Feb 27, 2020
The Woman Who Upped and Left
Posted by Fiona Gibson

Forget about having it all Sometimes you just want to leave it all behind.Audrey is often seized by the urge to walk out of her house without looking back but she can t possibly do that She is a single parent She is needed She has a job, a home, responsibilities and a slothful teenage son s pants to pick up But no one likes being taken for granted Audrey least ofForget about having it all Sometimes you just want to leave it all behind.Audrey is often seized by the urge to walk out of her house without looking back but she can t possibly do that She is a single parent She is needed She has a job, a home, responsibilities and a slothful teenage son s pants to pick up But no one likes being taken for granted Audrey least of all so the time has come for drastic action And no one s going to stand in her way

  • Title: The Woman Who Upped and Left
  • Author: Fiona Gibson
  • ISBN: 9781847563675
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Woman Who Upped and Left Forget about having it all Sometimes you just want to leave it all behind Audrey is often seized by the urge to walk out of her house without looking back but she can t possibly do that She is a singl

    Maxine (Booklover Catlady)

    Meet Audrey Middle aged, divorced and living with her eighteen year old son who can t even make a cup of tea on his own She also hosts his girlfriend who has kind of moved in without it being arranged Audrey is a part time Dinner Lady at the local school and a part time Carer to a little old lady that lives nearby Life could not be betterahemAudrey Upped and Left Call it a midlife crisis, call it a stroke of genius, call it what you want but Audrey decides that she needs something pretty special [...]


    I really like Fiona Gibson s novels I ve read quite a few of them and they ve always made me chuckle, so I really look forward to her new releases every year The Woman Who Upped and Left is her latest, and it s very enjoyable, and a little bit maddening.Let s start with the maddening Morgan Pepper I understand what Fiona was trying to do with Audrey and Morgan s relationship, but it genuinely drove me to distraction because if I was his mother, I would have kicked him out of the house long ago Y [...]


    Originally posted on This Chick Reads Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review I m a huge fan of Fiona Gibson and simply adore her books She s one of these wonderful authors that never disappoints She s constant, and no matter the new trends and what seems to be in these days, you always know what you get from her books I love that feeling of familiarity and comfort, because I know that no matter when or where I read her book, I m going to enjoy it and it ll be the best fun Of [...]


    Audrey is holding down two jobs to look after her teenage son, who takes her for granted When she wins a national dinner lady competition she is tempted to take the cash prize But then decides to take the alternative prize of a French cuisine course in a plush hotel.The characters are so engaging, with their own flaws She meets the other people on the course and they find her refreshing It s a really amusing read with many familiar situations that other parents with teenagers may recognise She s [...]

    Grass monster

    From the cover you think this book is about a housewife who has had enough of being taken for granted by her family and upped and left them Far from it, this book centres around Audrey, who wins a course in French cookery and packs herself off leaving behind her lazy son Morgan, to fend for himself We meet lovely Hugo, slimey Stevie and down to earth Paul As Audrey gets down to some cooking, can her son manage not to burn the house down With some surprises in store and an insight to Audrey s lif [...]


    Thank you to the publishers and netgalley for this advanced copy Loved this one Had me hooked from the beginning The story of poor Audrey Pepper who spends her life picking up after her layabout 18 year old son, holding down two jobs and travelling to service stations hotels to meet her on off travelling salesman boyfriend Stevie She then she wins Dinner Lady of the Year and it changes her life.It s such a nice easy read Loved the characters, and genuinely didn t guess which bloke she would end [...]

    Cherrie Walker

    3.5 stars Wasn t what I expected I was hoping it would be a lot funnier than it was, still it was a nice read I liked the characters


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    Every year I am impatiently waiting for Fiona Gibson s new release I fell in love with her down to earth, normal heroines, with down to earth stories that are about everyday life and yet that are incredibly funny and uplifting I also think that Fiona s covers are the most beautiful ones, and this time it s the same it is colourful and optimistic, and I also immediately fell in love with the title of this book it s brilliant Also, the tagline on the cover Have you ever wanted to escape it all had [...]


    Originally reviewed on Becca s Books.What an utter joy this was It s been such a long time since I last delved into a Fiona Gibson novel, and so I d forgotten how absolutely wonderfully uplifting, funny and easy to slip into Gibson s books are I had a feeling, once I d read the blurb and seen the fantastic cover of The Woman Who Upped and Left, that I d enjoy this book Talk of single mother Audrey, who feels she s being taken for granted despite the monumental amount of work she does , is someth [...]


