Feb 19, 2020
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Vol. 1
Posted by Nagaru Tanigawa Noizi Ito Gaku Tsugano

Kyon is your ordinary high school freshman who has long given up on his childhood dreams of encountering the fantastic and supernaturalor so he thought From the very first day of school, his classmate the beautiful but eccentric Haruhi Suzumiya makes it very clear that her only desire is to meet aliens, time travelers, and psychics A chance conversation between the twKyon is your ordinary high school freshman who has long given up on his childhood dreams of encountering the fantastic and supernaturalor so he thought From the very first day of school, his classmate the beautiful but eccentric Haruhi Suzumiya makes it very clear that her only desire is to meet aliens, time travelers, and psychics A chance conversation between the two inspires Haruhi to form the SOS Brigade, a school club created for the sole purpose of gathering together such supernatural beings The initial members consist of the mute bookworm Yuki Nagato, the timid but voluptuous Miharu Asahina, and the polite and ever smiling Itsuki Koizumi By the end of this first volume, Kyon quickly finds out that these seemingly helpless victims of Haruhi s are actually members of secret organizations both futuristic and alien with the single aim of keeping watch over Haruhi Suzumiya as she is the pinnacle of some major calamity on the horizon

  • Title: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Vol. 1
  • Author: Nagaru Tanigawa Noizi Ito Gaku Tsugano
  • ISBN: 9780759529441
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol Kyon is your ordinary high school freshman who has long given up on his childhood dreams of encountering the fantastic and supernaturalor so he thought From the very first day of school his classmate


    I see that this is very popular, but wow is it not for me I was trying to think of something that I liked about it, but Nothing I don t like any of the characters, who really have no characterization to speak of anyways I didn t like the frantic pace of the storylines, which rush by so fast that there s no real point to any of them Almost like the manga was concerned with getting over with than with telling a story The art does nothing for me And if I was still sitting on the fence, I couldn t [...]


    This is my first time with this series since I haven t watched the anime and I really enjoyed it It was a bit of a slow start, but I got into it the further I read I also really like Haruhi since her eccentricity reminds me of me I will definitely be reading the next one


    I have greatly enjoyed the two volumes that I have read so far of the light novel Haruhi Suzumiya series, by Nagaru Tanigawa They are fun and quirky I decided to try out this manga adaptation, and I m kind of unsure what to think I guess the best way to classify them is as an alternate universe of the story.This is because the first volume of the manga so far is different It seems to tell the first half of the first light novel, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya In an effort to make the story wo [...]

    Megan M

    I m surprised by now much I enjoyed this I prefer to read reviews before I sit in a long waiting list at the library for a manga, something I ll read in maybe 30 minutes The reviews on GR are seriously lackluster, with just about everyone saying that I should just watch the anime But coming from not knowing anything except the dance about Haruhi Suzumiya, I had a great time with this volume Haruhi is a high school student obsessed with aliens, time travelers and espers and Kyon somehow gets drag [...]


    Hello you idiotic fools I m Haruhi Suzumiya, not like I would be tellingbecause you clearly don t need to know you unworthy fool I m a really spiteful and annoying girl who is neurotic and perverted and uses way too many ands in a sentence I also forced these 3 losers Description below to join my club Kyon I m a sarcastic sort of a loser who follows Haruhi around like a slave and joins her stupid clubs just because she s looks around, then whispers special Mikuru I m a shy doormat who is obedien [...]


    Ch 1 5 This was seriously one of the worst mangas I ve ever read I ve seen the show, and I ve read the book that was based in this volume, but seriously, they messed up pretty much everything Kyon doesn t seem like Kyon He s not sarcastic and dry lke he normally is He actually seems to agree with Suzumiya on some things I hate how they changed everything up too I would not recommend this, but I m going to read the rest of the volumes just because I made a promise to myself that I would read all [...]

