Feb 19, 2020
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Meiko Inoue is a recent college grad working as an office lady in a job she hates Her boyfriend Naruo is permanently crashing at her apartment because his job as a freelance illustrator doesn t pay enough for rent And her parents in the country keep sending her boxes of veggies that just rot in her fridge Straddling the line between her years as a student and the rest oMeiko Inoue is a recent college grad working as an office lady in a job she hates Her boyfriend Naruo is permanently crashing at her apartment because his job as a freelance illustrator doesn t pay enough for rent And her parents in the country keep sending her boxes of veggies that just rot in her fridge Straddling the line between her years as a student and the rest of her life, Meiko struggles with the feeling that she s just not cut out to be a part of the real world.

  • Title: Solanin
  • Author: Inio Asano JN Productions
  • ISBN: 9781421523217
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • Solanin Meiko Inoue is a recent college grad working as an office lady in a job she hates Her boyfriend Naruo is permanently crashing at her apartment because his job as a freelance illustrator doesn t pay en


    Solanin is by far one of the best reads I have personally ever had It s a wonderfully crafted story with the most character, charm, and personality a graphic novel has had in quite some time I felt all emotions while flipping through theses pages and no other story had produced so many tears for me Although it s sort of a depressing story, the answer that Inio Asano gives us is perserverance and hope Solanin is a must read The main character Meiko, is a relatable girl She s been out of collage f [...]

    Mairéad (is roaming the Undying Lands)

    February 24th, 2016 COLLEGE LIFE AND BEGINNING ADULTHOOD5 stars.One of the books my brother got for his assignment and one I snuck away to read in one sitting Inio Asano is considered one of the best selling and revered mangakas in Japan for his works Hard to believe he rode and drew this around the age of 24 Hard to believe he did this after being unsure of his skills to succeed in the manga industry A poignant novel about where do we go after high school, college and university New experiences [...]


    I could seriously relate to this comic Meiko has just graduated college and works at a dead end job that just pays the bills and offers no satisfaction She lives in a one bedroom apartment with her boyfriend, and doesn t really know how to adult just yet She s confused at to what her purpose is and is constantly wondering is there to this Everything is very uncertain and it s all a little scary That is until Meiko quits her job and convinces her boyfriend to do the same, so he can focus full ti [...]

    David Schaafsma

    This captures for the artist, then 24, that time of her life, and for others, the time between young adulthood and adulthood, where you fear you may be selling out your dreams and every day pleasures for boring, regimented, uncreative adult life This is a novel told from the perspective of a young girl, Meiko, 24, who has been in a relationship for 6 years with Naruo She hates her office girl job, he works part time illustrating but wants to be in a band even if they aren t spectacular The band [...]


    Only two books have ever made me cry actually, bawl, while reading them The first was Kafka s The Metamorphosis The second was Solanin Not only are the pictures in this graphic novel so beautifully done, the story stays with the reader long after the last page has been turned Every recent college grad or early 20 something should read this book It follows the lives of Meiko and her boyfriend Taneda as they drift through life and contemplate the years of uncertainty following graduation The trip [...]

    Elizabeth A

    As I read this manga comic I realized something important about my reading tastes, namely, that while I love coming of age stories, I m not as enad by the new adult genre stories This book is the latter, hence the fact it doesn t get a higher rating is really because of that.A term I see bandied about by Millennials is Adutling I often hear someone say Adulting is hard If you agree, this book is for you Meiko is 24, a recent college grad, and working in a job that she hates Her boyfriend, Naruo, [...]


    No soy una lectora de Manga, pero quer a probar algo de este g nero y busqu a poder ser una historia en un solo tomo Me encontr con Solanin.El dibujo es exquisito, muy bonito Y la historia trata un tema muy interesante con un giro inesperado a mitad del libro que no me lo esperaba Tiene momentos tristes, emotivos y divertidos.Lo he disfrutado.

