Feb 21, 2020
In Vogue
Posted by Lucia Laurent

King of New York fashion and editor in chief of the prestigious Couture magazine, Miles Brodeur loves his demanding job and a routine that means he always knows what s coming next Deeply involved in the magazine s content and culture, Miles doesn t have the time or the desire for a relationship.Alexander Mackenzie is a former model turned magazine editor who is just learnKing of New York fashion and editor in chief of the prestigious Couture magazine, Miles Brodeur loves his demanding job and a routine that means he always knows what s coming next Deeply involved in the magazine s content and culture, Miles doesn t have the time or the desire for a relationship.Alexander Mackenzie is a former model turned magazine editor who is just learning about the politics that exist at the intersection of high fashion and publishing He s always dreamt of turning Miles head and one night, at a glamorous party, his fantasy becomes reality But Miles workaholic nature conflicts with Alexander s belief that there s to life than what s printed on the pages of a magazine Despite their fundamental differences, Alexander can t help but follow Miles back to New York, and once there it becomes clear their association could be addicting and possibly life changing.Set in a world where the beauty of art and the written word collide, Miles is confronted by a fundamental question is someone ever worth slowing down for

  • Title: In Vogue
  • Author: Lucia Laurent
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In Vogue King of New York fashion and editor in chief of the prestigious Couture magazine Miles Brodeur loves his demanding job and a routine that means he always knows what s coming next Deeply involved in t


    3.5 shiny promising stars rounded down to 3 still shiny promising stars here on GR because still no shiny 1 2 stars to be found.In the world of fashion Miles Brodeur is kingAs Editor In Chief of Couture Magazine Miles is the driving force behind the fashion industry Careers can be made or destroyed on his whims Miles lives for fashion Years of dedication and hard work have placed him at the top of the fashion scene along with Zia his best friend and Couture s creative editor Miles rules his worl [...]

    Cristina Drafta

    If I can say anything in my current haze is that this book is as much fashion as a cultural timeless piece.The insight in the fashion world is surreal, giving the story an elegant and almost royal feel, and the characters are so wonderfully crafted that it leaves you speechless when you put down the book and you can t hear Miles in the next room firing orders draped in Givenchy.I would challenge the people that say the The Devil Wears Prada is the LBD of fashion novels, because In Vogue feels ju [...]


    My review is based off of the ARC and not the final version I will be back to update once published This book both a must read and one that you can t put down Lucia made her characters come to life in a way that details not just their positive attributes, but also their flaws if Zia isn t your favorite character then you need to read the book again The writing is detailed and subtle, creating an entire world one that I want to be a part of Along those lines while you don t need to know anything [...]


    I was given a copy of this book free by the author in exchange for an unbiased review.I wanted to read this book because I was intrigued by the blurb However,it turned out to be a difficult book a difficult book to read, mainly for 2 reasons When I loaded the book onto my kindle app a reading time of 7 hours and 50 minutes appeared and my heart sunk The GR page had said 316 pages but that amount of time mean in excess of 400 pages, and I have since seen a review that puts the book at 428 pages.I [...]

    Sadie Forsythe

    This book is 428 pages long, with a plot that might have successfully carried 128 It is faaaaar too long and, well, dull And over written And purple And largely tell, as opposed to show And written in third person, present tense, which provides and uncomfortable distance between the reader and the characters And cluttered with brand names outfit descriptions, which ok, it s about fashion But man did I get tired of it Plus, while I know fashion can be out there sometimes, some of the outfits soun [...]


    In Vogue is incredible to read The way the characters develop is really interesting to read about, the author has spent a lot of time writing details about the characters which makes it easier to read and also makes you as a reader invested in their lives As a result of that, I wasn t able to put the book down The balance between angst, excitement and sweetness is very neatly done Lucia Laurent has given me a look in to the fashion world and life around it, not only is this book about hardworki [...]


    This started off so strongly and I was prepared to forgive the occasional weird sentence, since I loved all the fashion details And also the pirate noises when they were having sex, that was very strange But by about 70%, Miles gets so ridiculously over the top angsty I wanted to spew It was actually sickening how over dramatic it all was, just over view spoiler a breakup that didn t even really make sense in the first place hide spoiler I couldn t stand reading it from then on Miles went from t [...]