    Dara Salley

    I read this book somewhat under duress A friend recommended it to me It s certainly not the sort of book I would have ever picked up on my own I tried to come to it with an open mind but the farther I got into it the I hated it It was painful to finish the last twenty pages If I ever met the main character in person, I would punch him in the face The book is sexist and filled with garbled paranormal philosophy The back cover of the book stated that the novel has sold over 4.5 million copies Thi [...]


    I ve read some of it, but I wanna wait until it comes out into the store to really get into it.I found out that this book was released earlier than it s original date 10 28 08, so I have already read this book.It is very good in my opinion The story is progressing The manga is different than the anime in various ways, but they both have their ups and downs I just miss Kyon s sarcasm towards everything that made it all better


    The concept is cool but Suzumiya is kind of annoying I hate how she treats other people.


    Actually rating 1.5 star for volume 1Plot and thoughtsKyon is an average freshman at high school who has the misfortune or fortune of sitting in front of a very eccentric girl, Haruhi Suzumiya Her one great desire To meet aliens, time travelers, and psychics A chance conservation between Kyon and Haruhi leads her to found the SOS Brigade, a school club dedicated to finding such people Haruhi drags Kyon into her club along with Yuki who really just came with the room , kidnaps Miharu Asahina to b [...]


    I picked this up because I wanted to see how scenes were translated from book to anime and I was not disappointed This book is in first person and is from the point of view of Kyon, an average high school student, who ends up getting involved with Haruhi Suzumiya, a girl wanting to life than just boring school The writing was pretty descriptive and could get a bit wordy at times but it was entertaining to read from someone point of view, who stopped himself from expecting things to happen that [...]

    Ashley Salisbury

    If you re into science fiction,this is the manga for you Full of Espers people with ESP , time travelers, and aliens, and lots and lots of twisted adventure Twisted as in strange but neat at the same time This is probably the strangest manga book I ve ever read At the same time it s highly intellectual Very science based It makes you feel smart just reading it.

    Jose Manuel Real

    El primer tomo se centra en exclusiva en el instituto y no deja de echarnos a la cara el contraste Kyon Haruhi, pero el c mo va desarrollando la premisa y metiendo a los secundarios en el ajo es magistral Haruhi tiene una personalidad un poco cargante, pero el hecho de que sea el centro cuasi literal del universo es un argumento muy interesante y que quiero ver hacia donde va.

    Christiana Gassaway

    Wonderful story I love the eccentricity of Suzumiya and the other members They really make this story come alive There s a bit of unnecessary content and profanity, but it s fairly light I definitely recommend it to teens Kids probably would have a difficult time understanding it.

    Joe Ream

    Shallow at best, the cast ranged from uninteresting to unlikable I m told that the light novels are better, but no quality was reflected in this adaptation.


    Weird, just weird, and a bit uncomfortable in places Not my cup of tea.

    Elisabeth (Enthralled by the Written Word)

    I already watched the anime The series just cracks me up.

    Theresa ♫

    Let me make this fact super loud, bolded, and clear I LOVE HARUHI SUZUMIYA I ve been watching and rewatching the anime LOADS OF TIMES, and I don t really go a day without talking about it, and IT S JUST SO FREAKING AWESOME The most ORIGINAL PIECE OF IDEA THAT I HAVE EVER READ I would use gibberish words to describe how much I seriously am obsessed with this story because ENGLISH WORDS WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO DESCRIBE AS MUCH This story is just so interesting and original and abnormal.And yeah, I kn [...]

    Hannah Perry

    I borrowed volumes 1 3 from a classmate in my Japanese class I am so glad I did.I was hooked from the start The premise grabbed me when my classmate first explained it to me, and I was not disappointed My only regret is that I now have to wait until I can buy the rest of this series to finish reading it.On the plus side, there is a movie and an anime series based on these Unfortunately, those will also have to wait until I get the rest of these volumes.I m looking forward to it.


    Being neither particularly good nor bad probably the only thing I can say about this manga is that it is merely acceptable or mediocre The art is decent through not particularly detailed it has its own charm reminiscent of the Japanese superflat style of art The biggest problem with this manga is the pacing which is simply way too fast It relies on the reader s previous knowledge of the novels or the anime and without it many of the characters may come off as shallow The problem with the manga p [...]


