Feb 27, 2020
Miss Rumphius
Posted by Barbara Cooney

A beloved classic written by a beloved Caldecott winner is lovelier than ever Barbara Cooney s story of Alice Rumphius, who longed to travel the world, live in a house by the sea, and do something to make the world beautiful, has a timeless quality that resonates with each new generation The countless lupines that bloom along the coast of Maine are the legacy of theA beloved classic written by a beloved Caldecott winner is lovelier than ever Barbara Cooney s story of Alice Rumphius, who longed to travel the world, live in a house by the sea, and do something to make the world beautiful, has a timeless quality that resonates with each new generation The countless lupines that bloom along the coast of Maine are the legacy of the real Miss Rumphius, the Lupine Lady, who scattered lupine seeds everywhere she went Miss Rumphius received the American Book Award in the year of publication.To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of two time Caldecott winner Barbara Cooney s best loved book, the illustrations have been reoriginated, going back to the original art to ensure state of the art reproduction of Cooney s exquisite artwork The art for Miss Rumphius has a permanent home in the Bowdoin College Museum of Art.

  • Title: Miss Rumphius
  • Author: Barbara Cooney
  • ISBN: 9780140505399
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • Miss Rumphius A beloved classic written by a beloved Caldecott winner is lovelier than ever Barbara Cooney s story of Alice Rumphius who longed to travel the world live in a house by the sea and do something to


    I am giving this 4 stars mostly for Ms Cooney s lovely illustrations The story was pretty but not engrossing, and many children in the picture book age group may be too restless for the rather passive account I tended to like very active books as a kid, though I would definitely recommend this if you or your child happen to be fond of flowers.


    As I try to review the books that were read to me as a child, I come across a dilemma I cannot review them all Most of the books of my childhood, even when I read them now, aren t experiences I can easily put into words Feelings of nostalgia are generally difficult for me to capture and I end up saying too much or not saying anything at all.This book is an exception I have just enough to say and I don t think I ll ever tire of it The story is about the life of a woman called Miss Rumphius althou [...]


    You must do something to make the world beautiful What a beautifully empowering book with gorgeous illustrations Would love to have them framed and in my study to cheer me up daily.


    Nicely illustrated story with a wonderful message I have read this book many, many times and I ve even gotten the book along with a tshirt with one of the interior illustrations screened on it as a Christmas present It s one of my favorites.A young girl tells her grandfather that she wants to go to faraway places and when she grows up, to live beside the sea Her grandfather s reply That is all very well, little Alice, said her grandfather, but there is a third thing you must do What is that aske [...]


    My mother read me this story when I was a child and it greatly impacted and inspired me I carry this story with me and intend to read it to my kids It reminds me of Maine and my favorite flower as well and it reminds me that even the smalled action can make the world a little better


    Endearing timeless classic I love this artful treasure Shared with my children when they were young, now it s time to pass on the treasure of adventure, generosity, beauty, and Lupines to my grandchildren.Miss Rumphius is a delightful character, an auntie mentor for all the world s children young and old to encourage us all to follow our dreams, be daring and bold, travel and explore Then when our exploring is done, if one should choose, find a suitable place to set roots and grow perhaps by the [...]

    Lisa Vegan

    Thanks to friend Abigail who recommended I might continue considering giving this book a try, despite her rather lukewarm response to it and perfectly valid criticisms of it I have an additional criticism to the ones Abigail listed, but its minor, very minor, and doesn t detract from the wonderful illustrations, which for me are the heart of the book I d have been happy had this been a wordless picture book The illustrations are incredibly lovely They re all beautiful I love illustrations by and [...]


    When I read this story for the first time, Miss Rumphius reminded me of my grandmother, who was then an older lady still making time to travel the world and see Egypt and other places that to me sounded mystical and exotic She kept her own garden in the yard of her little house in Florida, and while her flowers were nothing like those in the story of Miss Rumphius they added a small touch of beauty to the place The artwork in this story is itself a work towards adding beauty to the world the sof [...]


    I want to give this 4.5 or almost 5 stars BUT It has this great life lesson, that we should do what we can to make the world a beautiful place, and through her life, Miss Rumphius does all sorts of things that make the world better, happy, beautiful for others However, I think it s a book that really needs a lot of discussion with the adult reader for little ones, because on the surface it seems to say make the world pretty and doesn t explicitly acknowledge that Miss Rumphius s exchange of goo [...]


    Wonderful Simple Classic Gorgeous illustrations Ideal for a bedtime story Pitch perfect.


    This is the story of Alice Rumphius, who when she was a girl told her grandfather that when she grows up she wants to go to faraway places, and when she grows old she will live beside the sea Her grandfather agrees, but adds You must do something to make the world beautiful Alice s life story of going to faraway places, living by the sea when she s old and beautifying the world is told to us by her great niece toward the end of Alice s life BEAUTIFULLY illustrated by the author, I know a few li [...]


    if you ever check your recommendations on , you will know that sometimes the most random books will come up miss rumphius is one of those books that came up for me and i decided to check and see if my library had it and was pleased to find out it did this is a very quick read a picture book published in 1982 with simple and beautiful illustrations it s about a woman named miss rumphius who is very old but didn t start out that way her great niece knows that for sure because miss rumphius told he [...]