    I loved this book and I related to it on so many levels Poor Audrey looking after her 18yr old son, who doesnt do much except layabout and have attitude.Currently having an 18yr old son at home myself, I laughed and cringed through most of the book at the same time having the greatest sympathy Audrey is holding down 2 jobs and does a remarkable job when all said and done and I felt immensley proud of her by the end of the book She is a really lovely person and doesnt deserve half of what happens [...]


    This is the first Fiona Gibson book I ve read as I was fortunate enough to win a copy in a Facebook competition I m so glad I did From the first page when we meet Audrey picking up her eighteen year old son s discarded pants from various locations, I m sure most women will identify When she suddenly has the chance to escape the humdrum life of being someone s mother, ex wife, and do something for herself then I m there cheering her on You could say that she brings most of it on herself by not be [...]

    Jules (Never enough time to read)

    Maybe a 3.5 ratingIt was good, it just wasn t my favourite Fiona Gibson read I didn t really like the main character much and I thought the story was a little slow going in places, and it didn t really have as many witty or funny bits as I expected.But, Fiona Gibson still remains one of my all time favourite authors.

    I read novels

    Review by ireadnovels.wordpressFiona Gibson has the pure gift to make me relax and laugh out loud If you like reading warm and funny books like I do then The Woman Who UPPED And Left is for you Have you ever wanted to escape from it all Audrey Hepburn was named after her Mum s favourite actress Audrey s son is a right one, he is a young eighteen year old who hasn t found the linen basket I know that problem my daughter can t seem to find my linen basket either Then Audrey finds a thong in her so [...]


    A very light read, which for me had some good moments, but way too much silliness for me to take it seriously I can t bear to see someone let themselves be trampled on but Audrey really is someone who has really made a rod for her own back Her absent mother and alcoholic father never set good role models while she grew up, and she spent the better part of her adult years trying to please people, to the detriment of her own happiness Thankfully she sees that things need to change.

    Joyce (Chloe)



    A funny book Different type of chick lit with an overworked mom, teenage son and the good looking gardener A little bit predictable towards the end Pick it up if you are looking for a light read.

    Laura Besley

    Easy read about middle aged woman getting her life in order.


    Long story, with an unsurprising end.Would be better titled The Women Who Went For a Short Holiday, Came Back To Her Dull Life.


    A nice easy read, I would have given it 3 1 2 if I could.

    Emma Crowley

    This is the first book I have read by Fiona Gibson and it brought a smile to my face when I saw it as who couldn t fail to love such a clever title mixed with a colourful, fun and frivolous cover The Woman Who Upped and Left is a light, easy read that at times will give you a warm feeling inside and plenty of laugh out loud moments It s not serious or drab but instead full of humour mixed with some life lessons valuable for anyone be they young or old This is a very quick read and I did enjoy it [...]


    Audrey Pepper is just your average divorced, 40 something mum of an18 year old teenage boy who is slowly being driven round the bend by her life Well, accurately by her son, Morgan, who is just drifting and seems to think mum will always be there to feed him, clean up after him and pay all his bills So starts the great underpant war Morgan won t pick them up and now neither will Audrey It all comes to a head when Audrey wins dinner lady of the year and has a choice of two wonderful prizes 5,000 [...]


    This is a good book to read while on the go doesn t require much concentration, and it was enjoyable.Audrey didn t really up and left, as the book title said Even as she was not physically with her son, her mind kept going back and worrying what s happening with him Well, it is how mothers are, that s just the way we are wired Her worries about her son, though valid, were eventually eased when he stood up and took responsibility Though the undertones of the story were serious it s about life aft [...]

    Zee Monodee

    Had a hard time getting past how the heroine kept on enabling her deadbeat adult son all the time having her rose tinted glasses on kept wanting her to wake up as what the blurb says and what the story should be about This took a while to happen, though one of those books where the blurb already tells you 2 3rds of the story and the story is actually how it happened not my fave, to be honest.

    Lisa Birch

    I listened to this book on audio and I loved it Audrey was such a fun character, and the story line was really good I felt that many of the characters has a lot of of depth, and though some of the outcomes were predictable, many were not I couldn t stand Stevie, but that had to be part of his charm Would happily read another Fiona Gibson book, will have to start tracking them down.

    Tinicia Young

    I liked the book It was a very easy going read The pace isn t rushed and the character is very down to earth and normal which was different and enjoyable, felt as if you were right there making decisions with her.


    Annoying how the main character keeps enabling her selfish and lazy adult son I wanted to reach through the pages and throttle her for that and also for being gullible over her romantic relationship.I forced myself to finish it but still don t know why I punished myself


    Hilarious Tried one of the recipes out and it was not too bad.


    Audrey was a very annoying character If I had a son like Morgan I would up and leave too

    Hilary Walker

    My first Fiona Gibson book amusing and easy to read.

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