Feb 16, 2020
Voice of the Fire
Posted by Alan Moore José Villarrubia Neil Gaiman

Master storyteller Alan Moore Watchmen delivers twelve interconnected stories of lust, madness, and ectasy, all set in central England and spanning over six thousand years, the narratives woven together in patterns of recurring events, strange traditions, and uncanny visions First, a cave boy loses his mother, falls in love, and learns a deadly lesson He is followed byMaster storyteller Alan Moore Watchmen delivers twelve interconnected stories of lust, madness, and ectasy, all set in central England and spanning over six thousand years, the narratives woven together in patterns of recurring events, strange traditions, and uncanny visions First, a cave boy loses his mother, falls in love, and learns a deadly lesson He is followed by an extraordinary cast of characters a murderess who impersonates her victim a fisherman who believes he has become a different species a Roman emissary who realizes the bitter truth about the Empire a crippled nun who is healed miraculously by a disturbing apparition an old crusader whose faith is destroyed by witnessing the ultimate relic two witches, lovers, who burn at the stake Each related tale traces a path in a journey of discovery of the secrets of the land.In the tradition of Kipling s Puck of Pook s Hill, Schwob s Imaginary Lives, and Borges A Universal History of Infamy, Moore travels through history, blending truth and conjecture, in a novel that is dazzling, moving, sometimes tragic, but always mesmerizing.This edition presents Voice of the Fire for the first time in hardcover format, with full color illustrations by Jose Villarrubia.

  • Title: Voice of the Fire
  • Author: Alan Moore José Villarrubia Neil Gaiman
  • ISBN: 9781891830440
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Voice of the Fire Master storyteller Alan Moore Watchmen delivers twelve interconnected stories of lust madness and ectasy all set in central England and spanning over six thousand years the narratives woven togeth


    Where to start with this incredible book I have just tried and failed three times to start this sentence I sit here, drained after a day of university work, hard thinking and slow research and two pots of tea, drinking a gin and tonic and trying to recall the feeling of reading Moore s unbelievably ambitious novel I guess I ll begin at the beginning but not at Neil Gaiman s introduction, I ll save that for later.The first chapter is incredibly hard to read, written in the first person from the p [...]

    Vit Babenco

    Time and place time passes, place remains The passage of time alters the place But the fire keeps burning Our Art concerns all that may change or move in life, but with their endless writ they seek to make life still, that soon it shall be suffocated, crushed beneath their manuscripts For my part, I would sooner have the Fire At least it dances Passion is not strange to it So what s Voice of the Fire about It s about the vital message that the stiff lips of decapitated men still shape the testam [...]

    Lee Broderick

    A hind of hill, ways off to sun set down, is sky come like as fire, and walk I up in way of this, all hard of breath, where is grass colding on I s feet and wetting they It s a brave thing to begin your debut novel in the first person voice of a child with developmental issues A child that cannot distinguish dreams from reality that cannot understand how to lie that is incapable of looking after himself It s a braver thing too when that s not the focus of the novel.Alan Moore is often mentioned [...]


    Una interesante colecci n de relatos ubicados en diferentes pocas de la ciudad de Northhampton, cuna del escritor A mi me ha gustado mucho la mezcla entre la diversidad de estilos pero con algunos dreamsofelvex 20

    Wes Hazard

    A masterpiece of voice, a vivid evocation of place, and a damn good piece of storytelling, this book is rewarding on every level, plain and simple Moore drapes himself in 12 different personae well 11 really, the final section is autobiographicalough, as he s careful to note, still fiction beginning in 4500 BC and leading up to the present day, all of them inhabitants of or visitors to Northampton England Some of these characters are based on historical figures, others are total fabrications, al [...]


    If one were to postulate that a book that has an introduction by Neil Gaiman is a work of genius and a mind bending and expanding experience, then this book would be one data point that confirms the hypothesis.It is hard to know how to classify this book It is as if Cormac McCarthy set about to write a work of existentialism The style can certainly make one think of Cormac the use of just the right word for whatever time period he is writing about any century , the structure of sentences, the wa [...]


    Moore does for Northampton what he did for London in From Hell He draws an arcane map of his hometown, accreting layer upon layer of time and circumstance The book is composed of twelve stories, starting in 4000 BCE and ending in 1995 One of the tricks Moore uses in his work is proving connections between disparate things by using repeated themes Here, as in From Hell, he uses actual historical figures, for the most part, as his characters Or at least actual architectural and other artifacts of [...]