    4.5 I really enjoyed reading this book I liked the main characters, even the secondary characters were loveable I think the author has much fun imagining and writing what the MCs were wearing every day and every occasion which is a huge part of the book, if you are not interested in fashion at all, it may be quite boring and you may need to google those fashion brand designers in order to have an idea what the author was talking about There s romance, very steamy scenes and some angst But everyt [...]

    Brittany Braden

    I could not put this book down I started reading it and had it completely read within 2 days The characters are amazing and so easy to connect to I love Lucia s writing style and her character development is amazing The imagery in it is so real I could see it playing out like a movie in my head There is really something for everyone to love in this book I can t wait to see what else Lucia is going to do with her writing


    2.5 stars I received a copy in exchange for an honest review through the DBML program In Vogue is about Miles, the editor in chief of Couture magazine, and Alexander, newly minted editor of a lesser magazine Miles takes his job seriously and thinks that he s hot stuff so he starts out as a somewhat pretentious snob He slowly opens up his work focused world as he gets to know Miles better The book then navigates through their relationship and the rest of their lives I had really high hopes going [...]

    Mollien Fote Osterman

    Title In VogueAuthor Lucia Laurent Series Publisher Ink Smith Publishing LLC December 13, 2016 Reviewer MollienRelease Date September 29, 2016Genre s M M Erotic Romance Page Count 316 pagesHeat Level 4 flames out of 5Rating 3.5 stars out of 5Blurb King of New York fashion and editor in chief of the prestigious Couture magazine, Miles Brodeur loves his demanding job and a routine that means he always knows what s coming next Deeply involved in the magazine s content and culture, Miles doesn t hav [...]

    Ana Miranda

    Pretty nice book, funny and sweet and sexy I actualy liked the fashion insights Characters are well thought through.I would ve like to see a bit of their families and other friends Nothing too big, just some scenes to show they have other people in their lives.Nice portrayal of anxiety, very fair.Only flaw is that it s a bit too long.


    First of all thank you for providing an ARC I should say that this was technically my second time reading this book And that I have been waiting a really long time for somebody to write such a story about fashion I have always been a little interested in fashion but this book made me buy the VOGUE two days after I finished it and I watched many many fashion documentations because I was suddenly hooked And that s what I really liked about that book that it made me interested in something The writ [...]


    This review is based on an ARC I received which thank you so so much for First of all, how beautiful is that cover This book has officially gotten me out of my reading slump and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it The way Lucia writes paints such a vivid picture I could almost see it like a movie in my head and it may be because I have an interest in fashion but I was absolutely starry eyed over all the descriptions of clothes and the fashion weeks throughout the book, I could literally picture the [...]


    Miles Brodeur is King He s at the top of his game in the Fashion industry as Editor in Chief of Couture magazine In his capacity, he s the taste maker, the arbiter of all things fashion and the world is at his feet He s the fictional equivalent of Anna Wintour of Vogue His job is demanding requiring almost superhuman involvement in details and time, the hours are brutal, the travel exhausting, the stressors unbelievable And Miles loves it all Every single moment of it and he would not change eve [...]

    Shee Reader

    n Vogue by Lucia Laurent4 out of five hearts For Boy Meets Boy Reviews.Miles Brodeur is the best of the best, the editor in chief of the elite fashion magazine Couture The book follows Miles and his minions from fashion week to fashion week as he works incredible magic with his magazine, and finds the granite hard ice of his heart cracked wide open buy the young pretender, Alexander MacKenzie Alexander is the new British kid on the block, the new editor of Cut, a publication in the same group as [...]


    A free copy of this book has been provided to me by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.This is a story of two men Each possesses what the other desperately lacks and needs Miles is a workaholic This is how he earned the promotion to Editor in Chief of the infamous Couture magazine and the crown as King of New York fashion His strictly scheduled day begins extremely early and often runs until very late He loves his job and is constantly working even when he is attending fashion w [...]


    5 stars out of 5, no doubt.This book has everything a reader could ask for, which is love mixed with angst, dressed in a very cool way with a side of passion and rawness.To be honest, it is so much than a love story that I don t even know where to start So, let s just highlight the things that will always come up to my mind whenever I think of this book, like the word empathy Throughout the pages I felt all the characters live and breathe and fight and love in front of me, like real people, lik [...]

    Heather Martin

    Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review Miles Brodeur is editor in chief to a prestigious magazine Every moment of his life revolves around his job and that s the way he loves it At an event for the magazine, Miles meets Alexander Mackenzie Alexander is a magazine editor and former model, and he looks up to and is crushing on Miles Alexander sets out to get Miles attention, but can he break through his workaholic life I read the first chapter of this book thre [...]


