Feb 17, 2020
The Battle of Betazed
Posted by Charlotte Douglas Susan Kearney

In the darkest hours of the Dominion War, as the Federation s downfall seemed ever certain, Jem Hadar and Cardassian forces conquered Betazed, the homeworld of Deanna Troi Their victory sent shock waves through the Alpha Quadrant, and put the Dominion within striking distance of Vulcan, Andor, Tellar and possibly Earth itself.To secure their position in the very hIn the darkest hours of the Dominion War, as the Federation s downfall seemed ever certain, Jem Hadar and Cardassian forces conquered Betazed, the homeworld of Deanna Troi Their victory sent shock waves through the Alpha Quadrant, and put the Dominion within striking distance of Vulcan, Andor, Tellar and possibly Earth itself.To secure their position in the very heart of the Federation, the Cardassians begin constructing the space station Sentok Nor in orbit of Betazed The station is to serve as both the seat of the Dominion occupation and the site of horrific experiments by Cardassia s foremost exobiologist, the infamous Dr Crell Moset With Starfleet s forces spread too thinky in the ongoing struggle to retake Betazed outright, the U.S.S Enterprise along with some old and new friends, is deployed to carry out a dangerous and desperate plan But no matter what the outcome, the consequences could alter Betazed irrevocably, forcing Deanna Troi to choose between her world s survival and its very soul.

  • Title: The Battle of Betazed
  • Author: Charlotte Douglas Susan Kearney
  • ISBN: 9780743434348
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Battle of Betazed In the darkest hours of the Dominion War as the Federation s downfall seemed ever certain Jem Hadar and Cardassian forces conquered Betazed the homeworld of Deanna Troi Their victory sent shock wav


    I m not as well versed in Star Trek as most longtime fans, so, I had a bit of trouble understanding this one However, I did find it to be well written, and enjoyable a degree.


    This book covered an interesting gap when TNG had transitioned to the movies, but when DS9 was still airing, and the Dominion War was in full swing In fact, I had a slight amount of trouble based on how far back I had to pull my knowledge of the characters to make sense of some scenes, but it was certainly interesting to see aspects of the war that were not depicted in DS9 The climax was a little too cliched for me, but the resolution was a lovely touch.


    I read my first Star Trek novel on a beach in St John a while back A once waterlogged TOS hardcover, it was the only thing remotely interesting at the hotel library I ve forgotten the title, but it featured Kirk eavesdropping on the Enterprise s shipwide electronic bulletin board yeah, it didn t age well , and Spock deriving the equations governing weather patterns over England by peering down on the clouds from orbit Fun times.Anyway, now I ve read my second Star Trek novel on a beach My brothe [...]


    It s not often where I find myself identifying any substance in the Counselor Troi character, yet The Battle of Betazed provides a vehicle for just that.The Next Generation writers often seemed to lack ideas of where to take Troi s character, and so she languished on the bridge, left to sense ill intent in the alien of the week every once in a while Despite that burden, the authors manage to bring Troi in focus for a pivotal mission in the Dominion War which will have lasting repercussions for h [...]

    Matt Piechocinski

    I typically only go for books of proven authors like Peter David, Weis Hickman when reading series books But, I m not gonna lie, the Dominion are awesome, and I ve always preferred them as antagonists to the Federation than say the Borg, which seem the automatic go tos So, why wouldn t I read how they conquered Betazed Anyways, Douglas and Kearney did a marvelous job with this little ditty, and weaved the two big components of any good Trek story, action and moral quandary, into an exciting tape [...]


    I gave up reading STTNG books decades ago but when I came across this one with Deanna holding a phaser rifle I had to buy it I was quite surprised when I finished it to read that one of the authors taught creative writing because while Deanna was the central character in this she had absolutely no agency Not everyone may be familiar with the concept of agency, so let me give a rouch explanation, agency is when a woman has control of her own actions, and takes actions that effect things In terms [...]


    Among the shrinking legion of people who will publicly admit to being fans of Paramount Pictures most enduring franchise, STAR TREK, a good read typically consists of a villain worth the boos and hisses, relative character development, and a wealth of phasers set to kill Note these are not bad things but, rather, just notable benchmarks for a successful Trek book Charlotte Douglas and Susan Kearney s long awaited and much ballyhooed THE BATTLE OF BETAZED succeeds on those levels and those levels [...]


