Feb 16, 2020
Teacher's Bet
Posted by Ruby Steele

I bet my virginity in a card game Now I owe the hottest guy in Vegas the chance to cash in my V card I m twenty one and a total nerd oh, and a virgin Lame, right I understand Chaos Theory and Quantum Physics But men No way They re like a totally different species When I go to Vegas with my best friend, I m determined to rid myself of this pesky virginity, once andI bet my virginity in a card game Now I owe the hottest guy in Vegas the chance to cash in my V card I m twenty one and a total nerd oh, and a virgin Lame, right I understand Chaos Theory and Quantum Physics But men No way They re like a totally different species When I go to Vegas with my best friend, I m determined to rid myself of this pesky virginity, once and for all Yet when I find myself in hot water and without anything else to gamble in a high stakes card game, I bet my trump card my virginity I just never expected that the hottest guy in Vegas would call my bluff Now I have the biggest IOU of my life on the line I owe Aiden my virginity And after he gives me a taste of what it ll be like with him while in Vegas, I can t stop thinking about surrendering myself to him Except, there s one little snag When we return home, I discover that the man who won my virginity is none other than Dr Aiden Hawthorne my new mathematics professor Yeah, I m screwed In ways than one Now he s the one man I want, and the one man I can never have Talk about a girl s luck running out They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas except for a panty melting love story like this one Teacher s Bet features an HEA, no cheating and no cliffhanger

  • Title: Teacher's Bet
  • Author: Ruby Steele
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Teacher s Bet Boy Meets Wiki Fandom Teacher s Bet A Billionaire and Virgin Romantic Comedy Sep , What I enjoyed most about Teachers Bet is watching how both Olivia and Aiden have so much in common especially when it comes to math and numbers They both just click in ever way and its not hard for them to fall for the other but their night in Vegas is just that one night until class starts in ten days and their lives are forever changed. Teacher s Bet by Ruby Steele Teacher s Bet was a sizzling hot romantic comedy about Olivia, a bookish girl who goes to Vegas with her friend Becca After a high stakes game takes things to the next level, Olivia is shocked to find that her opponent has called her bluff. Boy Meets World Teacher s Bet TV Episode Nov , Feeny makes a bet with Cory to teach his class for a week, if students pass Cory wins, and if students fail, Feeny wins. Boy Meets World Teachers Bet YouTube May , Tommy and Eric Reunite Girl Meets World Girl Meets Mr Squirrels Goes To Washington Duration Panda Case ,, views Bets You ll Always Win Back To School Pranks Teacher Aug , Learn how to perform these amazing back to school challenges against your teachers Just remember these are pranks and should be done as jokes Try these with your friends and family or your Clifton, New Jersey Public Schools Welcome Includes information on each of the public schools in Clifton, New Jersey Calendars, sports, events, menus, administration, phone numbers, scholarships, Adult evening school, registration information and Teachers Credit Union Indiana Credit Union Michigan Teachers Credit Union is not responsible for accuracy, security, content, or services offered by other websites we encourage you to view privacy security disclosures of all websites you visit as they may be different than those of Teachers Credit Union.

    Teacher s Bet I bet my virginity in a card game Now I owe the hottest guy in Vegas the chance to cash in my V card I m twenty one and a total nerd oh and a virgin Lame right I understand Chaos Theory and Quantum

    ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰

    3.5 Bet Big, Win Big StarsOlivia Liv is a maths nerd virgin who decides to go to Vegas with her bestie, determined to lose her V card for good Liv is a strong willed and fun character who I really liked.Aiden comes from a very rich family but loves numbers and teaching so he teaches at Stanford just for fun When a beautiful leggy blonde sits down at his high roller black jack table in Vegas he knows he s a goner So after playing beside each other all night flirting and drinking he ups the stakes [...]


    3.25 StarsOlivia Morrow, 21, is a mathematic student looking to rid her V card in Vegas Aiden Hawthorne, 30, is the hot guy she meets at the high rollers table What gets started in Vegas doesn t stay in Vegas though when Olivia and Aiden return home and discover that he is her professor for the next semester I found both Aiden and Olivia cute in the Vegas part Their interactions at the gaming table were well written banter and flirting I liked the way they related to each other and wanted to get [...]

    Jodie "Bookish"Cook

    Book ReviewTitle Teacher s Bet Author Ruby SteeleGenre Erotic Fiction RomanceRating Review The opening to Teacher s Bet was brilliant, we meet Olivia and her best friend Becca on a vacation in Las Vegas, in addition to cutting lose and having some fun Olivia is trying to find a guy to take her virginity so she can stop worrying about it She choose Vegas because she feels that if it goes horrible wrong and is awkward she won t ever have to see the guy again When they arrive at the casino on a mis [...]

