

    If you like my reviews, check out my beauty and book blog, ReadsByAmanda Thanks for reading contains slight spoilers This is the first issue of the six issue arc named Fandemonium Continuing from the ending of the first arc, The Faust Act , this issue explores not only who killed one of the gods, but what comes next and who the next two gods that are left to emerge will be We re introduced to Inanna, who looks a lot like Prince and according to him, is the queen of heaven, both the morning and e [...]


    4.5 Stars, Buy itSelf Purchase, ComixologySo I did end up subscribing to this even though in my review of the first volume I said I wasn t going to The waiting for graphic novels sucks but I really should do it to try to save a little money In any case, Lucifer is dead and the world is reacting Laura is hurting, and is upset that she can t now do any magic She ends up meeting Inanna sp and agrees to help her though I wasn t clear how I really like Laura s character I like that she s interracial [...]


    New favorite unlocked Inanna FTW Oh poor Laura I get why she goes a little gaga, but it s sad to see none the less.A line from a previous issue struck me again Something along the lines of Humans pay attention to gods than gods have ever paid to humans Which then makes you wonder why they are paying attention to Laura and why are they doing this whole 2 years of mortality thing.


    how is it that i finished this confused than i started off not complaining though because i finally got to meet inanna and he s totally not what i expected, in good and bad ways.upset about laura s hair cut but still in love with her overall look.unbelievably the art keeps impressing me, issue after issue.

    Casey Cassidy

    Felt like it took a deep breathe and after this is going to re launch in chaos Which I am perfectly okay with.This comic is strange, but lovely I m enjoying the story, and am excited to see what this arc brings Most of all, the art is what dragged me in and it s still gorgeous.


    Felt a bit like a prologue than a full chapter, but I like the introduction of Inanna.


    The voice is what silk wishes it felt like I feel it undressing me I like it.


    Even when nothing really happens, I still enjoy it.

    Lindsey (ideklinz)

    Moving on to the second arc I m getting the hang of this comic world thing





    Oh man Inanna was everything

    Pam (The Girl Who Cried Books)

    I love Inanna That is all.

    Georgia randall

    i am completely in love with this series it is so beautiful, especially the colours, and the story is fascinating


    This is ok, but the themes are a bit confusing, and I don t really identify with any of the characters

    Kumiko Mae LovingSunshine

    best thing i did was pick this book up at the bookstore


    The start of a new story arc


    My go to cosplay was wallpaper

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