    Harmony Cox

    Yes, Solanin is a manga It is a comic book, from Japan There is no escaping that If that fact is insurmountable to you, then you do not get to read Solanin Your loss.That caveat out of the way, Solanin is well worth your attention It s a well written and beautifully illustrated graphic novel about a group of young adults who are struggling to negotiate their lives past college The main character is a disaffected OL think administrative assistant who took a job with a large company immediately af [...]


    De mis obras favoritas del autor Este manga es de la forma que debe ser, me explico contando la vida de un grupo de amigos desde el momento adecuado, sin que sobre ni falte nada de informaci n, con unos personajes que son como deben ser, muy caracter sticos y con personalidades nicas Le he cogido un grand simo cari o a todo este grupo de amigos, incluso al piso de Meiko y al estudio donde ensayan La nica pega que le encuentro es a la edici n y es que a ser un tomo taaaan grande me parec a que po [...]

    John Wiswell

    This demands its way onto my Favorite Sequential Art List, right up there with Persepolis, Bone, and Kingdom Come It s unlike any of those, in that it uses episodic comics to tell Slice of Life, about a struggling band that s probably better off giving up and keeping their day jobs, but that d crush their souls Meiko and Taneda have been sweethearts for longer than their parents approve, united by a support for finding themselves in music Their futures aren t going anywhere, and the drama they r [...]

    Hung Truong

    Grabbed from here.I think Solanin sets really high expectations and ultimately fails to deliver on them There are lots of characters, all with unique backstories, but the interesting ones non main characters get pushed aside for the main plotline which I found kinda dull.Temporally, the manga is really confusing Manga typically signify a flashback via black borders around the edges I couldn t tell what was a dream, what was a flashback and what was happening in real time I m still not really sur [...]

    Dedi Setiadi

    It s sooooo good A slice of life coming of age melodrama

    Carol Rodríguez

    Anoche termin de leer este manga que casi he devorado y la verdad es que pensaba en c mo rese arlo y no pod a dormir, porque me ven an muchas reflexiones e ideas Y es que es una historia adulta, de esas que da qu pensar Es agridulce y muy emotiva, los personajes son buenos y es muy dif cil que no te acabes identificando con alguno de ellos.B sicamente, trata el tema de qu hacer con tu vida cuando acabas la universidad si tratar de ejercer de lo tuyo, si pillarte trabajos temporales hasta que te [...]


    Summary A group of early 20 somethings struggle with life in general in present day Japan Should dreams be sold out for a better apartment How do you measure whether a relationship is worth it What does it mean to be an adult Meiko, her boyfriend Taneda, and the other members of the music club they belonged to in school all struggle with their own difficulties in this illumination of the growing pains we face when we try to grow up.Characters This book rides on characterization The overall chara [...]


    Let me photograph you in this lightIn case it is the last timeThat we might be exactly like we wereBefore we realizedWe were sad of getting oldIt made us restlessOh I m so mad I m getting oldIt makes me reckless Adele When we were young.Meiko y Naruo, una pareja recien salida de la universidad, se encuentran en trabajos que no les gustan, pero que les da suficiente dinero para pagar la renta y mantener sus hobbies Pero un d a Meiko regresa de un mal d a de trabajo y decide renunciar.Este libro e [...]


    Stuntingly boring tale about a group of do nothing drop outs Don t bother with it.

    Miss Akacia .

    En realidad son 3 5 estrellas.Me ha gustado bastante, pero no tanto como pensaba, y me ha conmovido, pero no tanto como pensaba No se si la culpa la tiene Buenas noches, Punpun que me impact y cal hondo, si la culpa es de que Solanin no es tan bueno como el anterior mencionado cosa que, en mi opini n, es totalmente cierta , o si es algo personal Probablemente sea un poquito de cada Merece la pena s Lo recomiendo s Pero, tambi n aconsejo que, si alguien tiene pensado leer m s cosas de este autor, [...]


    readathon17 book 48 a book with only one word in the titleThis manga s main character is Meiko, a young graduate working in a boring job and living with her boyfriend who is a band member She decides to quit her job to find out what she wants to do, her boyfriend and his friends decide to pursue music seriously People after college that try to figure out life.The art is amazing The story is very realistic, although we are talking about japanese people a culture very far away from mine , I could [...]