    Alan Moore is one of my favorite writers His work on Watchmen, Swamp Thing, Superman, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman and many others have shaped my comic book reading tastes ever since I was a kid To me Alan Moore is a magician of the field, figuratively and literally, a master of his craft able to spin wonderful tales with such finesse that you ll wonder through all the smokes and mirrors if his work is indeed magic I guess what I m trying to say in my long winded way, is that I was very [...]


    Alan Moore may be best known for his comic book writing, Watchmen and V for Vendetta most notably, but his onlypublished novel no comics in it has always seemed like his ultimate tour de force Voice of the Fire is really like no other novel and you ll not hear people praising it as they do Watchmen Withinthis book, however, is some of Moore s most magical, breathtaking, and awe inspiring writing It all takes place in thesame locale in Great Britain s Midlands near Birmingham, the urban basis for [...]

    Feather Mista

    El problema con este libro es que en un principio lo quise leer ntegramente en ingl s pero el primer cap tulo me inhibi por su lenguaje b rbaro y lo dej Ahora lo tengo tambi n en castellano pero todav a no junt el valor para reconocer mi fracaso como anglo lector que prefiere mamar leche adulterada en la lengua materna.


    I ve had this book on my shelf since 1996, when a friend tracked down a copy this was when it was available only in the UK and gave it to me for my birthday, knowing how much of a fan of Alan Moore I was am Yet I allowed nearly 15 years to pass before finally sitting down to read it Though I can t say I regret this it s not like I ve been reading crap not worth my time this last decade and a half , I am eminently happy now to have finally read it.More a collection of stories than a novel, but st [...]


    This book took me a LONG time to get into I tried to read it once about 5 years ago, and only got into the 2nd or third story before I lost interest in it Partly this is because the first story is very long compared to the rest of the ones in the book , and extremely difficult to read It s written in the manner of a brain damaged adult living 3000 years ago, so I had to work hard to keep up with the tone and stream of consciousness style When I came back to this book in May, I fell into the same [...]


    Alan Moore describes Voice of the Fire as a novel but it really reads as a series of stories or novellas with thematic and geographic relationships Starting in 4000 BC with nomads near what would become Northampton England and concluding in Northampton with a nonfiction narrative in 1995 it tells a number of dark, violent, supernatural, and perverse tales.I was bother quite a bit by the 8 point serif type used Very hard to read when tired Cheap of them really.Also not especially a fan of the exp [...]


    Alan Moore un visionario, un pazzo o un genio.Probabilmente tutte e tre le cose insieme.Un libro costituito da una serie di racconti legati dal luogo in cui si svolgono le vicende e dal tema del fuoco e della magia.Un libro strano e ben scritto, alterna capitoli brevi e scorrevoli e capitoli in cui il flusso di coscienza si fa contorto.Come ha scritto Neil Gaiman, nell introduzione, un libro circolare,che si pu iniziare a leggere da qualsiasi punto senza perderne l eccellente fattura.Alan Moore [...]


    An examination of an English mind through several thematically and geographically interrelated first person stories The first story is particularly hard going, along the lines of Hoban s Riddley Walker, but set in the past instead of the future Once you get through the first, other stories are at turns poetic, frightening, and beautiful The last story presents the Author ruminating in what was then the present day, 1995, over the work at hand and his life At your own risk.


    un viaggio attraverso la storia di northampton resa da brevi frammenti di varie epoche, tutti legati tra loro da motivi ricorrenti i misteriosi cani neri, il fuoco, la violenza, certi edifici e la loro forma gran bel libro, non semplice ma bello l omaggio alle radici nascoste di una citt che gni citt meriterebbe, se solo in ogni citt ci fosse un alan moore qui nella versione pi colta esoterica, dalle parti di from hell e promethea in grado di scriverlo

    Angela Slatter

    Amazing writing first chapter is a bit turgid and hard to get through, but it s worth sticking with it.

    Newton Nitro

    A Voz do Fogo Voice of Fire Alan Moore O Fogo INCONTROL VEL da HIST RIA NITROLEITURAS resenhaMe preparando para o OUTUBRO FESTIVAL DOIDIMAIS MOORIANO do JERUSAL M, porque as 1.200 p ginas do tijol o do Alan Moore devem me consumir o m s inteiro, resolvi ler A Voz do Fogo, romance de 1995, a primeira incurs o do mago de Northampton e monstro sagrado dos quadrinhos na literatura s ria odeio esse termo, mas fazer o qu Como JERUSAL M uma esp cie de continua o ou apoteose do que o Moore fez em A VOZ [...]

