Feb 19, 2020
This Year It Will Be Different, and other stories
Posted by Maeve Binchy

From the New York Times bestselling author of Circle of Friends, The Glass Lake, and Evening Class comes a stunning collection of fifteen Christmas stories filled with Maeve Binchy s trademark wit, charm, and sheer storytelling genius In A Typical Irish Christmas, a grieving widower heads for a holiday in Ireland and finds an unexpected destination not just for himself, bFrom the New York Times bestselling author of Circle of Friends, The Glass Lake, and Evening Class comes a stunning collection of fifteen Christmas stories filled with Maeve Binchy s trademark wit, charm, and sheer storytelling genius In A Typical Irish Christmas, a grieving widower heads for a holiday in Ireland and finds an unexpected destination not just for himself, but for a father and daughter in crisis In Pulling Together, a teacher not yet out of her twenties sees her affair with a married man at a turning point as Christmas Eve approaches And in the title story, This Year It Will Be Different, a woman with a complacent husband and grown children enters a season that will forever alter her life, and theirs.

  • Title: This Year It Will Be Different, and other stories
  • Author: Maeve Binchy
  • ISBN: 9780440223573
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • This Year It Will Be Different and other stories From the New York Times bestselling author of Circle of Friends The Glass Lake and Evening Class comes a stunning collection of fifteen Christmas stories filled with Maeve Binchy s trademark wit ch


    I honestly just love Maeve I know I will love all of her books as I lift them off my shelf This book of short stories suited me perfectly, as I have little reading time at the moment These factors are very important to my reading experience this year I could read a whole story in the bath, before bed, or not feel too guilty if I should ve been studying as they were little They all did remind me of times gone by, real life problems like divorce, kids splitting their time between mum and dad, and [...]


    1996 Nov 1 2004 Dec 14 Big soft spot in my heart for short stories about Christmas Maybe it was all those Good Housekeeping magazines I don t know One of my favorite Christmas books As in real life, people trying to make things better, and mostly much doesn t change, but they made the effort, and that counts, doesn t it The title story slays me, and makes me stabby, too Binchy has an underlying thread of feminism that is grounded in the real lives of modern women It s not so much an idealistic s [...]

    Sandy (CA)

    This collection of fifteen short stories which all take place at Christmas is the most disappointing Christmas themed book I have ever read The few funny or heartwarming tales are sadly overshadowed by the multitude of whining, bitter, resentful, and self centred characters whose notion of Christmas has been corrupted by the commercialised me centred culture of the 20th century This is the first work by Maeve Binchy that I have read It will definitely be the last


    Maeve Binchy stories are often sniffed at by literary snobs, but they remind me of a cup of tea on a cold day one of life s small pleasures This particular book is a collection of short Christmas stories, some of them entertaining, like the story of a boy who breaks his granny s glasses and feeds his dog his grandpa s hearing aid in order to prevent them from complaining Some are a bit bleak with the normal Binchy inclusion of wandering husbands and unappreciated wives, but all end with a nice h [...]

    Morticia Adams

    This is the current choice of my local reading group Short stories all with a Christmas theme, I suspect a lot of them will be quite sentimental Not really my sort of book at all but I m giving it a bash Read two of the stories so far one flat and unengaging, one quite amusing.Update 8 August I m not going to waste any time on this book, either reading it, or writing about it So I m going to be lazy and just copy and paste what I said about it on my blog yesterday Good and bad short storiesI do [...]


    Maeve Binchy s short story anthology, This Year It Will Be Different , is fantastic from the first sentence A mystery fan who seldom reads general fiction, I was blown away by how immediately her other compilations sucked me in The Lilac Bus , 1982 and Dublin 4 , 1984 It s clear why this lovely lady is Ireland s pride and famous the world over Her passing this 2012 is too soon, my solace being I ve only begun to experience her work It remains, for all to enjoy.I m amazed to find I m even entran [...]


    What a great collection of stories I have never read any other Maeve Binchy books, but this one was recommended to me because, well, Christmas has not always been my fav The stories are all around the idea that the build up does not equal the end result and that sometimes the holidays are just yucky Some characters have experiences that are better than their usual, just not the picture perfect ideal I thought they were well written with great characters and interesting situations It wasn t depre [...]


    I only read 6 of the 15 stories in this book They were all about sad families, not really very cozy Christmasy and just not enjoyable in any way The writing itself was seriously lacking.

    Ceren Ünlü

    Romanlar n daha ok be eniyorum K sa k sa hikayeler bana di er kitaplar n aratt.


    Dit jaar zal het beter gaan , geschreven door Maeve Binchy ISBN 978 90 461 6022 Zesde druk 2006.De eerste druk is van 1996 Vertaling door Peter Janssens en het omslagontwerp door Wil Immink.Ergens tussen de 2 en de 3 Sterren.Het is een verzameling van korte Kerstverhalen die soms leuk en herkenbaar zijn, een glimlach brengen en andere verhalen waarbij het niet duidelijk is wat de bedoeling is geweest van de schrijfster Verder lijkt het erop dat Maeve Binchy het liefste schrijft over mannen die o [...]


    This is a lovely collection of short stories by Maeve Binchy If you ve never read any of her books, this would be a good way to see if you like her style of writing Even in these short little vignettes, Maeve has a way of personalizing and bringing to life each character Typical of Binchy style, most of the stories have a happy ending Although it s called A Christmas Treasury and the stories have something about Christmas in them, it s a book that can be enjoyed year round I always have said, Bi [...]

