Feb 17, 2020
When a Wolf Is Hungry
Posted by Christine Naumann-Villemin Kris Di Giacomo

ALA Youth Media Awards 2018 Batchelder Honor Award WinnerA darkly humorous tale with a twist ending Edmond Bigsnout, lone wolf that he is, loves his solitary cabin in the woods But lately he s been craving urban rabbit for dinner, so he travels into the city to catch one Unfortunately, the rabbit has a lot of neighbors who mistake Edmond for a kind and helpful resident ALA Youth Media Awards 2018 Batchelder Honor Award WinnerA darkly humorous tale with a twist ending Edmond Bigsnout, lone wolf that he is, loves his solitary cabin in the woods But lately he s been craving urban rabbit for dinner, so he travels into the city to catch one Unfortunately, the rabbit has a lot of neighbors who mistake Edmond for a kind and helpful resident Perhaps Edmond can become a good neighbor, despite his bad intentions Readers of all ages will devour this story about a wolf who decides that if you can t eat them, join them.

  • Title: When a Wolf Is Hungry
  • Author: Christine Naumann-Villemin Kris Di Giacomo
  • ISBN: 9780802854827
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a Wolf Is Hungry ALA Youth Media Awards Batchelder Honor Award WinnerA darkly humorous tale with a twist ending Edmond Bigsnout lone wolf that he is loves his solitary cabin in the woods But lately he s been cr

    Lucy Banks

    Very cute We particularly loved the illustrations Although it was perhaps a little too young for my six year old, he found the Wolf very amusing, and the whole premise was a nice take on the classic fairytale The ending made us chuckle too


    Edmond Bigsnout, lone wolf, has decided he wants to eat a city bunny, so there he goes But it is not easy to reach the bunny with so many nice and polite neighbors who stop him to give him a warm welcome, and to borrow the tools he needs for the hunt and meal preparation Hungry and tired Edmond finally considers a different option, giving this story the best ending possible.The first thing I liked about this book were the pictures, simple but with so much body language The second thing I liked w [...]

    Carla Johnson-Hicks

    This is a fun story that shows the Big Bad Wolf as a lonely, rather nice guy Edmond Bigsnout lives alone in the woods When he gets hungry, he heads off to the city to find a fancy rabbit dinner When he arrives at an apartment house, he sees that a small rabbit lives inside The problem is that everytime he heads up in the elevator, he meets a resident who asks to borrow whatever implement he has with him like a pot, a chainsaw, a BBQ and When he finally arrives at the rabbit s door, he finds a s [...]

    Heidi Burkhart

    This picture book is a clever twist on a bad wolf story I think that it would be over a preschooler s head The illustratios are clever.

    Wayne McCoy

    When a Wolf is Hungry by Christine Naumann Villemin with illustrations by Kris Di Giacomo is about a hungry wolf and how his plans keep getting foiled.Edmond Bigsnout is a wolf living alone in the woods He is also hungry for rabbit, but a specific kind of rabbit that lives in the city When he finds his quarry living in an apartment, he thinks he s in luck Instead, he forgets his knife in the elevator What follows next are a series of trips home to get another in a series of implements, all of wh [...]

    Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance

    Do you know that I love pretty good picture books Do you know that I love, love good ones Can you guess how I feel about the really excellent ones This book is really excellent I want to take it to my primary school library and read it the first day of school It s everything I look for in a picture book strong characters, humor, drama, and bite That s bite of all sorts Hint Hint Delightful Can t wait to share.


    This is one of those books that really makes you think What DOES it take to change someone s heart

    Tracy Poff

    This review is also published, with images, on my blog.I ve received a lovely children s book, today When a Wolf is Hungry, written by Christine Naumann Villemin and illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo It opens One Sunday morning, Edmond Bigsnout, lone wolf, left his home in the woods with a great big knife in his paw.Edmond had a hankering for some rabbit.Not just any ordinary cottontail, though What he craved was a grain fed, silky haired rabbit, one with just a hint of sweetness A city bunny.Edmon [...]


    I found this a little macabre for a children s book, listing all the ways to catch and kill a rabbit Admittedly there is a nice twist at the end, where the wolf decides he is now vegetarian, but I feel this will be completely lost on young children, who perhaps won t understand the significance of this It s not a bad story per se, but I didn t find it do be all that child friendly As for the layout and imagery, I found the squared font a little tricky to read, and there was a great deal of text [...]


