Feb 19, 2020
The Right Way
Posted by May Archer

A brilliant, obsessive mind is the heart of Sebastian Seaver s genius It might also be the thing that costs him everything he s created and everyone he s ever loved Consumed with the need to destroy Alexei Stornovich, the Russian mob boss who murdered his fianc and parents, nothing can turn Bas from his plans of revenge until he s eradicated every last one of them By aA brilliant, obsessive mind is the heart of Sebastian Seaver s genius It might also be the thing that costs him everything he s created and everyone he s ever loved Consumed with the need to destroy Alexei Stornovich, the Russian mob boss who murdered his fianc and parents, nothing can turn Bas from his plans of revenge until he s eradicated every last one of them By any means necessary, and at any cost.Drew McMann learned early that the key to success is control Control carried him through law school and helped him keep Seaver Tech together through tragedy It helped him survive the brutal murder of his sister Amy, his parents divorce, and the revelation that the seeds of their destruction had been planted by someone he had considered family It s how he s hidden his love from his best friend Bas for than half their lives And now it s how he s going save Bas from himself and finally get his family of friends free from Alexei s clutches Drew has a plan for everything Until the kiss.When Drew loses control one reckless, drunken evening and his true feelings for Bas are revealed, he tries desperately to contain the damage and keep their friendship on track, even as decades of lies and half truths seek to tear them apart With Alexei targeting them and their friends, Drew and Bas are forced to rely on each other than ever But as danger closes in on them, can they sacrifice their needs for logic and control, and recognize that the only RIGHT way to move forward is the one in which they re together

  • Title: The Right Way
  • Author: May Archer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • The Right Way A brilliant obsessive mind is the heart of Sebastian Seaver s genius It might also be the thing that costs him everything he s created and everyone he s ever loved Consumed with the need to destroy A

    ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~

    4.25 The Right Way concludes The Way Home series, at least as far as the Seaver McMann clan is concerned The epilogue is utterly perfect, so perfect that it might put you into a sugar coma, but I dug it If best friends to lovers is your thing, you can t miss this book This is the ULTIMATE falling in love with your best friend story Drew has been obsessed with Bas for almost two decades But Bas is straight and was engaged to Drew s sister As the men work together to investigate the Russian crime [...]

    ~Mindy Lynn~

    4 Stars I think this was the most anticipated couple for me I m a sucker for a friends to lovers story and this one was juicy Falling in love with your best friend is one thing, but it gets tricky when that best friend is straight and was engaged to your sister Drew has known that he was in love with his bestie Sebastian ever since the tender age of thirteen when he realized he was gay and they shared a small kiss Drew knows there will never be another man for him when a silly Halloween game has [...]

    Anne Boleyn"s Ghost

    I wasn t sure if I would like this And I didn t I LOVED it 4.5 stars.He shuddered as the absolute rightness of it settled in his stomach He and Drew were always meant to be this way A thousand alternate universes, a thousand times Bas had chosen the wrong way, and still, still, this had been as unavoidable as gravity.Count me in among those who adore friends to lovers stories This transcends your average friends to lovers story What I adored most about this particular tale was the potent emotion [...]


    Well now I am not sure if May just hit her stride with this one or if it is because I am a sucker for the besties to lovers theme Whatever it was, it worked and this easily became my favorite of the Trilogy Series My guess is she is not done with these boys yet, but you know, that is just my opinion.So, I didn t love the first two books I read them and of course I didn t hate them or I wouldn t be here now, but I didn t love them They were just enough that I wanted to keep going and I needed to [...]


    Hands down the best book in the series.


    I LOVED THIS BOOK I dunno if I love it as much or maybe even than the first onebut damn I loved Cort and Cam s story toobut also Bas and Drew were so happy sigh They juste chemistry between these two, for me, was off the charts That first kiss fansself woahhh And their interactions whether they were laughing together or fighting, were so engaging and riveting and I just had to keep going with this story.Also, we were getting an end to the overarching plot in this, and it was not quite predictab [...]


    I knew it That there s something burning inside my Bas and Drew Two of my favorite names , one book, a long time hidden love and a long time frustration of loving someone without he s knowing it.Gosh, my poor Drew I enjoyed Bas and Drew s earlier relationship, I was kinda wanted to yell at Sebastian, Oh, come on Bas, look at him He loves you Sometimes, labels makes people cannot see what they re seeing in front of them, and Bas is no exception He didn t see Drew, he didn t see how much he cannot [...]


