Feb 19, 2020
Posted by Anna Stephens

The Mireces worship the bloodthirsty Red Gods Exiled from Rilpor a thousand years ago, and left to suffer a harsh life in the cold mountains, a new Mireces king now plots an invasion of Rilpor s thriving cities and fertile earth.Dom Templeson is a Watcher, a civilian warrior guarding Rilpor s border He is also the most powerful seer in generations, plagued with visions aThe Mireces worship the bloodthirsty Red Gods Exiled from Rilpor a thousand years ago, and left to suffer a harsh life in the cold mountains, a new Mireces king now plots an invasion of Rilpor s thriving cities and fertile earth.Dom Templeson is a Watcher, a civilian warrior guarding Rilpor s border He is also the most powerful seer in generations, plagued with visions and prophecies His people are devoted followers of the god of light and life, but Dom harbours deep secrets, which threaten to be exposed when Rillirin, an escaped Mireces slave, stumbles broken and bleeding into his village.Meanwhile, and of Rilpor s most powerful figures are turning to the dark rituals and bloody sacrifices of the Red Gods, including the prince, who plots to wrest the throne from his dying father in the heart of the kingdom Can Rillirin, with her inside knowledge of the Red Gods and her shocking ties to the Mireces King, help Rilpor win the coming war

  • Title: Godblind
  • Author: Anna Stephens
  • ISBN: 9781940456935
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Godblind The Mireces worship the bloodthirsty Red Gods Exiled from Rilpor a thousand years ago and left to suffer a harsh life in the cold mountains a new Mireces king now plots an invasion of Rilpor s thriv


    ARC provided by Skyhorse Publishing in exchange for an honest review.I do want to start this review by saying that this is a grimdark fantasy novel, which means that it has much darker and brutal tones than regular fantasy Many of the characters are morally grey, and do very ruthless, savage, and inhumane things I personally do enjoy this type of fantasy, but I know this subgenre isn t for everyone This all being said, there are a lot of trigger warnings for brutal violence, rape, attempted rap [...]

    James LafayetteTivendale

    The Red Gods Are Rising Contains minor spoilers I received a free advanced copy of G0dblind in exchange for an honest review Thank you to Anna Stephens and Harper Voyager Please note, I have had to spell the book s title as G0dblind with a 0 otherwise GR s removes the word from my review for some reason To begin with, I must admit that after reading the excellent G0dblind I think I will be eternally afraid of betrayal and hammers The world of Gilgoras had an uneasy truce between King Rastoth of [...]


    3.5 5 StarsAn enjoyable grimdark debut with one Mortal Kombat level of brutality scene.This is one of those occasions where I truly hate rating system, a 0.5 is a must have here 3 stars are too low while 4 stars are too high so take the rounding down or up here with a grain of salt, I m rating this book 3.5 stars, a great book with some cons but still very enjoyable.Honestly, I m in sorrow This is not an easy book for me to review I really wanted to love this book especially after seeing the ra [...]

    Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin

    I very much enjoyed this book Well, some parts I had to gloss over because this is a Grimdark and has very cringe worthy scenes So this book is not for the faint of heart Blood guts and torture I was thrilled to get this freaking awesome stained, signed and numbered edition of the hardback I also got a lovely postcard sent from the author Some authors are just so awesome There were several characters that I liked but damned if I didn t write down all of their names Story of my life I did write d [...]


    3.5 4 12 17 Sighs This is one of those books that I really wanted to love and went into with high hopes unfortunately, it fell a little short So, here goes For the most part, I really enjoyed it and it was what I could ve asked for in a Grimdark Fantasy I would point out, however, that this is not for everyone The themes and language presented and used are very adult The narrative starts out with an attempted rape then dives into other dark and gritty scenes including a savagely violent sacrific [...]

    Petros Triantafyllou

    There s this term we are using in the Grimdark Fiction Readers Writers fb group, called Grimdark AF A term to identify the grimdarkest of grimdarks As grimdark as it gets GRIMDARK AS FUCK I believe it deserves to be a sub genre of Grimdark Fantasy, and Godblind may as well be the very first novel classified as such.The Mireces were exiled from Rilpor almost a thousand years ago, and their Gods were imprisoned beyond reach Being savages, outnumbered and outclassed, they didn t dare fight except f [...]

    Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽

    I am conflicted about this book On one hand, I enjoyed it, so this a solid three star rating On the other hand, I felt like it went on too long if you weigh the content of the actual plot There are multiple POVs, at least a dozen The book ends without resolution apparently it s going to be a trilogy The entire book ended up being set up for the next book I didn t feel there was enough meat to justify a higher rating shrug Many things happen, including build up to a religious war, romance, politi [...]

    Tracey the Lizard Queen

    Originally reviewed here thequeenofblades.u4.5 StarsMove over Abercrombie and Lawrence You too, Fletcher.In the past it has been noted that there are almost no mainstream female GrimDark authors Sure, there are those that write dark fantasy, and horror, and even stray into the morally grey area we love so much But they tend to be slightly tamer than their male counterparts I m not sure why, maybe because they think females write only for females rule applies Well not any Here at last we have a [...]

    Kitvaria Sarene

    This was bloody brilliant Bloody both as gritty and as amount of awesomenessThis is grimdark at is best It is the closest thing I ever found to ASOIAF in tone and scope it does read easier though With Godblind I didn t feel like I would miss important stuff, if my attention waned for even just one second, and still it managed to be epic, have a lot of POVs and characters and an expanding world.I loved the characters, and enjoyed following them and their growth throughout the books They felt very [...]


    I went in to this thinking it was YA only the gods know why but was aggressively disabused of the notion in the opening scene Thankfully I like my fantasy as dark as it comes, but for anyone looking for a lighter read, this is not for you At this point and all the way up to a scene about 1 4 of the way through that will make you wince at the very least , I thought this would be an easy 5 read Not only did it play with genre tropes, it fooled with narrative ones So many moments went like this rea [...]

    Mogsy (MMOGC)

    3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2017 07 09 Godblind is a book that would seem tailor made for my tastes in grimdark It s epic in scope, characters, and setting There are multiple points of view Plenty of action Lots of gut churning violence I enjoyed this novel, I won t lie But it is also a debut, and it kind of shows The writing is solid, but the plotting is predictable and scripted, as if the author placed certain elements into her story that she felt should be in there, and no [...]


    I was sent this for free from the publisher in exchange for a review This book is a new release set to come out on the 15th of June in the UK and I wanted to read it just before so I could review it for then which, yay, I managed I requested this when I heard it was a new Grimdark book written by a lady something I ve not really read before and I haven t read any Grimdark in a fair while so it seemed like a perfect collision of circumstances This is the story of a world trying to forge on after [...]


    To be honest, 2 stars is being generous I am so disappointed in this book after hearing all the hype surrounding it Although I should have known when I saw two reviewers I trusted DNF this book I enjoy multiple POVs, but only if they are distinctive characters with something to add to the story In Godblind, the average chapter lasts about 3 pages, we never get to know any of the characters and it all feels very messy and disjointed Most of the male characters are barely distinguishable from one [...]

    Stefan Bach

    Godblind is a story about Gods Those who are active in meddling with human lives and those who seem docile and reluctant to respond.Of course, as per usual, active Gods demand from their worshipers heinous acts of atrocities as proof of their devotion, while those indifferent Gods choose deafness as reflection of their love for their followers.And since evil Gods are undoubtedly clear in their intentions which is world dominance and proper way of devotion which is through pain and suffering peac [...]


    the Red Gods are rising I m gonna need, like, ten shots of whiskey because this book fucked me up it was bloody epic

    Anindita,at A Bohemian Mind at Work

    For full review bohomind godblind anna steHave you tried Biryani Remember that spicy taste burning through your tongue, the aroma of that hot pot of biryani you could not refuse but it made you cry Ganga and Yamuna Missipi Missouri or Thames, or whatever river you swear by as it burned your tongue Or think Tex Mex Godblind, the brand new grimdark fantasy novel by debutant Anna Stephens, is equally addictive It stirs your emotions, tugs at your heartstrings, throws you against the wall and pulls [...]


    This book is grim, brutal and at times difficult to read yet, much to my surprise, it s the best fantasy novel I ve read in a long time Most of the fantasy books I come across nowadays are seriously lacking in originality or are too predictable, but this book restored my faith in this genre, and proves that it is still possible to come up with a semi original story in an age when fantasy novels are being churned out by the dozen I can definitely see this book being a hit among most readers of fa [...]

