Feb 17, 2020
Finder, Vol. 04: Talisman
Posted by Carla Speed McNeil

If you ve never been tempted to steal a book from a library If you ve never dreamed of being given a book with all the answers in it, and awakened disappointed because it s not really under your pillow If your mother never gave away, threw out, or sold a book that had changed your life If you re not still half looking for that book every time you pull one off the shelfIf you ve never been tempted to steal a book from a library If you ve never dreamed of being given a book with all the answers in it, and awakened disappointed because it s not really under your pillow If your mother never gave away, threw out, or sold a book that had changed your life If you re not still half looking for that book every time you pull one off the shelfBut of course you are Talisman is about hunger and magic.

  • Title: Finder, Vol. 04: Talisman
  • Author: Carla Speed McNeil
  • ISBN: 9780967369136
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • Finder Vol Talisman If you ve never been tempted to steal a book from a library If you ve never dreamed of being given a book with all the answers in it and awakened disappointed because it s not really under your pillo


    This is a book for book lovers and writers.The first half addresses the love one has for a book Perhaps the book was consumed in your youth, and you spend your life trying to regain the sensations you experienced.The second half, presented in the form of Marceline struggling to regain that original book of her childhood by hashing it out in written form, is about the pain of writing McNeil captures perfectly both spectrums in gorgeous black and white illustrations set in a near future radically [...]

    Andy Zeigert

    Talisman is easily my favorite trade paperback in the Finder series so far, despite the fact that the titular character barely appears Instead, this volume follows one of the minor characters as she explores her love of books and come to terms with what being a writer means And it is simply one of the best bits of fiction I ve read in ages Absolutely profound.

    Peter Usagi

    This is an excerpt from a blog post I wrote, and it s a little long But I feel it explains quite well why this is my favorite graphic novel of all time I first came across this book at the Balti Comic Con and I had the honor of buying it from the author herself The following is an e mail I wrote to her only hours after bringing it home Dear Mrs McNeil,I know you may have already forgotten me I was probably just one of hundreds of people who stopped by your table But I can say with confidence, th [...]

    Amanda Coppedge

    An all time favorite In some ways I felt like this story was about me.

    Martine Taylor

    GORGEOUS illustrated book celebrating the love of books and creativity.

    Nicola Mansfield

    Reason for Reading The lost book intrigued me even though I have not read any books in the Finder series.This is a reprint of a particularly well loved volume of the Finder series I absolutely enjoyed this book, much than I thought I would since it is part of a larger series But it reads incredibly well as a stand alone, in fact, one isn t even aware that it is a part of a series as a newcomer The story appeals to the book lover and is a coming of age story as well as a bitter lesson in whether [...]

    Online Eccentric Librarian

    More reviews and no fluff on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress I feel this is one of those graphic novels that can divide readers a meditation on the love importance of books and imagination rather than a straight forward story One can either love it or be bored by it as it veers all over the place, both graphically and story wise But Finder Talisman is clearly a well defined and intelligent treatise on reading and the soul nourishing nature of imagination.The story is set in the near future when [...]


    I really loved this slim volume It hit a lot of points for me that I tend to melt over, like the love of reading and the solitary nature it requires and fosters, and the way we remember books that we had read as kids even if that memory is nothing like the reality of the book itself I can relate to the strong desire to recapture that nebulous experience, and the disappointment that can follow if, as is often the case, it cannot be done Talisman is, on the surface, about Marcie, an adolescent gir [...]


    Carla Speed McNeil s Finder series may be set in a detailed alternate reality where humans are not the only sentient species, and a majority of people spend their entire lives within the confines of labyrinthine domed cities protecting them from the inhospitable outside But while the author s own description of the works as aboriginal sci fi isn t inaccurate, the characters are so elegantly drawn, the artwork so precise and beautiful, that seeing them navigate the familiar terrain of identity an [...]

    Randy Lander

    I m now coming into the Finder stories I haven t already read, and I m liking the book and as it goes on McNeil s writing style is still a bit meandering than my general taste prefers, but this one is a focused meditation on books and love of stories, filtered through characters we know from the first two books.Ironically, while I found the first three Finder books plot light and character strong, this one flips that, with a very strong plot through line and some excellent character work, bu [...]

    Erin Riggsmith

    I recommend all the volumes of Finder to anyone who loves sci fi, fantasy, or just well crafted stories.But this volume stands out.It follows Marcy, the youngest daughter in a complicated family, seen previously in the Sin Eater volumes Many avid readers will find a little a little of themselves in her and her love of books, of the many worlds stories can take you to, and the desire to escape into them We see glimpses of one of those worlds, first as a story that is told to her, and later as a s [...]

    Maria Kazantzi

    Carla Speed McNeil manages to describe the life of each one of us who love books, how we feel about them, how frantically we are searching for new stories to devour and our love for the stories that touched our soul.She describes the life of aspiring authors, their efforts to express with words their unrestrained imagination, their agony whether the readers will enjoy their story.All that within the context a science fiction comics series, that dates from 1996 and has many fans The graphic novel [...]


