Feb 23, 2020
Wizard's Bane
Posted by Rick Cook

What Wiz Zumalt could do with computers was magic on Earth Then, one day the master computer hacker is called to a different world to help fight an evil known as the Black League Suddenly, the Wiz finds himself in a place governed by magic and in league with a red headed witch who despises him.

  • Title: Wizard's Bane
  • Author: Rick Cook
  • ISBN: 9780671698034
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Wizard s Bane What Wiz Zumalt could do with computers was magic on Earth Then one day the master computer hacker is called to a different world to help fight an evil known as the Black League Suddenly the Wiz fin


    What do software development and wizardry have in common Read and find out.The Black League the bad guys is slowly but surely winning over the Wizards Council the good guys and there seems to be no hope until the mightiest of the wizards came up with an idea which might help their cause He summoned a very competent computer programmer called William I Zumwalt Wiz straight from his Silicon Valley company office The wizard took a great risk doing it and got killed for his troubles, but not before [...]


    This is what happens when a computer programmer and DD player attempts to write a book The result is not pretty.The first few pages are interesting enough and the use of actual programming jargon is a refreshing change of pace most writers who attempt this tend to have no idea what they are talking about Rick Cook obviously does Unfortunately, that s all the book has to offer.The premise is interesting enough but never comes to life The characters are completely one dimensional, the dialogue is [...]

    Eko Prasetyo

    Interesting concept Making operating system for the power of magics What an idea Really, you need to read this to believe it


    This book is a self conscious wish fulfillment fantasy novel The plot is that a computer programmer is magically summoned into a world that is rife with magic, in order to help the good wizards fight against the evil wizards A lot could be said about the comparison of programming and magic, and the numerous technical in jokes, but that would perhaps spoil the fun I d say this is a good read, especially in that it doesn t take itself to seriously Recommended if you like Neal Stephenson s In the b [...]


    qdr The net 1995, , , DVDRip c bash quote 403883This particular series is about a programmer who gets summoned to an alternate dimention where magic works and computers don t He quickly goes mad and He has some fun adventures.It would probably have been much fun if a I didn t know anything about computers, or b the author actually did some research in depth than asking a geeky 15 year old.Realistic sounding development scenarios are interspersed with obvious BS Various logical inconsistencies [...]


    I enjoyed this book The concept of a computer programmer applying his skills to a magical reality was neat and original The plot moved along at a good clip and the main characters were likeable, so you cared what happened and rooted them on Normally, I would probably have given this book 4 stars, good and enjoyable, but not enough of a wow factor to rank five But you knew it was coming, of course there were a couple things that nagged at me enough that I had to dink the book down one star, and r [...]

    Scott Nickell

    The magic as computer programming premise is really interesting Unfortunately, that concept isn t really introduced until about 3 4 of the way through the book, and even then is presented fairly superficially There are also some problems at least in the printing I got with some evil wizards names getting mixed up The premise is strong enough that I ll probably give the author enough benefit of the doubt to read one or two books from this series, now that said premise is established, but I wasn [...]


    This is the story of Wiz, a computer programmer who gets summoned to a world of magic The wizard who summoned him died in the process so no one is really sure what he s supposed to be doing The book took way too long setting up the story but once the real action started, it was much better I really liked the throwing of spells as computer commands even though it never actually made sense to me It was a quick, fun read though it didn t have a lot of substance to it.


    This is one of my all time favorites It combines 3 story elements that I really like fantasy magic, a modern day person ripped out of their time and place, computer programming Programming magic like its a computer, I love it.


    Great concept, adequate story telling Pop corn for the brain and I mean that in the kind sense.Maybe not worth four stars, but definitely than three.A fun read.

    Sean Randall

    This is one of the most amazing books I consumed in my teenage years, and having reread it for at least the fifth time to write these few thoughts I still find it wonderfully captivating It s available online for free so you ve got no excuse not to go check it out So, the story in a world of myth and magic, the Dark League waxes strong to make chaos of what little order there is in the World whereas our heroes of the North try to keep things safe the question a responsible magician must face is [...]


    Walter Wiz Zumwalt was happy hacking in Silicon Valley, but when he s dragged into a world where magic works, suddenly debugging C is the least of his worries Or is it The wizard who brought him here is dead, and Wiz is left in the care of a witch that he s been ensorcelled to love She s determined to keep him out of the hands of the Black League while they try to figure out what the wizard who summoned him was trying to accomplish.What do computers have to do with a land of magic A surprising l [...]

    Dayl Thomas

    Good book A little slow going, but it makes the attempt to imagine what someone from the real world would do in a land of magic and fantasy and it succeeds Most of the action takes place in the final third of the book, which to me was the best part It has its moments of humor, but stays pretty melancholy in the character s realistic actions You really feel for the main character as an outcast and are happy with his eventual triumph The author spends a lot of time on detail, from sights and sound [...]


    This book was so disappointing I started it because my brother was very excited about it, and I understand why he was It s a new magic system with lots of potential, but the story fell flat This to me is an obvious example of an author who has a great idea, but none of the skills to bring it to life The characters are flat and can do a 180 turn without any clear reason has Wiz at any point behaved in a way that justified Moira suddenly liking him Not at one point does the main character do anyth [...]


    The idea of view spoiler writing a programming language for magic hide spoiler is a novel one, and definitely has got me thinking about magic systems in a different way, but unfortunately that is the only thing I really took away from this book The magic system in a way broke down for me due to view spoiler the contrast between how Wiz is able to cast spells and how the other wizards do, as well as a conflict between how the magic system is described and how it is actually displayed According to [...]