    When a Wolf is HungryBy Christine Neumann VilleminIllustrated By Kris Di GiacomoI received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.Kids will love this clever twist on the traditional big, bad wolf story If your young person is attracted to quirky, off kilter stories like, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs , then this book is for them.Plot Edmond Bigsnout is a lone wolf living in the woods who gets a hankering for city rabbit grain fed, silky haired, slightly sweet This sounded [...]


    This book tells the story of Edmond Bigsnout, a lone wolf who had a hankering for some rabbit He didn t want any rabbit though he craved a city bunny Off he goes on his bicycle to the city, stopping at an apartment building where he sees that a bunny lives on the 5th floor But every time he takes the elevator to the 5th floor, he encounters some new animal resident who asks to borrow the particular weapon he has brought to do in the bunny He can t refuse, or he will give away what he is doing Af [...]

    Stephanie Tiner

    One bright, clear Sunday morning, Edmund Bigsnout, love wolf, found himself very, very hungry Hungry for a city bunny So, Edmond Bigsnout grabbed a knife from his kitchen, hopped on his bike, and headed for the city in search of the perfect city bunny.Edmond Bigsnout is the classic, and classy, hungry wolf on the prowl for a big, juicy bunny to have for lunch As with most stories featuring a wolf on the hunt, Edmond must face many obstacles to obtain his goal.In the city, Edmond finds the perfec [...]


    It s Sunday morning and Edmond Bigsnout, a lone wolf living in a remote cabin in the woods, has an urgent craving for an urban rabbit His tummy is calling for a grain fed, silky rabbit mmm mmmmmm mighty tasty indeed He grabs a long knife that should do the job nicely he thinks , and he hops on his bike to fulfill his desire He pedals into the local town and parks at an apartment building As luck has it there is a rabbit resident there named Max Omatose, miniature rabbit Oh it s going to be a gre [...]

    Sissy Lu Book Savvy Reviews

    After reading Der Struwwelpeter, a German copy that my friend had loaned me, it makes any of those books that may seem a little harsh for children look like Sesame Street In this book the Big Bad Wolf has a hankering for a city rabbit, so he begins his wily coyote plan to get just that Yes, he wants to eat the rabbit and not sit down to drink tea with him, because the last time I checked wolves did eat meat While this may come shocking to you or children it s prime time to explain what wolves ea [...]

    Mrs.Melaugh Melaugh

    Edmond Bigsnout, a lone wolf so debonair that he wears a bow tied tuxedo, heads to the city with a knife to partake of a rabbit meal Finding that a rabbit is listed as a resident in a tall apartment building, Edmond uses the elevator He accidentally leaves his knife behind, and a chicken takes it So, Edmond pedals home to get a chainsaw because, Sliced rabbit is delicious, too Before he can get to the rabbit s apartment, a bear, another resident of the building, asks to borrow the chainsaw Edmon [...]

    Jason Stanley

    When a Wolf is Hungry is surprising good book At first I wasn t sure about it because of the wolf s desire to kill and eat Max the miniature rabbit I ll be honest, reading to my toddler, I changed some of the language The book seems to be a good fit for children ages five to eight.The illustrations from Kris Di Giacomo only enhances Naumann Villemin s story, balancing neighborliness and peril From his sharp fangs to his dapper tuxedo, Di Giacomo s drawings are engaging and compelling I m certain [...]


    Edmond Bigsnout is a hungry wolf, but he s also very picky about his choice for dinner He wants rabbit, but a special one So he rides his bike into the city, finds the exact rabbit he wants Max Omatose , and, knife in hand he starts up the elevator to Max s apartment But before he can, well, get his dinner, he realizes he left the knife in the elevator By the time he gets back, his knife is gone the Turkey borrowed it to cut her cake so he returns to the woods for something else Everytime he com [...]

    Karen Kline

    What is a hungry wolf to do when he has plans to take down a rabbit, but new acquaintances keep taking his tools of rabbit eating accoutrement One lie after the other seems to ensnare our anti hero as he ventures from the woods to a high rise apartment building in the city to find the name of a rabbit on the buzzer list As Edmond Bigsnout oh, yes, the names in this book are to die for makes his way to the elevator and up to find his prey, he is at a loss of how to say no to all the big city folk [...]


    Edmond Bigsnout is a hungry wolf on a mission a mission to catch and eat a city rabbit But when he travels out of the woods and to the city, he discovers that it s not that easy The rabbit lives in an apartment building with lots of neighbors and Edmond is mistaken for a new neighbor Edmond makes plan after plan to capture the rabbit, but somehow ends up helping all of the neighbors instead Edmond soon realizes that he may just have to join them instead, particularly when he meets a lady wolf wh [...]