    Jaime Fertal

    Olivia is a very smart young Women who has a free ride to Stanford on a Full Scholarship, but she must maintain her perfect grades to continue and she has no plans of letting anything get in her way, then Olivia and her friend take a trip to Vegas with one thing in mind, for Olivia to finally loose her v card at the age of twenty one Aiden a Man sitting in the High Rollers lounge one night see s a woman come and start putting these huge bets and finds out she is a beginner but he knows he cant l [...]


    This is the sweet yet sassy tale of what happens when What happens in Vegas doesn t stay in Vegas It s full of wit and charm and a whole lot of steam Olivia just wanted to be the sexy girl in Vegasleaving her bookish personality at home As she places her bets, she meets Aidenwho s the epitome of tall, dark and sexy as sin Soon bets are placed in the bedroomd Olivia is in for a night she ll never forgetwhat she doesn t expect is to walk into class and find her new professor is none other than sex [...]


    This book had me at the very first line I am a reader that loves lust love at first sight and I definitely believe this story has that The main female character might be insecure about her appearance and experience in certain areas but it does not take away from how strong she seems to be I love how smart she is unlike some female characters I like how the author switches back and forth from both characters so that the reader can know what each of them are thinking and feeling Love the moment wh [...]


    I was surprised that I liked this as much as I did The bet wasn t as shady or dark as I imagined it would be and Olivia wasn t a bimbo like I thought she d turn out Overall, it ended up being very sweet and I really enjoyed this quick read.Olivia was smart and witty She wasn t putting herself in a vulnerable situation where only a dark and brooding alpha male with a panty melting, chains and whips aura could save her Well, half of that description is accurate I actually respect Olivia despite he [...]


    This is quite a short and fast paced read but the slightly taboo aspect of student lecturer is one that has heat, humour and sass all rolled into one It is slightly different from most student teacher romances and actually it works really well I loved the fact that Olivia so desperately wants to hand in her V card and that the sexy man she explores this possibility with is the sinfully delectable Aiden Of course, when in Vegas and all that jazzbut, it s not until they are back to reality and tha [...]

    Lisa Jolly

    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this bookOlivia is a 21 year old college student, she s a maths geek and is holding on to her v card She spends New Year s Eve in Vegas with her friend Becca and her goal is to lose her v card Aiden comes from a rich family, she is a college professor for fun He is in Vegas to gamble Olivia gets into the high rollers betting area in the casino and meets Aiden He is taken by her, her looks and her brain What starts as flirty fun ends with a bet which [...]


    I received this book for Free to Give My True and Honest ReviewThis is my first piece of work that I have read by Ruby Steele it was good, Some areas of Olivia Aidan s meeting was pretty sweet oh hot with palpitations when they reconnect after that one night in Vegas, where their eyes lock on to each other, not as rivals in high stakes Black Jack but this time as Professor student, which as everyone knows is against College law, but can they keep their hands off each other, especially as they bo [...]


    Olivia and her best friend Becca are on a vacation in Las Vegas, and having some fun Olivia is trying to find a guy to take her virginity She is tired of worrying about it and who it will be What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas and if things go wrong she doesn t have to see the person ever again.We meet Aiden whom Olivia meets at the blackjack table and he is determined that she is not leaving with anyone but him Olivia passes out the night of their meeting She is happy to leave the town and nig [...]

    Charmaine Walker

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Gamble, now there s an interesting word We gamble or take a chance in everything Choosing the right job, the right home and even gamble on finding the right man Well that s what Olivia does when she goes to Vegas with her friend Becca What she surprisingly gets is not just finding a hot man but a clever professor too Dr Aidan Hawthorne can t believe his luck when he meets Olivia She delights him, intrigues him AND she loves maths like hi [...]


    You know the old saying, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas Not necessarily Imagine you re a virgin who heads to Vegas to lose your virginity and you end up betting your virginity in a high stakes card game and lose A one night stand to remember with the hottest guy in Las Vegas Since I passed out I couldn t even remember losing my virginity Back at college, Olivia walks into class and there s the guy from Vegas, he s her math professor A forbidden attraction, chemistry that s off the charts, [...]

    Susan Foulkes

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas But does it Oivia and Aiden think so, as they have a one night stand where Olivia is determined to cash in her V card But does she All bets are off when Aiden is revealed to be Olivia s Maths professorWhat follows is a different take on the teacher student trope.The plot is well written and moves along briskly.The characters are equally well written and have depth, including the dreadful room mate There are some hot erotic scenes, but equally there are true e [...]

    Arec Rain

    An enjoyable read, Teacher s Bet is a short steamy story about an ultimate fantasy I mean, there are few people who haven t dreamed about an attractive professor In this novella, we are introduced to Olivia and Aiden who have an immediate attraction to each other While their chemistry is ignitable and their dialogue engaging, I am not a fan of instalust instalove which is what happened here I am also not a fan of billionaire heroes which is what Aiden was Overall, Teacher s Bet is entertaining w [...]