    This book is really nerdy, silly, and fun.It s not written very well The plotting is clumsy The way magic works in this world and how it can be literally programmed is so unbelievable that you have to immediately accept it as a convention of the story before you even start reading it If you don t, there is no point in even picking up this book.However, if you can accept this silly story convention, and you are a geek that knows about computer programming, you will find this book rather amusing a [...]


    I found this book at Baen Free Library.The basic story is of a computer programmer, the Wiz groan , who finds himself in a transported to a medieval fantasy world ruled by wizards and witches Unlike the natives who consider each spell a separate and unrelated trick , Wiz soon discovers that his systematic, programmer s approach facilitates his understanding of magic Of course there s the requisite love interest and the laughably bad villain.Unfortunately, I can t tell you I enjoyed this one The [...]

    Arni Vidar Bjorgvinsson

    What a strange, yet intriguing read.This is a very unique and interesting take on the whole Epic Fantasy genre Without wanting to spoil anything, the book brilliantly blends together Fantasy men and elves and dragons and what have you with modern day computer programming Something that I, before reading this book, thought could and SHOULD never come together in any one place There s something just so inherently wrong about seeing the word computer in a medieval times Fantasy novel, and yet it wo [...]


    Wizard s Bane is a decent read, perfect for when you have a spare moment and nothing else to do The flaws outweighed the fun parts of the book for me, however The characters are pretty unsympathetic, and the only one I even vaguely liked was Wiz, because his floundering about in the alternate world was amusing Moira was beyond annoying, as was just about every other character in the book Was being a complete snob part of that new world Because no one there seemed to understand the idea that a fo [...]


    All the adventures of Wiz, spanning several books, have a common theme how cool would it be if a genius computer programmer could go to a world where the magic within lends itself well to be programmed It doesn t make it justice, but let me tell you this if you like fantasy and are a computer geek yourself, or better a programmer, I doubt you ll be disappointed.Yes, the love stories are a bit trivial and some dialogues poor because of them But the rest is gold It makes you laugh, especially if y [...]

    Mark Brinkman

    I loved this It is a combination fish out of water story combined with a tale that turns a relative nobody into hero Add to that mixing computer programming with casting spells A delightful tale that I ve read several times A computer programmer from Earth is transported to an atypical Fantasy world supposedly to save it but he has NO idea how to work magic when he gets there But things change quickly.Granted I m chiefly a science fiction fan, and a systems programmer, so I m something of a targ [...]

    Scott Vout

    This was one reccommended by the site based on my previous reviews.It ended much better then it started and i would rate it 3.5 if i could.A story about Wiz, a computer programmer from our time that is summoned to a fantasy realm where he learns to cast spells by writing them as computer programs A unique twist that i rather enjoyed.This being the first book in the series there was a lot of get to know ya stuff which i really found tedious not sure why but i did But once the heroine gets kidnapp [...]


    Programming is magic a cool concept Sadly, the implementation is not convincing The protagonist saves the day with the power of emacs somehow The gimmick would have been justified if the magic system and Wiz s strange use of it was analysed in detail, but instead we only see the result From the reader s perspective, the source of his powers could have just as easily been an ancient magical artefact or similar We don t really get to appreciate the way that Wiz uses his mind to overcome the chall [...]

    Jon Ringstad

    I know what you re thinking 2 stars This book has to suck But you re wrong It s fun, but maybe not good On my scale, 2 stars means you need to be into that sort of thing, and if you do you re going to enjoy it.These books are all about a computer programmer who s transported to another world, one where magic works like programming Thus he becomes a powerful wizard Stuff happens along the way, adversity and triumph, but all the programmer come wizard stuff is all you need to know to decide if it [...]


    Basic premise a computer programmer is mistakenly summoned into a world where magic exists and permeates all He must depend on magic to survive or even have a chance of returning home, but possesses no innate magical ability There are no magic words that would allow him to perform magic Despite being assured by powerful magicians that he will never be capable of harnessing magic, he develops a programming language that allows him eventually to defeat malevolent wizards I read this a long time ag [...]


    Good enough for a quick distraction but rough at times The first half is a long, generic chase scene, and there s a story within a story that doesn t contribute anything at all to the larger narrative At around 55 60% through it gets interesting and the whole point for Wiz being there finally starts to get some action Even in the last half there are some asides to the main action that do nothing to advance the story and just took me out of it I might check out the sequel, but only because it s p [...]


    I have a lot of nostalgia for this book, mostly because it came out during my graduate school years Its primary gimmick is the fairly modest computer geek in magic land theme These days that doesn t seem so groundbreaking but back when the z80 assembler was still relevant, being a computer nerd was still a novelty I m not sure if the jokes and references still hold up for normal people but they still get a smile It s not great literature but it s still fun.


    Just like a dinner in McDonald s A guilty pleasure It s cheesy, it s nothing but cliches, the plot is basically Go to X, defeat Y , the character relationships are stupid But when you want a light, mindless read, it s surprisingly okay Ish.As a whole, the book really, really reeks of a Gygax era low level ADD adventure But it s entertaining and brings you back to the Conan style fantasy Except it s worse Still, if you have nothing better to read, it isn t horrible.

    Kevin Brown

    This is one of my all time favorite series This is a book I highly recommend because of its great use of humor, action and hint of romance I did a complete video review of it HERE And followed it up with an examination of the series as a whole in two parts Here and for part two Here


    Not great writing, or a great story, honestly But for those of us with a CS background, it is reasonably good fun I read it as a vacation novel and it was perfect for that It was published in 1989, so is rooted in the systems programming of the time, but that has remarkably held up, and so the jokes have as well It d be nice if certain obvious tropes weren t fallen into time and time again, or if there were facets to the characters, but it commits few actual sins.

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