    I received the ARC of this book from Ink Smith in exchange for a review This review is based off the ARC I do intend to read and review the final work In Vogue is the story of Miles Brodeur Lion King, Ice Queen, editor in chief of the prestigious Couture magazine He has no time for a life beyond his career and even less for a relationship And then he meets Alexander Mackenzie That s an incredibly simplified version of the events, but this is a review and not a rehashing of the events of the book [...]


    This book, technically an advanced reader copy, is rich with descriptions The reader is very quickly able to envision the settings, the faces and of course the fashion The story throws you in immediately and doesn t let up with its fast pace it sets the tone for how the main character Miles runs his life, but it also makes it difficult to get a sense of why the reader should care about him He lives for his work and that s all.The story seems of an reason to name drop those who run the fashion w [...]


    I received a free copy of this book through DBML program in exchange for an honest review.31 2 stars rounded up to 4Miles Brodeur is an driven, egotistical editor in chief of Couture magazine and King of New York Fashion He doesn t have a life outside his job, and nothing is important than his work The only constant in his life other than work is his faithful friend and former lover Zia, the creative director for Couture.Alexander Mackenzie is a former model, now working as editor of Cut magazi [...]


    4.5 starsIf you even have a passing interest in fashion, you will love this debut novel by Lucia Laurent It s full of fashion porn and it s super hot in all the right ways Miles and Alexander are the editors for different fashion magazines actually, Miles is an editor in chief with far reaching influence While their magazines are both owned by the same parent company, Miles job is higher level think Anna Wintour and Vogue and his years of dedication to his job have allowed him to reap the reward [...]


    I received the ARC of In Vogue and quite frankly, I am genuinely impressed.The thing about In Vogue is that it elaborated beautifully Lucia Laurent, the writer, definitely has eyes on details and her descriptions are very thorough that it almost feels like you re going through scenes after scenes in your head In Vogue is almost addictive, because the characters are so engaging and the developments of these characters speak volumes in a way that you can t help but to feel connected to them person [...]

    Stacey Jo

    I was given a free copy of this story from the author in exchange for an honest review Miles Brodeur is a fashion editor in the fast paced world of fashion in New York He s on top of the fashion industry and thinks he s the best when it comes to knowing all there is to know about fashion He lives for it Alexander Mackenzie is a former model who is moving into the magazine publishing business He s not as self absorbed as Miles is though While he loves the fashion industry, he wants out of life, [...]


    In Vogue is absolutely one of the best books I ve ever read in my entire life, and I would recommend to anyone in less than a heartbeat.The way Lucia writes is captivating It s a relatively long book with over 100,000 words, and because of how good Lucia is, I was able to finish the book in just over a day It was that good.The plot line itself is unique and I ve never read anything like it It s filled with happy moments, but it also has some angst that will make you want to tear your hair out an [...]

    Lisa M

    In Vogue is such a unique and well written story I honestly couldn t put it down Lucia has mastered the art of creating tension, both internal and sexual The careful and deliberate development of Miles character was really refreshing in an age where everything seems so in your face The story had a wonderful flow, and the dynamic between the two main characters managed to be simultaneously sweet and sizzling And before you think you need to understand high fashion to appreciate the intricacies of [...]


    Hi I got a chance to read the book as an ARC and I loved it I feel like the Lucia developed her characters really well In a way that you feel like you get to know them I have read it twice now and both times I could not put it down Even though it is a book where there s a lot of talk about fashion, you do not need to know about it to be able to follow along It will make you feel like you re in their world The way Lucia writes makes it captivating and so easy to imagine and Miles Alexander s stor [...]


    3.5 starsI liked the characters, I liked the way they fell in love and the way they made each other better I loved the way Miles learnt to go for his happiness, I liked the group of friends and especially the friendship between Miles and Zia The only negative aspect of the book was that sometimes all the name droppings and the details about clothes and shoes and who s who and how wealthy these characters were, made the book and the characters sound pretentious and forced I could have done with l [...]


    This book is positively amazing The amount of detail and the Lucia s way with words will blow you away I often feel like books are unbalanced some of my favorites included but In Vogue walked that fine line perfectly It pulled me in so deep that I blew through it in no time at all It has been a very long time since I ve read a book that set a scene so amazingly for me and left me with a killer vision in my head This will definitely be a re read over and over again.

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