    Ros Lawson

    A series of short festive stories A bit saccharin for me but the book has been lying around for ever it can now go to the charity shop


    Read for Christmas in July during the High Summer Readathon, part of Seasons of Reading Yeah, I wasn t wild about this collection Why are almost all of the women in the stories either second wives or mistresses I did enjoy the one where her family takes advantage of her and they end up regretting it That was amusing But most of them were very blah Jane can t be with her man on Christmas because he s with his wife and children Beatrice has to overachieve because previous wife, Diane, threw amazin [...]


    Short stories aren t for me and I also feel like most of these stories were a bit sad and don t really fit a holiday setting If you are looking to be sad over the holidays, this is the book for you.

    E.M. Tippetts

    There were a few stories here I genuinely loved, but I began to lose interest the third or fourth time I read about an extramarital relationship in which the cuckolded wife forgave her husband and held onto him lovingly and patiently One story with that element, fine Situations like that do happen, but this many Sorry, gotta cry misogyny here Men cheating was a theme in about 3 4 of the stories, and one is written from the son s point of view He doesn t much care that his dad had an affair with [...]


    Binchy s stories always seem able to transport me to another place and time These Christmas stories are mostly bittersweet even the one that looks like it will be romantic The Christmas Baramundi couldn t really muster a happy ending I particularly enjoyed the quirky The Hard Core about the group of difficult patients of the old folks home who club together to save their facility The most hopeful of the collection A Typical Irish Christmas was about a widower who wants to escape from memories bu [...]


    I m such a sucker for Binchy s books I tend to like her novels than her short story collections, but this one was perfect for December There are 15 stories, all with some Christmas theme That being said, they aren t sweet cheerful stories, that s not really her style There s the tension of a blended family, a broken heart, a newly married son, an unexpected trip to New York, and so much Each one gives us a quick glimpse into the lives of someone new The way the Binchy writes is just perfect fo [...]


    Another short and sweet holiday read This one is a collection of Christmas themed short stories I ve read another book of short stories by Maeve Binchy The Return Journey and I m interested in picking up one of her novels one day I like her writing style.This collection is not your typical set of heartwarming Christmas stories, just as the description on the book s jacket flap says Some of the stories are heartwarming, some are sad, and a few are simply quirky However, I found that I liked this [...]


    I so enjoy Benchy s writings These stories were, I guess you could say, like it really is Most of the holiday hoopla is the fantasy in our minds and in reality sometimes painful for families and those that are alone Each story was interesting and they did not have predictable endings, good reads I guess I just liked it because it didn t continue the idea that everything is lovely for everyone, but then at my age there is than one reason for that At any rate, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and if we remember th [...]


    This is a wonderful collection of Maeve Binchy s Christmas stories which are delightful to read My very favourite was the one with the same name as the book, itself, perhaps because it was so close to home in my life This Year It Will Be Different we all think it but it seldom happens Her characters are all so realistic and sometimes I forget that I am actually reading fiction I expect that each story is actually out there being lived in one home or another A very enjoyable read and I am sure th [...]


    I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of short stories which are all on the theme of Christmas I sometimes find Maeve Binchy s short stories a bit abrupt, wondering why they ended so suddenly with little resolution There were one or two like that in this book but the majority were delightful, well rounded and satisfying Binchy has a gift for characterisation and for creating realistic scenarios this book was warm and inviting I read just one short story per night for a couple of weeks, and was so [...]


    I have neither the time nor the inclination to write an eloquent review Christmas prep will do that My bookclub voted to read a collection of seasonal short stories during the month of December, which is just the genre I prefer at this time of year.This collection was my introduction to Maeve Bunchy I quite liked her writing style While most of the stories were not the feel good Spirit of Christmas type that I crave at this time of year, there were a few that touched me in the right place.


    Hmmmm I didn t realise that it was a book of short stories, i saw A new book i d not read before and bought it without reading the back.I much prefer to have a good long read and i just got into a story and it was finished Its a good book to read in the bath though, 2 chapters and you know your wrinkly haha The stories were good, all different people and how they spend Christmas blimey, even what could have been me was in there


    I will admit I am a huge fan of Maeve Binchy and expected this book to be a great read before I opened it It did not disappoint Wonderful collection of short stories set during, or near, Christmas holidays Binchy doesn t pull punches, or use sugar coating just because it s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year Realistic stories with true emotional tugs, lessons to be learned or mistakes repeated, true Binchy I m thankful for the legacy she left in books.


    I read this book years ago and remembering being somewhat dissatisfied with it However, rereading it this year was a pleasure Not sure if I ve just become cynical as I age, but I loved how realistic the stories were not your typical Christmas miracles read I appreciated that And I always love a good dose of Maeve Binchy


    As always, Maeve Binchy delivers An anthology of Christmas stories depicting real people in a real, messy world Mean old people in a geriatric home who need a wake up call, married men with single girls, imperfect dysfunctional families pretendingways pretending, especially on this special day Good read.

    Katie B-K

    I read this because Swistle recommended it as one of her every year for Christmas books see here swistle 2012 12 c And as a Christmas sigh y sort of book, I enjoyed it I like Maeve Binchy, but I m not a huge short story person, and some of these were very short But generally, the stories were satisfying.


    This author knows what makes people tick especially during the holidays This collection of short stories is a character study in how people react and respond to Christmas and if and how each finds redemption in his her own situation Don t be surprised if this author throws in a few curve balls she certainly gives her readers many reasons to pause

    Minty McBunny

    I think I ve read this before but I didn t remember much of it and I was in the mood for Binchy so I checked it out again It is pretty standard fare for this author, some of the stories were better than others and a lot of them lacked the very Irish feel that I love about most of her work But it was engaging enough for a quick read.

    Angeline Anger

    For a collection of Christmas stories, they were uninspiring, somber, almost depressing andwell, boring I wouldn t recommend this one

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