    I hung in grimly until 70% then couldn t take any overwrought emotions.These men cry, whimper, snicker and navel gaze.The story in a nutshell Kiss Run Pine Kiss Run Pine Kiss Make out Dodge Whine Possessive TogetherOh and somewhere in there throw in a vague threat from a Russian Mobster whose Mobster father was actually a pretty decent guyr a mobster It s all very high school complete with cheerleaders and drinking games, yet we re expected to believe one is the genius chairman of a multi milli [...]


    Fun read with laughs and action.I knew I was in for a treat right at the beginning of the book when we got to see normally put together Drew drunkenly ask Bas if his teeth or tongue were missing, because he couldn t feel them There were several laugh out loud moments throughout the book, and the snark was great Once Bas and Drew got over their respective issues, their chemistry was amazing, and Bas was especially caveman like in his possessiveness, which I kinda adore.There was a good balance be [...]


    3.5 4 stars


    Ok so this is the one, the best one for me This book wraps up the series and in my opinion is the best one of the series Friends to Lovers done really well Drew and Bas awwwww Bas and Drew were my favorite throughout the series and there were hints in the previous books that this is where things were going but this book satisfied me soooooo much I loved them together This was a true friends falling in love story Falling in love with your best friend can be very confusing and difficult and this i [...]


    One moment One kiss One momentous change Bas and Drew have been friends their entire lives and are closer than siblings Brooding genius Bas often becomes lost in logic and the only one to break him from his obsession is Drew with his concern, easy banter, meals, and soothing voice Drew finds comfort in control and being a mother hen to Bas That care comes from than friendship, though he d never admit that to his best friend Until one moment of cinnamon red hot flavored bliss reveals Drew s bigg [...]

    Amanda Viecelli

    Where do I even start The first two books in this series were some of my favorite reads of 2017 and I have been absolutely dying for this final book in the trilogy After finishing, I can say with the utmost confidence that I already know this best friends to lovers story will be ranked as a favorite of mine in 2018 as well Sometimes you need to make your own right path one that s true to who you are And trying to love people, to forgive them for being blind and stupid, is generally always the ri [...]


    4.5 starsMy heart is happy I couldn t have asked for a better story for Bas and Drew They are the cutest I love me a couple that can banter with each other I like that even though the whole Russian mobster theme was going on, it didn t take center stage of the story That being said, there was quite a buildup for the ending to be so quick and anticlimactic I have questions Where did Sean go Where were the other officers What took the cavalry so long if the female cop watching over them knew where [...]


    May Archer s genius has given us the third book in her The Way Home series, and this one may actually be the best one of the series Bas and Drew are my new favorites, not only of this series, but one of my favorite book couples, definitely in the top 10 When you read their story, you will get totally get why Sebastian has spent his life thinking that he is straight, but when he kisses his life long best friend Drew, he gets a whole lot of confusing feelings To top it off, he s also trying to get [...]


    4.5 5 StarsWho hasn t been waiting for Sebastian and Drew s story And it s finally here I m not much into friends to lovers trope but this one was nicely done, with some cute, funny and intriguing moments, and I couldn t put it down.Drew and Bas complete each other, they know what the other may need or want like an open book but they are so completely oblivious to the other s feelings, added to that their long frienship and the fear to lose it if they go for But when they finally get it togethe [...]


    The emotions in this book hit me in the gut I loved everything about the relationship between Bas and Drew The highs, the lows, the in betweens, just everything I ve loved following the story from the first book and while I was kind of on the fence about Bas at first, this book totally turned me into loving him His pain at losing his family, his confusion at his feelings for Drew, it all made him a very loveable character If you love reading MM books, then I HIGHLY suggested this one It s my fav [...]


    Ms Archer saved the best for last in this book series Sebastian Bas and Drew have been best friends forever The sexual tension between these two jumps off the pages as they try to define what their new relationship will be after the death of Bas parents and fianc , Drew s sister Will they remain best friends Boss employee Lovers Or will any relationship be lost I loved the evolution of Bas from book one This writer has managed to take a deeply depressed, not likeable loner in book one to a funny [...]


    I have loved this series from the beginning, Ms Archer s writing has just got better and better as the books have progressed I ve become a real fan of this lady s work, the plot in this series has been amazing, and I ve eagerly awaited each book I ve fallen in love with all of the couples featured, but I think Bas and Drew have just edged ahead Who would ve thought, that under that cold hearted and insensitive persona, that Drew would be so vulnerable And Bas, well he s just adorable, I loved th [...]

