Feb 19, 2020
A Glimmer of Hope
Posted by Julie Lessman

She s a wounded girl serving up trouble He s a pastor s kid bent on serving God.But can they find a glimmer of hope for a future together From the moment Jack O Bryen kissed the sixteen year old tomboy next door, he knew he would love her forever Lacey Carmichael was everything he d ever wanted intelligent, warm, and brimming with life, the perfect complement to his seriShe s a wounded girl serving up trouble He s a pastor s kid bent on serving God.But can they find a glimmer of hope for a future together From the moment Jack O Bryen kissed the sixteen year old tomboy next door, he knew he would love her forever Lacey Carmichael was everything he d ever wanted intelligent, warm, and brimming with life, the perfect complement to his serious and sensible self A girlfriend who not only shared his faith, but he hoped his future as well, the perfect mate for a would be pastor Eighteen year old Lacey Carmichael has dreamed of marrying Jack O Bryen since she was twelve years old, the boy next door who always picked up the pieces after her father shattered her heart But when her cousin leads her astray while Jack s away at school and her father s rejection soars to new heights, Lacey finds herself at odds with the boy that she loves, not only jeopardizing their relationship, but Jack s faith and heart as well.

  • Title: A Glimmer of Hope
  • Author: Julie Lessman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Glimmer of Hope She s a wounded girl serving up trouble He s a pastor s kid bent on serving God But can they find a glimmer of hope for a future together From the moment Jack O Bryen kissed the sixteen year old tombo


    4.5 Stars A Glimmer of Hope is the prequel novella to Isle of Hope For those of you who have previously read Book 1, Isle of Hope, you already have some insight into what will transpire in this little novella But don t let that put you off from reading it I am so glad I did In fact I wish I could have read it first It had just the right touch of showing you the main characters as their younger selves and the struggles they were dealing with Lacey, was so young, hurting and VERY needy She was def [...]

    Donna D

    Wonderful book Beautifully written.

    Mary Cramer

    I definitely recommend reading this before starting the Isle of Hope series Lots of good background information for the important characters in the first book Also, it does a great job of drawing you into the story and getting you hooked into the fascinating world of the Isle of Hope series This is a contemporary series, and I enjoyed reading it just as much as Julie s other stories that were written in the early 1900 s.

    Lynda Knapp

    Enjoyable read I definitely recommend this novella I look forward to reading the next book The characters were well written and realistic As a prequel to Isle of Hope, I thought this told the backstory quite well.

    Mary Kay

    When I read this book and didn t yet have The next book and it got me so excited to read the next book.I didn t Know if I had done a good thing or not because then I was so excited to read a book I did not have That s how much I loved this book

    Karen Hadley

    This is a prequel to a Isle of Hope It begins the journey of a young girl and how her insecurity affects her life.

    Marguerite Gray

    This novella establishes the characters and the plot for the rest of the Isle of Hope series I can t wait to dive deeper into the lives of the two families There is much to be unraveled.


    I finally got around to reading the prequel to Isle of Hope and I loved it I enjoyed getting of the history between Jack and Lacey I can t wait for the 3rd book to release.

    Laura Van Nice

    A poignant beginning to a lovely story I really enjoyed how this novella gave me a richer insight into Jack and Lacey from Isle of Hope You won t want to miss this prequel


    left me feeling unssatisfied as I felt the characters especially Lacy s father needed develpemt I believe Ms Lessman has rectified this but I was not able to download the newer version.


    If you haven t started this series yet, I would read this first I did And I m so glad too It sets up a deeper understanding of the relationships and circumstances surrounding the characters and just how much they all effect the characters going into the first main book AND it s a sweet story

    Bonnie Roof

    Since their first kiss pastor s son, seminary bound Jack O Bryen has known he will always love tomboy neighbor Lacey Carmichael Sharing his faith her witty, full of life personality is the perfect attraction for his sensibility and seriousness.Eighteen year old Lacey has loved Jack since she was twelve years old Her surgeon father Ben s continual rejection, verbal and emotional abuse compel her to seek affirmation of being loved through Jack s expressions of affection Determined to serve God and [...]


    This was a decent, quick read.

    Julie Graves

    In this prequel to Isle of Hope we get to know the young Lacey Carmichael and Jack O Bryen We see how Lacey s home life shaped who she was Not receiving any love from her father Lacey is constantly testing Jack s resolve to lead a pure life Lacey desires physical love from Jack to prove to her that he loves her Jack is heading to seminary and has every desire to keep their relationship above reproach, but Lacey s brokenness drives him to constantly prove to her his love.As always Julie Lessman w [...]


    I read A Glimmer of Hope after reading Isle of Hope Unfailing Love, which resulted in me muttering things under my breath at the characters, like That s what you say now But, I dare you to read A Glimmer of Hope first and then not Isle of Hope Unfailing Love Impossible Despite Jack s convictions, A Glimmer of Hope concludes with such a will they or won t they ending, you ll want to read about Jack and Lacey, pronto This short story included so many challenges and typical objections to Jack s in [...]


