Feb 17, 2020
Arts, Crafts and Murder
Posted by Stacey Alabaster

Crafts are big deal in Pottsville But is it big enough to murder for Georgina is adjusting to her new life in a small town when one of her dogs goes missing right before the annual arts and crafts fair She barely has time to prepare for the show but soon learns that the first place prize is literally something to die for Can she find her beloved pet and catch a killer

  • Title: Arts, Crafts and Murder
  • Author: Stacey Alabaster
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Arts Crafts and Murder Crafts are big deal in Pottsville But is it big enough to murder for Georgina is adjusting to her new life in a small town when one of her dogs goes missing right before the annual arts and crafts fai


    I really liked the book, it was well written and the characters seemed so real, you felt like you were in the story, and since I love arts and crafts, just fell in love with the people and the town, I loved the book and can t wait to start the next book in the series Thank you Stacey Alabaster for another great book

    Sheran Oberholzer

    Arts and crafts murder by Stacey alabasterThis book was a good read for anyone who enjoys a light plot, murder, mystery and a lot of socially inept comedy.

    Lisa Denn

    Arts, Crafts and Murder, the second book in Stacey Alabaster s Craft Circle series, continues with another crime solving adventure for Georgina Holt and her motley four legged crew Jasper and Casper Arts, Crafts and Murder can be read as a stand alone book if you re not a fan of reading each book in a series.I find the characters still barely likeable and have some trouble finding the relationship between the protaganist, George and her employee frenemy Brenda believable There is no way these tw [...]


    This is a totally mindless piece of fluff, but OK for a break from serious reading Parts of the story are kind of entertaining But I keep having questions like How does she make a living when she spends time snooping into things than trying to run her store or build her business and What is the story on her mysterious past living in Paris and having multiple ex husbands and Why does she think only old ladies like to knit If you want to just escape reality for a while and don t mind some things [...]


    I don t know what it is about this series, I love it and hate it which is why its getting 3 stars not 4 There is something about the writing style and the flow of information that I like Then again, there are two sweet sounding doggies in the story so that might be why I keep coming back Overall, good cozy, hits all the main cozy points and made me smile while reading I think I will go back for a third on this one


    This was an interesting little book to add to the series the little town is interesting and has it s own defining characteristics We also get to see a little bit of the town with the craft fair, and meet a few people in the town We also got to know Brenda a bit , and her families which is very interesting I like how calm her husband in comparison to Brenda.We get to see how serious this town takes crafting The fair s contest is intense, and it makes me wish we saw of it than we did Sadly, Geo [...]


    Georgina moves into a small town of Pottsville and opens an arts and crafts shop She starts a craft circle I love the way she calls Brenda who works in the shop her frenemy The Pottsville arts and crafts festival is extremely competitive The judge Erika Joyce gets killed And Georgina s dog Casper goes missing The descriptions of the competitive nature of the women is intense Georgina must solve the mystery and has a little help from the Ryan, the romantic interest.I like the way the book goes in [...]

    Sue Lassiter

    Well, it wasn t the best cozy mystery I ve ever read, but I enjoyed it and will most likely read by this author The main character wasn t very bright and she stumbled around a lot in her effort to solve the murder Her attitudes seemed all wrong for all the situations she was in and I found her to be rather weak and way too tolerant where her employee was concerned But it was fun and I was surprised who the killer turned out to be.


    A death, a missing dog, and a rigged competition what could you ask for in a mystery As usual, George spends a little time in her shop and a lot of time solving mysteries.


    Gooda small town that has people not able to except new people and when there is a contest with money as a prize.


    A fun, entertaining book about a woman, kind of new to town who owns an arts and crafts store While searching for her missing dog she stumbles across a dead body, which begins the mystery.

    Phylis Collins

    Arts, Crafts and Murder by Stacey Alabaster is a fun cozy mystery Enjoyed reading this short mystery story Thanks

    Sally Hannoush

    This is book two in the series It s a quick read The book takes an unexpected turn in the end and was entertaining.

    Ruth Mccurry

    Good storyLoved this book Didn t even figure out who the murderer was, which is unusual for me Dog lovers who like cosy mysteries will enjoy this book.

    Tina Brown


    L S Hardy

    Cute storyThis book is a quick read and pure fluff The reader really has to wonder why the main character employs such an unfriendly person, why someone doesn t return a lost dog, and why a craft show is so important Maybe a lot is explained in the first book in the series.


    Georgina is adjusting to her new life With her friend nemesis helping in the store, Georgina is not sure who is really in charge However, when one of her dogs goes missing right before the annual Arts and Crafts fair, she must try to find her dog as well as get ready for the show Stumbling across a dead body, Georgina discovers that maybe first prize at the fair is worth than just a prize It may be worth killing for Will she find her dog before the killer strikes again Stacey Alabaster s second [...]

    Clay Trippy

    not an obvious killerI enjoyed the killer being someone never under suspistion til the end The storyline flows smoothly without taking any detours.


    This delightful book by Stacey Alabster is a great mystery Who would think you could write a murder mystery and weave in arts and crafts Well, she did it and did it good.I love doing arts and crafts myself so this book intrigued me The story is about Georgina and trying to make friends in her new home town One of her dogs is missing and while out looking for beloved dog she stumbles across a dead woman Of course, she can t leave things alone so she starts her detective work to find the who and w [...]


    I read the Bakery Mysteries by this author and I look forward to reading of her books I m impressed In this book Georgina is a great character and very believable And I ve met a few people like Brenda and hope I never meet anyone like Lisa The way the story weaves in and out keeps the reader guessing, which is what a mystery should do Ms Alabaster has a talent for keeping the solution a secret Even though at one time the person who did commit the crime crossed my mind as the perpetrator, the au [...]

    Norma Wiegert

    Stacey Alabaster does it again Another great mystery Georgina George discovers dead dead body of Crafter Erika Joyce just a week before the annual Arts and Crafts Festival while looking for her missing dog Casper As George searches for her Missing Dog she uncovers and clues to the Murder This is a great story with a surprise ending A Quick and enjoyable read.I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


    I enjoyed book 2 in Stacey Alabaster s A Craft Circle Cozy Mystery series I loved reading Georgina s further adventures and how her new life in a small town is going The interaction between Georgina and the other characters is progressing nicely, were learning about her and them as well I love peeking behind the facade of a perfect small town nothing is ever as perfect as it seems Great serious I look forward to reading the next one.

    Neera Sawhney

    Arts, Crafts and Murder is a short, quick, fast paced book The characters are well developed and stay true.The story develops very naturally, and to a surprising climax The murderer is not on the police list, and neither on mine, as a suspect There was no way i could have guessed correctly A really good read

    Starla B

    This book was okay I still feel like I m missing something like there should have been a prequel that has some of her background I like the stories all right but not enough to continue the series I think.

    Barbara Boykin

    Interesting This was an interesting storyline I m glad they finally figured out who the killer was and that the dog was finally found.


    Great readIf you haven t read Stacey Alabaster s books yet you should You will love them all and all the characters in them I can t wait till the next book

    Patricia Steele

    I have not read anything by this author before and did enjoy it I will definitely be checking out her other books A light cozy read.

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