    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this bookThe opening of this book is good.Olivia wants to lose her V, and what better place then Vegas She just want to give it already, in her early 20 s she think it was time She convince her friend Becca, let her play blackjack while her friend went searching for guys Olivia end up at in the high bidder level That when everything change for her, she met Aiden.Aiden likes what he see and hear He could tell Olivia is smart and funny So they made an [...]

    Lisa Hoak

    This had a unique twist on the professor student trope Filled with liquid courage, Olivia grabbed a seat at a Vegas high stakes blackjack table right next to a very sexy man, Aiden The stakes get interesting as they make a bet of their own away from the table Olivia ends up giving Aiden a huge IOU but their trips are over and they are back to real life When Olivia starts the new semester at Stanford, the last person she expected to see walk in was the man she owed a huge debt to Is the attractio [...]

    P Leslie

    I voluntarily read this book All opinion stated are solely my own and no one else s Oliver s determined to finally lose her V card in Vegas she just need to find the right guy She takes her chances on the black jack table but will she gamble her V card with the sexy guy next to her I really enjoyed Teacher s Bet it was insanely hot and the characters had explosive chemistry Aiden was sweet, sexy, and yummy in all the right places Olivia really surprised me she goes from being shy to becoming a l [...]

    Heidi Petersen

    I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book.Olivia and her friend decide to go to Vegas for Spring break She s decided it s time for her to lose something There she meets Aiden the handsome stranger sat next to her.After a night together Aiden can t stop thinking about the girl he met in Vegas but doesn t expect her to be sat in his lecture hall Waiting.A slightly different take on a student teacher romance.This was the first book of Ruby Steele s I d read and hopefully not the last.


    Completely adorable and fun story I laughed frequently at this one, but sighed often too Olivia wants nothing than to cash in her V card She goes so far as to bet it in a Vegas card game Does she win You betcha The trump card is that Aiden, the one she lost the card game to, is now her professor at Stanford Teacher s Bet shows us that what happens in Vegas does not have to just stay in Vegas Aiden is a gentleman and totally hot math nerd Read this one to discover how date and lucky can combine [...]

    Nicole Henderson

    What can I say this book is not what I was expecting it to be but in saying that I was pleasantly surprised by it what an awesome read and take out all the extra ciricular activities and this book had an awesome story line This is the first book of Ruby s that I have read and I was an ARC for it, and I m glad I was chosen for the review because I totaly enjoyed the book.Would I recommend this book YES


    Teacher s Bet was a sizzling hot romantic comedy about Olivia, a bookish girl who goes to Vegas with her friend Becca After a high stakes game takes things to the next level, Olivia is shocked to find that her opponent has called her bluff This book was a quick read, novella length, and Olivia and Aiden were hot, but almost too perfect I would have liked to see a little detail, but it was an enjoyable romp I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.


    An enjoyable read The pace was quick and the characters were likable and well developed, as was the romance for a shorter novel I really liked that Olivia Aiden met on vacation, and that Aiden didn t have a thing for his female students A great mix of hot and sweet scenes, and quickly resolved conflict I received an ARC of this book and this is my voluntary and honest review.

    Amanda Koehnlein

    Romance CheckHot Guy CheckI voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book last week and read it all in one day It reminded me of a short and sweet version of Gabriel s Inferno but with a sweet twist Basically a girl who goes to Vegas with a friend to find a complete stranger to lose her virginity to and it ends up being her 9 yr older Professor I fell in love with the guy because he was nice and protective.

    Erika Daman

    From a bet to forever The meet at the blackjack table in Vegas and make it up to the penthouse where they raised the stakesOlivia s virginity However, though they don t consummate their relationship before Olivia falls asleep, they definitely enjoyed each other Olivia wakes up and gets out of there and thinks what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas until the Professor walks in and it s Aiden her Vegas lover What will they do An interesting story and entertaining read.

    Viper Spaulding

    This was a fun and sexy romp, like a quick trip to Vegas Olivia and Aiden are a perfect match for each other in every way, if only the whole professor student thing wasn t an issue I was hooked from the start, and read it through in one sitting It s a quick and dirty read, but lots of fun nonetheless I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

    Michelle Lee

    Ok, so this book I had a tough time getting through the first couple chapters That could have been totally me though and not the book That being said, after I got to about chapter 4 I flew through the rest of the book Couldn t put it down Overall a cute story with plenty of sexy times and great characters I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book


    Someone call the fire brigade, this book is on fire.It gets hot between the sheets, or on any available surface.I fell in love with Aiden and Olivia and their sexy antics, and adored watching their relationship develop over the story.For them to be together they must overcome the teacher student relationship and hope they don t caught Life is never that simple though.


    Loved this story Its short and sweet Love Aiden He s a college professor who walks into the 1st day of class realizing that the girl he met over break is in one of his classes Him and Olivia have great chemistry from the beginning when they meet in Vegas and it just gets better the further along the story goes I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.


    LoveI think this is the first I ve read from Ruby Steele I ll have to keep her in mind though, because I really enjoyed her writing Her characters are well developed and it left me wanting Definitely worth the read

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