    I found this book accidentally I hadn t seen anything written by Julie in a long time and I love her writing I visited her blog and I found she has taken a different route in her writing So I snatched up this novella eager to see how she would handle contemporary romance.This is a super quick read and introduction to her novel Isle of Hope I was actually very surprised to turn the last page and that was it But it s a great lead in to the next novel which you can read that first chapter at the en [...]

    Andrea Cox

    by Andrea Renee CoxThis was a difficult book for me to read, because it focused on sex on nearly every page It s the battle of wills between a kid who wants to have sex to make up for her daddy s lack of love and her boyfriend who wants to remain pure I appreciate that battle and how relevant it is in today s society But the many mentions of cold showers, calling people the spawn of the devil and demon, and the lead girl saying she needs to feel close to her boyfriend in physical ways in practic [...]

    Beth Erin

    faithfullybookish reviI m a big fan of Julie Lessman s historical fiction and she does not disappoint in the contemporary genre A Glimmer of Hope is centered around two young adults in a long time relationship and their families Jack admirably tries to protect Lacey without compromising his commitment to honor God s Word Unfortunately, Jack can t fill the hole in her heart where her daddy s love should be Lacey s father is verbally abusive and breaks her heart time and again The horrible influen [...]

    Amy Tyner

    Jack and Lacy story reflect young love perfectly and is a perfect example of how hard and difficult it truly can be Jack is the son of a pastor who is going to seminary to follow in his footsteps He loves Lacy who s literally the girl next door They ve grown up together and now fallen in love Things aren t as perfect as they appear however as Lacy s family is creating huge struggle in both their lives from Nikki her cousin who just come to town and not the best influence to Lacy s dad who harsh [...]


    A Glimmer of Hope is the prequel to the novel Unfailing Love, in this novella we see how the relationship between Lacey and Jack started In true Julie style she shows a young woman who is being beaten down by her father and is looking for a man s acceptance and love Jack loves Lacey but is determined to stay pure until he and Lacey get married In this short book Julie shows the struggle that Jack has physically, spiritually, and emotionally desiring to be pure until he gets married, along with L [...]

    Ruth C

    I first found out about this prequel to the Isle of Hope series through Julie s Facebook page when it was free Unfortunately not for UK readers, though, but when I contacted Julie, she kindly emailed me the file It had been a little while since I d read any of Julie s books so I was looking forward to reading this I so enjoyed it and I loved the very lifelike characters I really feel that I know them The one problem with this short story is that you re left dying to know what happens next Isle o [...]

    Dianne Sidebottom

    I have read Isle of Hope This novella has the main characters that are in Isle of Hope and the relationship between Lacey n her father was bad n understandably why Jack was caught up with the fragile Lacey who just wanted to be accepted n valued loved I think my bad day at school n reading this wasn t the best setting All the emotions we are dealing with kids at school n then reading about a volatile story just added mess to my day Julie did write it well n readers will pickup on the messy relat [...]


    I liked that I was able to understand these characters a little and see the transformation that continued in the next book You do not have to the read prequel to get the next book As a reader you have to remember that there will be some details that will be left out of the novellas I wanted the author to be in depth and I felt the story just ended I definitely enjoyed the second book than the prequel.

    Janet Merrell

    I am usually one of Julie s biggest fans, but I did not enjoy this one Not the prequel I anticipated Where was the story about the affair between the parents that caused Jack to decide against the ministry and become a doctor instead Gave no insight into why Lacey and Jack split after they were promised The entire story was very repetitive and consisted of next to nothing but hormone struggles between two kids and the desire of one to stay pure before marriage Very disappointing.

    Katy Cater

    A Glimmer of Hope is the prequel to Isle of Hope While Isle of Hope is stand alone and A Glimmer of Hope is not , Glimmer give an excellent introduction to Isle by setting the stage and introducing the characters I would number Isle of Hope in my top 5 books of 2015 and I m getting ready to read it again and I would recommend that everyone read Glimmer before Isle.


    I love Lessman s books I didn t mind her going into modern romance at all because I knew it would be great This is a great prequel to the first book in the series I also highly recommend her other series


    Just realized I hadn t read this yet A perfect backstory for Isle of Hope Unfailing Love I wish I d read this firstbut now I ll just have to re read IOH Looking forward to the next book, Love Everlasting, coming out in Sept

    Joan Arning

    A Glimmer of Hope is the prequel to the Isle of Hope series As intended, this short story leaves you hanging and you will definitely need to read the first complete book in the series Julie Lessman has written strong characters who, I am sure, will continue in the rest of the series.


    This is the prequel to Isle of Hope but it was released later I would have preferred reading it first It was kind of a letdown to read it after I already knew how it all would end in Isle of Hope.

    Myra Johnson

    A prelude to Julie Lessman s Isle of Hope and a deeply moving story of young love.

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