    Variaciones Enrojo

    Rese a de Maese ABL en su blog llauna 2011 12 El libro va acerca del mensaje vital que los labios quietos de los hombres decapitados a n pronuncian acerca del testamento que los perros negros y espectrales escriben en or n a trav s de nuestras pesadillas Acerca de alzar a los muertos para que nos cuenten lo que saben Se trata de un puente, un cruce de caminos, un lugar desgastado en la cortina que existe entre nuestro mundo y el inframundo, entre el mortero y el mito, la realidad y la ficci n, u [...]


    Dans ce roman mosa que, l auteur nous fait vivre l histoire de Northampton travers les destins, globalement tragiques, de personnages de toutes les poques un hominien, un seigneur du temps des croisades, un po te fou, seront certains de nos guides dans cette visite qui ne manque pas d ambition On suivra chacun de ces personnages dans des nouvelles invariablement racont es la premi re personne, pour nous faire voir chaque fois leur chute et, quand on a de la chance, leur mort Du coup, videment, l [...]


    This novel, by the man who brought you the Watchmen comic, is below par It s a series of human stories threaded through time and loosely linked, all taking place in a single location The novel is heavy on dark atmosphere rasping black crows, inky blots of dark gutter water, skeletal trees, etc and very dark themes Multiple violent, imaginative murders, etc It was so dark that every time I started a new linked story, my mind raced ahead to find the dark ending and so anticipated several evils bef [...]

    Pandem Buckner

    As big a fan as I am of Alan Moore s comics, I thought reading his novel would be just as thrilling an experience.It wasn t.To be honest, I couldn t even make it through the book s first section.The story is ambitious telling the history of a place from pre historic times to the present through a series of vignettes that occurred on the site and really, it should have been a great book But in his ambition, Alan Moore overreached with the first part of the book.The first vignette, if a section ov [...]


    This is not an easy book The beginning and ending chapters are tough If you pick this up because you re a fan of Watchmen , V for Vendetta or From Hell , you will be a bit taken aback This is not one of Moore s graphic novels This is the story of one place, Northhampton, through the past 6000 years The stories take place throughout history and involve some historical figures and some everyday folk.Yes, the first chapter told from the perspective of a very simple Neolithic boy with an extremely l [...]


    So, what s this book about, then It s about the vital message that the stiff lips of decapitated men still shape the testament of black and spectral dogs written in piss across our bad dreams It s about raising the dead to tell us what they know It is a bridge, a crossing point, a worn spot in the curtain between our world and the underworld, between the mortar and the myth, fact and fiction, a threadbare gauze no thicker than a page It s about the powerful glossolalia of witches and their magic [...]


    Complex A travel through time not space, from a nomadic boy duped at the start of our land s cultivation, to a stroll through the town with Alan Moore himself, touching on history as it and at the end, we goes This is the first novel as opposed to graphic novel of his that I ve read it s possibly the only one he d done, must look that up but boy is it impressive This book is dark, imaginative, deep as a pitch black well reflecting back the glimmer of a flame Disolutioned Roman tax collectors, le [...]


    What Moore does here, stylistically, can be a bit jarring at first, and it certainly was difficult to break into this book in the beginning, as it were However, the choices in language and the setup of the book is essential for creating the deeply haunting atmosphere of Moore s supernatural Northampton The effect is to make sure that the reader is not at ease This is unfamiliar and unsafe territory, but the narratives are woven together to allow an understanding of this world, this place, and th [...]


    OkayI have never read anything like this The story follows 12 people s lives who lived in the same area of England where the author lives over a 6,000 year period Each character has a distinct voice The interesting chapter is the first where the story of a character from 4,000 BC is told The character has no concept of tenses so he speaks in the present tense and cannot discern reality from dreams I have a feeling I will learn once I read it again.


    Some people might moan about the first chapter, but I don t think they really see this for what it really is a challenge And if you accept the challenge, as I have, Voice of the Fire will reward you for your persistence like no other novel in the market today Highly recommended

    Feather Mista

    No pens que fuera a terminar el a o sin leer este libro pero parece que va a quedar pospuesto para el 2011 Ni bien lea los regalados, est entre mis prioridades.


    In the eighties and up to the mid nineties, Alan Moore was a god There wasn t a comic out there that he worked on Swamp Thing, Miracleman, Watchmen, V for Vendetta that isn t worth the reading and rereading.Looking back twenty years later, his stories stand up and are still timely, topical, relevant, human, and interesting The same can hardly be said for the era s lesser authors With the passage of time, Moore s stuff became weirder, in some respects darker, but far less immediately engaging and [...]

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