    Meiko and her boyfriend Taneda last name have been together for 6 years, and in that time, Meiko has been the responsible one she s got the large apartment, and the full time job that pays well Taneda works part time as a graphic designer, but dreams of getting his band back together and making it big When Meiko decides that she s had enough of her job she wants to find out what it is that she really wants to do, Taneda encourages her to explore her options Meiko tenders her resignation and then [...]


    Wow 400 pages have never flown by this quickly and that s not just because it s a graphic novel I borrowed this book from a friend one afternoon, began reading at 10, took a brief six hour nap give or take , and finished reading at 8 the next morning I simply could not put this book down.What floored me was the understated action that revealed characterization Meiko struggles to find sense in her day to day life during a time after college but before she knows what to do She works perfunctorily [...]

    Ardilla Azul

    Le esto hace un par de semanas, no hoy Una de esas noches de insomnio y tristeza del PMS muy malos d as para leer a Asano, por cierto Ya conoc a Solanin la canci n porque otaku y Asian Kung Fu Generation No sab a que ten a qu ver con el manga y cuando lo entend fue como un Cieloscieloscielos La puse luego de leer el manga y s me hice ovillo para chillar tantito.Me identifiqu mucho con el personaje de Naruo Taneda Con ese momento de rompimiento en la vida en que te vuelves adulto y cambias tu esc [...]


    I have been looking to get into inio asano s works for awhile now and I finally started with Solanin I had really high hopes for Solanin, hearing praises for it all the time and it being his most popular work in the west However I was disappointed to be honest I really wanted to like it and I didndve.Solanin is about a girl named Meiko who has recently graduated from college and now with her boyfriend Taneda has moved to Tokyo where she has gotten a boring office job Meiko is not happy with her [...]


    I thoroughly enjoyed this manga Though it presents itself as an increasingly played out story new college graduates lost and disillusioned by the realities of adulthood, it sets itself apart with spectacularly rendered characters I was moved to laughter and tears by how real the characterizations felt on the page, how it felt like I understood something deep about their persons without them needing to tell me outright Their non verbal expressions relayed an impressive depth and personality, and [...]


    This was definitely an amazing read, the art was beautiful, and the story line, wow It really is a slice of life, realistic, and sad, and beautiful, and hilarious, I loved it from the beginning to the very ending.This manga felt actually like a novel it was so good, and it really sucked me in With my dyslexia, it s much harder to read novels, so I tend to lean toward manga when I can, and this definitely made me extremely happy because it was so good It s so hard nowadays to find a manga that sw [...]


    So fantastic Brilliantly delves into the minds and lives of 20 somethings.


    He esperado a leer todo lo que ha sacado Inio Asano hasta el momento para leer por ltimo su obra m s conocida siempre se ha hablado de Solanin como su mejor manga Lo es.


    4.5 surprisingly touching than I expected I related to this story quite a bit and the art was beautiful.


    Ai 3

    Iván a secas

    Que decir de Solanin que es un libro que NECESITABA leer, f cilmente puede ser uno de los mejores libros que he leido en mi vida.Inio Asano es famoso por sus super dramas deprimentes pero Solanin por suerte no tiene mucho de eso, tiene sus momentos duros, pero el tono del manga es un poco mas esperanzador, en plan de reponerse a las adversidades, a los golpes duros muy duros de la vida, saber llevar la perdida de un ser querido, todo eso en mitad de una crisis existencial de mitad de los 20 que [...]


    Asano is a master How he evokes such deep feeling and longing from mundane characters and situations is a mystery He doesn t need the awful climax of Solanin to communicate that, like so many other writers do, so the events at the end of Solanin are even heart wrenching And yet the characters carry on, as we all must, learning about themselves through drudgery as much as through tragedy Brilliant.

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