Jan 28, 2020
Collection of Poems
Posted by Vanessa Ngam

Visions of a young girl beaten, browbeaten and coerced,first by a brutal, insensitive parent, then by a thoughtless, predatory lover.A fragile heart laid open, awaiting validation

  • Title: Collection of Poems
  • Author: Vanessa Ngam
  • ISBN: 9781608805471
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • Collection of Poems Visions of a young girl beaten browbeaten and coerced first by a brutal insensitive parent then by a thoughtless predatory lover A fragile heart laid open awaiting validation

    J.N. McGhee

    Reading these poems really touched me It kind of reminded me of my own book of poems Very heartfelt as I strapped in for the ride It was like reliving most of the experiences that I thought I ve dealt with But it is nice to know that I m not alone My favorite piece in this collection was talking about sin The comparison to a nightmare and how it is difficult to separate light from the darkness The humanity of sin Definitely, a recommended read


    Like I enjoyed reading this book there are some Lovely poems in it And there s also some i didn t like but overall it s a great book I ll definitely recommended it.


    Most of the poems seemed like those based on troubled times.

    Ashley Sarra

    I found a lot of the poems wordy than necessary, and with a few syntax issues With editing, this collection could improve greatly, but overall, I didn t mind it and it was a great quick read.

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