    This is a cute book for children Despite the wolf wanting to eat a rabbit, you laugh at the frustration the wolf goes through to do so and cheer for him when he realizes the rabbit shows friendship and acceptance to the point the wolf turns vegetarian and moves to live in the building with his new friends You may have to explain to a child what a vegetarian is and the meaning word famished on the very last page and why it is crossed out On the second reading a child stated pointing out how the w [...]

    Kate Puleo Unger

    This book is rather strange dark humor I guess Edmund the wolf is determined to find a city rabbit to eat He starts out with a knife, but he forgets it in the elevator Then he goes home for a chainsaw and someone borrows that from him With each new weapon, someone in the apartment building interrupts his plans They all think he s a new neighbor, and they plan a rather nice surprise for him.Maybe kids would find this book funny I don t know I found it rather morbid, which usually doesn t bother m [...]

    Karen Whittard

    Thank you for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review I voluntarily reviewed an Advance reader copy of this book You can find my review on both and On karenwhittard on under k.e.whittard from publication date And on Instagram bookfairyukThis isn t a bad story It s not bad It certainly tells you many ways of how to kill a rabbit at least I personally didn t thought that the book could have been done differently Without the need of naming all the impliments of how to kill a rabbit a [...]

    Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*

    Naumann Villemin, Christine When a Wolf is Hungry PICTURE BOOK Illustrated by Kris DiGiacomo Eerdmans, 2017 16.Wolf is very hungry for rabbit with a bit of sophistication But every time he tries to approach, someone has need of his latest tool But at the end of it all, Rabbit is the one who has a surprise for Wolf.Once I saw the book was originally from France, I understood the illustration style The story is very cute, but the illustrations are too roughly textured for me to feel like they fit [...]

    Paul Franco

    A wolf has a hankering for rabbit and heads into town to find a perfect victim He s dressed in a tux, then rides a bike that would be weird even for a human.On his way to the rabbit s apartment, he forgets his knife in the elevator, where it s scooped up by a literal turkey Every time he goes back home for another weapon, each bike ride increasing his hunger, a friendly neighbor in rabbit s building co ops the instrument of death.The final twist was unexpected, both food and social wise But I wa [...]


    EEEK I LOVED this First, the story was adorably funny Edmund didn t want any of the neighbors to catch on so he willingly lent them his items like a rope, pot, and chainsaw I found myself actually laughing out loud when I read this.The illustrations are awesome as well The texture detail is great I loved the high heeled shoes on the turkey and the tuxedo that Edmund wore The drawings are sure to keep the interest of readers of all ages and both adults and children will find the story itself amus [...]

    Penny Olson

    I received an electronic copy of this book from Netgalley, in return for an honest review This book tells the story of Edmond Bigsnout, who lives alone in the woods, and visits the city to have a rabbit dinner Each time he visits the rabbit s apartment building the residents mistake him for a new neighbor and borrow his stuff Thwarted by the apartment dwellers, he gives up, moves in with the nice lady wolf and becomes a vegetarian The humor in the book seems suitable for an early elementary sch [...]


    I don t know what to say about this book The story is about the five different ways a Hungry wolf is going to kill and eat a city rabbit He finally finds the rabbit on the roof of the apartment building Then on the very next page is the wolf s business card stating he s now a vegetarian.I felt there should have been a page or two explaining the transformation Maybe you need to be a kid to like this book.I m giving the book to a friend to read to his 4 year old and I told him to tell me what they [...]

    Hafsa Z.U

    Disclaimer Received a free digital copy of the book through Netgalley.A short, quirky, light hearted read, packed with friendship and a famished lone wolf who doesn t remains so lonely by the end Although I liked the plot overall, the ending was a bit abrupt and could ve been better executed but the beautiful illustrations tinted with shades of grey, bold black and chalk white made up for it Overall, something the kids would enjoy and which is worthwhile of 10 minutes of your time.


    This book was described as darkly humorous At its best, it was a bad guy misunderstood scenario I just couldn t warm up to this storyline with prolonged plots to kill and eat the rabbit My children would love the flatulent skunk, but I wouldn t enjoy reading the story to them The illustrations were lovely, the wolf is clever, but I am lukewarm.This book was received as a digital ARC through NetGalley in return for a fair and honest review.


    This was so much fun The Wolf is hungry, so he and his knife go into the city to find a fancy rabbit and eat him But he drops his knife in the elevator He comes back with a chainsaw, and various other tools, and finally gives up, and has a much better supper than ever planned But you should be careful What type of wolf has a knife, a chainsaw, a grill, and mustard Only one up to no good.

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