    Pocket Book s batting average for the year 2002 in terms of Star Trek novels just keeps getting better and better After leading off the year with the home run efforts of In the Name of Honor and Immortal Coil, the Star Trek line hits a stand up double here with the Battle of Betazed.The Battle of Betazed is set between the events of Star Trek First Contact and Insurrection and somewhere in the fifth or sixth season of DS9 Betazed has fallen to the Dominion who are hoping to use it as a rallying [...]


    I ll admit that I was first attracted to this book because of the image on the cover Deanna Troi, my favorite TNG character, holding a giant phaser rifle how often did something like that get to happen on the show This novel gives Deanna the chance to be in command of a very dangerous away mission, one that is essential to the liberation of her newly conquered homeworld Her struggles to balance her own instincts she s a compassionate woman, not a fighter and the demands of her mission are some o [...]


    This book isn t a challenging or long read The writing isn t fantastic, either It is good, just not fantastic However, I give it high marks for exploring a part of the Dominion War that was only mentioned on screen In DS9, the writers wanted to suggest that the war was going badly for the Federation by saying that a major member planet had been taken by the Dominion They chose Betazed.This book follows up on this idea with Deanna Troi and the Enterprise recruited for a special mission by Starfle [...]

    Rena Sherwood

    Star Trek The Next Generation meets Hannbal Lecter Has some nice bursts of action and gives an interesting exploration of Deanna Troi, but a bit blurry at points This is NOT for the casual Star Trek fan but someone who has seen every single episode of ST TNG and at least half of Star Trek Deep Space Nine Oh, and you better see the movies, too The big disappointment was that the Hannibal Lecter character barely does anything after a huge build up Interesting that there is no mention of Hannibal L [...]


    Star Trek Deep Space Nine fans will recall the Dominion War that spanned the last two seasons of this great series It was mentioned that Betazed fell to the Dominion A short story in Tales of the Dominion War sets the stage for this novel, which details the battle to reclaim Troi s home planet It s very good However, the subject matter was a bit disturbing Telepaths using their mind powers for killing isn t exactly the uplifting story we expect from TNG era books, especially when it is not only [...]

    Jami Leigh

    Plot 3 stars Characters 3 1 2 stars Style 3 stars Pace 3 stars I ve always been a sucker for Troi I had a bit of hero worship and maybe a bit of a juvenile crush, in retrospect on her as a preteen, to the point where I had a cardboard cut out of her in my room, dressed up as her for halloween, and even had my hair permed to try to be like her Yes, the perm looked as horrid as you d expect I looked like a freaking poodle Her stories always seemed to have moral ambiguity in them than your typica [...]

    Todd R

    Good Trek book set during the Dominion Wars Characters were well written and the challenges in the book were well placed I liked the scenes with the Cardy s and the other Dominion reps The exchanges and the tensions between the various allies of the Dominion are always interesting and were in keeping with the shows dynamics.Also this had the Generations crew, and it was good to have them make an appearance during this era.


    I am a sucker for Deep Space Nine It is the best of all the Treks But I always wonder how the Enterprise E crew fared during the Dominion War And the mention of Betazed being conquered but nothing else discussedI needed This book filled in a bit, and it was fantastic just like an episode of TNG, done during DS9 era.Like if DS9 did crossovers like CSI and CSI NY, this would be that book I m gonna have to go get of the books.


    The Dominion has taken over Betazed, and the Enterprise gets embroiled in a plot to free the planet Deanna has to revisit her past and her fears to save her planet This is a quick read that covers the liberation of Betazed, there s some nice character bits and is a page turner Troi s mother isn t in it as much as she should have been though A good read.


    I thought the characters were true to canon, and the storyline had plenty of action to keep me reading I would recommend it to any ST TNG fans If you re not already a fan, it will be much less fun, but will still hold together as a readable story.

    Joe Pranaitis

    For a story that takes place inbetween seasons 6 and 7 fo Deep space nine, I have to admit this was a good book and and good insite to how the Dominion subjugated a people in the time of war.

    Mikael Kuoppala

    Behold a strong war story that is still very trekkian at hart A good read for people who like Troi and the Dominion War plotline.


    A solid story, but it just didn t quite do it for me This story did keep me turning pages though A must have for a Trekkie.


    good book, would have made a good episode or two I m not to familiar with the events of the Dominion war, but you really don t have to to enjoys this book.


    A decent examination of a seminal part of the Dominion War that received very little attention in the TV series Sadly not as well written as I d hoped, but still a diverting read.

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