    Warning Spoilers Ahead When it comes to this manga, patience is the key to enjoyment, as some of the better parts occur later.This manga follows Kyon, who is the only Average high school student that is followed throughout He meets Haruhi Suzumiya, who is a quite eccentric high school student who drags Kyon around in her search for aliens, time travelers, and other mythical beings like that For Haruhi, these ambitions are a driving factor that hold her in her childish state as she causes various [...]


    The anime is better.


    Think of this as a crazy meeting of Ghost Hunt, Negima and maybe a little bit of xxxholic thrown in for good measure Time, space, and all reason and order in the universe are all somehow inextricably connected to the temper and behavior of the anti heroine Haruhi, though she seems to have little or no real perception of the extent of her powers Instead, she merely careens through life trying to mine the world around her for amusement and variety She s specifically interested in matters of the su [...]


    After reading the original light novel, I was curious to check out the manga adaptation Sadly, this isn t all that great Not only does the artwork look sloppy stupidly simple, but the author here decided to even change things around For example Instead of the scene where Haruhi quickly thought up a plan to accuse the computer club president of harrassing Mikuru in order to get a computer, it drags out to something completely differant they turn the room into a caf , with Mikuru acting as a clums [...]


    HAVE TO READ THIS MANGA LOVERS Nagaru Tanigawa, you are the best story righter for Suzumiya, her Charactor is the gratest of all times, she has such alien energy for her Charactor And her friends cute little Mikuru Asahina, Mr Grumpy Kyon, amazing calm Yuki Nagato, and silly Itsuki Koizumi There all aliens exept for norman boy Mr Confuzed Grumpy Kyon.Lets not forget about the Gratest Artest by GAKU TSUGANO And the Gratest Characters by NOIZI ITO To me with out these threes GRATE MINDS this book [...]


    I absolutely hate wasting money But that s what I did I am furious I almost never buy books Most I get from the library or my friends Yet, I let myself buy this novel, and look what happened.I absolutely hate wasting time But that s what I did I thought it would be interesting to read something different, a Japanese book Yet, on my Thanksgiving holiday, instead of talking to my relatives and laughing at a turkey cartoon, I thought, Why not do something productive It ll be fun to read Little did [...]


    The Haruhi Suzumiya manga series I m reviewing the manga series in general, not just this volume is great and fairly faithful to the novels It does switch around some of the events, but it is done so in a way that does not greatly hinder the plot The character development is very nice, too The plot, as to be expected from the Haruhi Suzumiya series, is amazing and very deep All of the characters are great and interesting, even Haruhi Suzumiya herself The manga does contain some occasional filler [...]

    Laney J.

    The book s name was The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya The author is Nagaru Tanigawa The genre was sci fi It was 208 pages long I finished this book a couple days ago Kyon is a high school student who meets a girl name Haruhi Suzumiya But she is no ordinary girl She s a humanoid alien She decides to create the interest group, called SOS brigade SOS stands for Save the world by Overloading it with fun haruhi Suzumiya brigade She has created this to track down any aliens, espers, or time travelers [...]

    Penny Ziegler

    Manga NovelVOYA Book Review Codes Quality 3Q Popularity 4P Grade Level Interest J, SDevelopmental Assets 37, 38, 39, 40This was my first experience reading a Manga novel I found it interesting to begin the book from the back In addition, you read the right page first and started reading each page in the upper right corner moving to the left continuing down the page in that same manner.The book was divided into five sections Basically, the story line surrounded Haruchi Suzumiya who was a high sch [...]

    Dani - Perspective of a Writer

    This was a very cute first volume opener It took a while for Kyon to stand out he looked a lot like his overbearing friend, but by the end of the volume I thought he was great I really loved when his thoughts interrupted the action to give us his perspective It was essential to us having respect for Kyon considering Haruhi bosses him around so much I loved chapter 2 and how Yuki was proved to be what she claimed Hated chapter 3 which was geared toward the target audience guys But I loved outrage [...]

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