    Aki | nose buried in books | ❤️|

    3 4 starsThird book in the series It was a nice reading, better than the second one but the first book it s still my favourite I couldn t wait to read Bas and Drew story, but this time the book was focused on the action plot rather than the romance I hope I could have had read a little bit about Bas and Drew romance and I would have really enjoyed couple moments Apart from that, I enjoyed the reading The only thing I haven t liked is the epilogue, too much vague, too much short to be a worthy [...]

    mrs sarah frost

    The Right WayBas Drew have always been best friend with Drew desperately in love with Bas, but he s straight, he was go into marry Drew s sister Amy before the plane crash Drew agrees to go to a Halloween party with Bas but a game of truth and dare threatens to break them apart forever.Bas has been ignoring Drew, why the hell did he kiss him and enjoy it so much He realises his feelings have moved on from friendship love into something so much In between Bas Drew falling in love, with the help [...]


    A good way to wrap up the main core characters I still like the ambiguity of wrong right and who gets to determine it and how you try and balance your wrongs with other rightsIt looked like May Archer was leaving this open for some anithero hero spin off with Gary and Dominick that might be interesting if it s gritty and realistic Journalist in love with a mob bossting if done right without beating dead horses Or maybe Sean is up next


    way way better than the previous books, definitely love this book the romance was superb, i mean jealousy, possessive and super cute and adorable i reread my favorite scenes twice even tho i don t really care with the russian mobsters or whatever, i still enjoyed it


    I have been waiting for Bas and Drew s story forever so when I saw the book I had to get it I had to admit tho, it didn t invoke the same feelings as the first two books I thought Bas was quick to jump, afraid of being labeled as gay and of falling into the cliche of loving his best friend But, his feelings for Drew where there sometimes in silence but huge Drew, controlling and so afraid of saying what he had been hiding forever I loved Drew and his control, patience and love for Bas and his no [...]


    Book 3 in The Way Home series This is a stunning story that will have you on the edge of your seat right up to the last page SPOILER ALERT THIS IS BOOK 3 IN THE WAY HOME SERIES IF YOU HAVEN T READ THE EASY WAY AND THE LONG WAY BOOKS 1 AND 2, RESPECTIVELY , THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.When your parents and fianc e are deliberately murdered, what do you do How do you handle it when you know exactly who s behind it For Sebastian Seaver, brilliant, obsessive, and single minded CEO of Seaver Tec [...]

    Anisha Kanwar

    Hands down 5 star.I have waited for this 3rd installment in this series impatiently When I say impatiently, I mean stalking author page on to see the release date or if it s published before its tentative release date I mean hello, who wouldn t The characters are so great, you ll do anything to know their story We ve met Drew in The Easy Way , then we saw some serious drama and chemistry between Sebastian and Drew in The Long Way I mean who wouldn t want to know their story and drama that ll tak [...]


    I have been waiting for this book ever since I had the pleasure of reading The Long Way, which is still my favorite book in the series Bas and Drew have been dancing around each other for so long, I truly feel like their story was well over due In the 2nd book that tension was really palatable and I have been anxiously anticipating it.I would say I felt that the first 2 3 of the book were a bit too slow for my taste, it created anticipation but for me it was frustrating than suspenseful And I f [...]

    Misty M

    Highly Recommend this series The Right Way by May ArcherI love this series, and have been anxiously, impatiently waiting for Bas and Drew s story They have been friends most of their lives, but based on the previous book you just know something happened Oh man did MA deliver on it The tension, the internal conflicts, and the longing all made for a great romance Poor Drew with all his angst, the delicious pining that you know is going to make for an explosive coming together Bas having a life cha [...]

    Annie E

    This is the third book in the The Way Home series and I recommend that you read the previous ones before this.I actually didn t like either Bas or Drew very much in the first book With Drews controlling personality and the way Bas becomes so obsessed over things they didn t give a first good impression, but that really changed when reading this one and I can now say that I love Bas and Drew There s been hints that Drew has had feelings for Bas and here we find out that it s deeper than that, he [...]


    This book was so good A perfect addition to a fabulous series It is one of those books that grabs you from the moment you start reading I caught myself reading faster and faster, but then I had to slow down because I didn t want to miss a single word I wanted to savor the book as much as I wanted to know the ending.Filled with expected and unexpected turn of events, the story is thrilling and exciting to read The story that began in The Easy Way continues and has a rather explosive, but very sat [...]

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