    I found a copy of this on sale yesterday at Forbidden Planet I d read the story before as part of the Finder 1 collection but I bought this as I just loved the story so much It s about a little girl who wants to use magic but instead falls in love with books, stories that are made up and not actually in books but in films, though she hates films It s all about the power of reading and the importance of writing and speaks to me on SO many levels Despite having this in the collection I m really gl [...]


    Someone told me to read this first of all the Finder books And I mostly liked it and I didn t particularly feel like I was missing out on anything But then I got to the end and there were really extensive notes so maybe if I continue with the series and come back I ll find all this hidden meaning that I didn t have the context for.Also, without the other context I m really uncertain how I feel about the treatment of the character of Lynne but since they aren t the focus of this volume I don t re [...]


    This comic s premise that books are great things that contain whole worlds of wonder and imagination is nothing new and has been done before The science fiction elements are weak, from phone cord brain hook up ports to the suggestion, backed up by nothing in particular that we are somehow in the future There are some elements of this story that make it inappropriate for younger readers, where it may have been better appreciated, including the suggestion of abuse from a cursing, bedridden dad and [...]


    This is profound I had no idea it was part of a series when I picked it up at the library and now I m glad I didn t know I love this I love this story and the way it was delivered through the art work It s a slow, perfectly paced story of layer upon layer of meaning I feel like to say it s a book about books is an understatement It s about how books make you feel, the effect they have on us, why books are one of a kind This was such a beautiful read I m glad I got the chance to take in the art a [...]


    This new ish single volume edition allowed me to give Talisman another look By itself, rather than a small part of a larger collection, it shines It s touching and heartwarming and oh so relatable Carla Speed McNeil creates characters that live on with and within you long after you re finished reading Voice is a better, complex story, but Talisman is easily quotable As a work about writing, this is appropriate.

    Mikael Kuoppala

    After a shakily uneven takeoff, Finder offers a gem of a story In Talisman Carla Speed McNeil has created a wonderful coming of age story that illuminates its protagonist through a magical ode to the process of creation through writing and the experience of the world through reading.Anyone who loves to read will identify with this tale in which McNeil finally proves that she can be not only good but a brilliant weaver of enchanting fables.

    Jonathan Cassie

    Carla Speed McNeil continues to give voice to characters who are achingly believable with problems that, while small, resonate powerfully At least for me What s this one about The power of stories, strange relationships to key figures in your life, the meaning of stories, growing up, reading Good stuff.Best line for me I knew my home city as a huge empty space with constellations of bookstores and libraries.

    Kevin Fanning

    Reread this again recently and upped it from 4 to 5 stars I can t think of a book that depicts creative struggle better than this one The heartache and frustration that comes from the heavy lifting of carrying the world inside your mind out into the open, idea by idea Loving books and storytelling SO MUCH that you want to give back, by writing your own stories Coming to terms with the truth and disappointment that nothing you write will ever be good enough But not giving up.

    B.A. Wilson

    This graphic novel is for every writer and book lover out there It takes you on a journey through the way novels touch our lives and the struggles writers face when trying to create their own stories I also love the black and white artwork It has its own distinct style that I really appreciate nothing cookie cutter about it.


    All about books and stories the ones that you lose, the ones that aren t the same when you find them again, the ones you can t get out of your head and onto paper or screen It s sort of dreamlike storytelling, dipping in and out of the main characters reading, but for those of us who were kids like Marcie, it resonates.

    James Schneider

    A beautiful reprint of an all time classic Finder story by Carla Speed McNeil Her lines are so clean and beautiful that it s easy to overlook what a masterful storyteller she is Talisman is a wonderfully written and emotional story about a love of books, the creative process, regret, and acceptance One of my favorites.

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    My first foray into graphic novels on a recommendation and I thoroughly enjoyed it The depth of writing and the full of expression artwork combine to create a wonderful story about the book you loved as a child and then struggle the rest of your life to find it and recreate it.


    This started so cute and sweet but quickly devolved into something that makes no sense at all Also what was with the genderqueer trans brother It seemed like he was something between douchey and abusive and the whole thing was a hot mess.

    Genevra Littlejohn

    A story about growing past being a survivor, and into someone that doesn t need to be classified by what s happened to her and what she s had to do to survive This is so true to life, despite being set ten thousand years from now, that it was a bit painful at points to read.


    didn t realize this is part of a series.what s not great about this book is that the notes aren t extra to the story, but in fact pretty necessary to get an understanding of the world the author is trying to presenteat theme, but not enough storytelling


    I m reading these completely out of order and just as I m finding them, but they are still remarkable Also I ll probably have a dozen ah ha moments, but those will be enjoyable.I loved having the author s notes in the back, some of those quotes had me itching to know their origin.


    I loved the drifting narrative and the hinted at myths in the protagonist s head.

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