    Peter McLean

    This is a hefty tome of a book, weighing in at nearly 500 pages in a large trade paperback sized ARC The final printed version will probably be usable as a hammer I ll come back to that So, it s a good long book Well, ish It s actually a good long third of a book I have to say up front that this is the first of a trilogy, and it ends as such and therefore doesn t completely stand alone on its own Which is perfectly fine of course and no different to Abercrombie s First Law trilogy, but I hope th [...]

    Marielle Ooms-Voges

    Oh my god This book is brutal, bloody and completely awesome Will write a short review later on but what I can say now if you haven t read this and you don t mind brutal you seriously want to


    Well that didn t end on a positive note at all I need the next book to find out what the fuck happened to everyone.


    I was initially drawn in by the cover art for Godblind, but quickly found myself interested for many reasons than that The synopsis was intriguing and the prospect of a brand new female author publishing some serious grimdark work had me sold Now the real question is whether or not it was as awesome as hoped Well it was pretty great.Let me go ahead and warn you that Godblind is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach I ve read piles of books featuring violence of all sorts, but a particul [...]

    Alicia Wanstall-Burke

    I really enjoyed the pacing of this book No fluffing around straight into the action and kept it up for the whole narrative Really refreshing and well done

    - ̗̀SJ ̖́-

    This was an amazing dark gritty debut novel that left me wanting for It had dark vibes in the line of Game of Thrones with a war brewing There were a few scenes that were over the top gruesome but besides that I really enjoyed this book There were some amazing characters and villains the plot line never lacked, all in all, I loved this and cannot wait for the sequel next year I WILL mention, that now that I ve really stepped back and thought about it, there were a few scenes that seemed too gru [...]

    Charlotte Crisp

    What a book Like Game of Thrones but much brutal Contains everything you could want in a fantasy novel evil Gods, epic battles and a world on the brink of destruction This is not a book you want to miss out on Don t be put off by the multi character narrative either although it does take a bit of getting used to Brilliantly written and thoroughly gripping I struggled to put it down.

    Anna Stephens

    Yes this is my book I know I m biased I m giving the audio version 5 stars because the narrator was incredible and brought the story to life in ways I hadn t thought possible I hope Maggie Ollerenshaw does my other books too.

    Leonie Byrne

    Godblind is the debut novel from Anna Stephens, published by Harper Voyager It falls into the genre of Epic Fantasy and epic is the perfect way to describe it It has been centuries since the Red Gods and there bloodshed were exiled, their people the Mireces have fled into the mountains to worship in mostly silence with the odd raid of outlying villages to capture slaves Their lives are ruthless, lived in long houses and dependant on the sacrifices demanded by The Blessed One, a priestess with a [...]


    Imagine if you will your favorite surprises or shocking moments from book or film We don t learn who Soze really is until the film s final scene Vader drops a parenting line at the end of the second outing And than one person got hooked on A Game of Thrones when the person being set up as the series protagonist gets the ax.It actually isn t easy to pull of because for a surprise to be shocking there has to be some emotional involvement Some build up is needed and the reader has to have a connec [...]


    RTC Holy moly I loved this I m so glad I finally found the time to get stuck into this beauty It was bloody epic

    Alice at Raptureinbooks

    Well well well I m mightily impressed Mrs Stephens Mightily impressed Easily up there on top as one of the best debuts I ve read this year Easily Great characters and plot work A even balance between omg how cute that chapter and holy shit how EVIL Evil being the overruling theme of this book with a great set of bad guys and an even greater set of good guys let the Dancer s Light be upon you s all I m sayin Godblind had it s own flair for the dramatic and the quick switching between points of vi [...]

    ~Dani~ LazyTurtle"s Books

    Make sure to check out Book Geeks Uncompromised for reviews and listen to our latest podcast episode where we got to chat with Anna Stephens For a thousand years the Mireces and their Red Gods have been contained behind a veil that separates them and their bloodthirsty ways from the rest of the world Now that veil is weakening and the new king of Mireces is taking that opportunity to tear it down for good and invade the land of the Gods of Light.Probably the thing that I liked the most about Go [...]

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