    Jessica Prescott

    If my mom had a nickel for every time she read this story to me she d be a millionaire That s how much I loved it I still think it s one of the greatest books ever written, and I wouldn t be the same person I am today without it.


    Beautiful story and beautiful illustrations.


    There s so much about this book that I like setting long term goals, doing something for the earth, depicting a strong single female, and showing some of the changes that take place over a life span, from childhood to old age Of course, the spread of the lupines could mean that they became an invasive weed, but I like to think that Miss Rumphius used seeds that were native to the area In fairness, I should add that I like this book better than the kids do.


    My favorite childrens book with a lot to teach adults too This gorgeous book tells the story of one person s quest to make the world a better place and teaches that everyone can do something, no matter how small, to improve life for everyone else Plus I like to think it s set in Maine, which makes it even better Please read this book, go forth and do something to make the world a better place Even if you do not know yet what that thing might be.


    I loved this book, and it will always hold a special place in my heart However, it s hard to still give it 5 stars now that I know lupines are invasive species and considered weeds in many countries That rather interferes with my enjoyment.So, if you read it with your child, perhaps pair it with a lesson on invasive native species What NATIVE species would your child plant to beautify the world Also, of course, we can still brainstorm other ways to make the world beautiful


    Even as a parent reading this over and over to my children while we lived in Vermont, I was so effected by the notion that the seeds we sow are enjoyed by others far beyond our ability to comprehend, that I planted lupine seeds in our garden just to remember that small truth Lupines don t grow here in Utah like they do back East I miss the East coast Sniff.


    One of my all time favorite children s books Delightful to read aloud, as well.


    This is one of my favorite children s books I remember my mother reading it to me because she loved it And when I was struggling as a young adult with seeing no fruits to my labors, a friend gave me a copy of this book not knowing I already loved it to remind me of the importance of sowing seeds I should go read it to my kids again.

    Drew Graham

    Miss Rumphius is a clever old woman who led an interesting and well traveled life But how will she fulfill her lifelong goal of leaving the world a better place The story of the Lupine Lady is one that The Wife has always loved it was on her Christmas list for a few years when I finally picked it up I remember it from when I was young, but I don t remember ever actually reading it It s pretty and sweet and gentle, and for some reason a little melancholy, but that adds to the charm It s a little [...]

    Maren Prestegaard

    I loved this book and reading it with little Anna I can t believe I haven t read it before Travel to faraway places, live by the sea and make the world a beautiful place I think I was destined to live in Maine with flowers so this book just spoke to me.


    To check out all my reviews dancinginth3darkThis was a beautiful book that taught me lessons that I thought was not possible in a children s picture book I highly recommend everyone to read this simple story especially for little girls because this book teaches you that you do not need to listen to the rules that society dictates one must accomplish instead become a better human being and contribute something to mother nature.This story is about a little girl named Alice who lives a normal life [...]

    Jacqueline Brown

    Such a beautiful story

    Brittany McCarty

    Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney, Publisher Viking Penguin Inc 1982, 32 pages, Genre Picture Book, Children s Fiction, Grade 2, Guided Reading Level M, Lexile 682Miss Rumphius tells the story of Alice as she grows from a young child who lives with her Grandfather to an older woman who goes by the Lupine Lady The story begins with Alice and her grandfather discussing her three goals for her life to live by the sea, to travel the world and to find a way to make the world beautiful As Alice keeps t [...]


    This is a children s book, but it really represents a lovely philosophy Young Alice is told that there are three things she must do in her life 1 She must travel to far away places 2 She must live by the sea 3 She must make the world beautiful in some way She travels a bunch and then settles in a little house by the sea She wonders how to make the world beautiful and ends up growing lots and lots of pretty flowers.I have traveled a lot and will travel I don t know if I will end up living by t [...]


    I love this book, for myself and my kids The main character resolves to spend her life traveling the world, settling down in a house by the sea, and making the world a beautiful place Those ideas were instilled in her by her grandfather, who did the same When she gets old, she passes that down to other little kids So many kids books focus on a little kid adventuring and don t highlight the importance of inter generational relationships Those are important in life, and is a focus of this book Th [...]


    Such a wonderful book about doing something to make the world beautiful Bought this book at Carole Joy Seid conference Jan 2011 and we have read it many times Love this one 3 27 15Read again and still a favorite.b 3 11 16Ellie read for her November Pizza Hut Reading Challenge.b 11 2 16


    i will always remember the first time i read this and i thought i also want a house by the sea, and adventures, and to do something useful and good and i am almost, kinda, sorta there such a good book for children and adults and pretty much everyone


    Beautiful, simple, eternal.

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