Feb 27, 2020
The Unconquered Country
Posted by Geoff Ryman

When Third was a little girl, the Unconquered Country was tranquil, ordered and happy, its traditions proud and strong But one day the Neighbours came, armed with weapons given to them by the Big People And with them came the Sharks.They invaded and occupied the Unconquered Country and brough pain, terror and great change in their wake

  • Title: The Unconquered Country
  • Author: Geoff Ryman
  • ISBN: 9780048233141
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Unconquered Country When Third was a little girl the Unconquered Country was tranquil ordered and happy its traditions proud and strong But one day the Neighbours came armed with weapons given to them by the Big Peop


    The best thing about this book is that it is short So short, in fact, that it didn t even last me a whole day s worth of commuting on the bus This is supposedly a fantastical version of the relatively recent history of Cambodia Yes, this was a bad time in history so you might expect this to be an unpleasant story, but everything was made worse here I found this to be deeply disturbing and unsettling I don t even want to describe the grossness in this story I spent the whole book thinking Ugh and [...]


    this story could be a metaphor for every war where a technologically advanced country waltzed in and kicked the shit out of a agrarian one only in this one, the locals are tenacious even with their butts kicked militarily, they refuse to adopt the culture of the victors they adapt it they co opt it they ignore it, and they go on believing in their beliefs and continuing their practicesst be mighty frustrating for the victors, to have those backward sorts refuse to see how superior they are.von [...]

    Charles Dee Mitchell

    Life during wartime To get by, Third Child sells her blood and rents out her womb to give birth to industrial materials Birthing weapons pays the best but is also the most painful and bloody.Ryman s short novel, based on his earlier novella, chronicles the horrors of a proud and peaceful people who lose everything, abandon their rural existence for life in a city they do not understand, and learn in the end that even the people they support in the war will turn against them in the chaos followin [...]

    Andrew STaylor

    Just read this on flight to Tokyo The book was absolutely stunning a classic waiting to be discovered It s one of those perfectly constructed short novels that deserves to be read by everyone in high school, like Old Man and the Sea, Of Mice and Men, Ethan Frome, etc Unlike those books, however, this one conveys a sense of the alien, what appears to be a future Earth, yet filled with familiar and heartbreaking realities.

    David Layton

    This disturbing modern fantasy reads like the darkest fairytale one can imagine Ryman has recast the tragedy of Cambodia during the 1960s and 1970s in a world just next to ours The protagonist is Third, a country village girl, who as a young girl had the ability to see numbers until it was educated out of her She never does learn to read or do math properly She lives in a country referred to only as The Unconquered Country In this worl, objects such as houses and advertisements are grown rather [...]


    Advance Notice Summaries tell about the story, if you dont want to be spoiled then dont read summaries P lol It takes a good bit to get used to the way the story is being told It is like being in a fantasical asian mythological world where a war is happening inspiration was from a real asian war You are reading from a suvivor of that war who lost everything due to it home, family, dignity, love, even petough in story it was ghost of her dead fiance, then her home again, and maybe even her life i [...]


    The Unconquered Country is an unusual combination of gruesome and whimsical The story, which follows a woman s life through the course of various atrocities modeled on the rise and reign of the Khmer Rouge, is relentlessly horrific and poignant The setting a fantastical futuristic version of Cambodia is anything but It s Buckminster Fuller meets biopunk meets Eastern mysticism, a world of semi sentient houses and animatronic advertisements Unfortunately, that world s hinted at advancements are i [...]


    A poetic and deeply personal view of Cambodian history during the Khmer Rouge regime, set in a slightly fantastical metaphoric universe, told through the eyes of Third Daughter Absolutely heartrending.

    Carine Engelbrecht

    A fairy tale of modern politics and the unfortunate children it leaves marooned in a sea of terrible choices, this story is told in deceptively simple narration While elements of this story may be considered disturbing, it was also what rendered it thought provoking and memory.


    Magic realism and this type of heightened symbolism combined with, or instead of, the fantastic I m not quite sure which and that s one of the things that bothers me is not to my taste.


    Well written fantasy about war from the point of view of the undertrodden Very depressing no surprise there.

    James M

    An anti war political fairytale with has a strong sense of magic realism.

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