Feb 23, 2020
Faerie Winter
Posted by Janni Lee Simner

Liza is a summoner She can draw life to herself, even from beyond the grave And because magic works both ways, she can drive life away Months ago, she used her powers to banish her dangerous father and to rescue her mother, lost in dreams, from the ruined land of Faerie.Born in the wake of the war between humanity and Faerie, Liza lived in a world where green things nevLiza is a summoner She can draw life to herself, even from beyond the grave And because magic works both ways, she can drive life away Months ago, she used her powers to banish her dangerous father and to rescue her mother, lost in dreams, from the ruined land of Faerie.Born in the wake of the war between humanity and Faerie, Liza lived in a world where green things never slept, where trees sought to root in living flesh and bone But now the forests have fallen silent Even the evergreens branches are bare Winter crops won t grow, and the threat of starvation looms And deep in the forest a dark, malevolent will is at work To face it, Liza will have to find within herself something powerful than magic alone.

  • Title: Faerie Winter
  • Author: Janni Lee Simner
  • ISBN: 9780375866715
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Faerie Winter Liza is a summoner She can draw life to herself even from beyond the grave And because magic works both ways she can drive life away Months ago she used her powers to banish her dangerous father an


    I read Bones of Faerie and fell in love with the world, accepting the fact that there probably wasn t going to be a sequel In fact, I didn t even expect one But I was delighted when I saw there was one, forgetting how intense my love was for Bones of Faerie Faerie Winter matched that adoration and rose above it Simner creates a world that is simplistically complicated It s hard to explain I felt it was pure, like the essence of, well, a faerie and not cluttered by dirt and other things that I en [...]


    So much darker than the first book I like that No silly or funny scenes in this sequel, the author just goes straight for the murderous sadistic games of the fae It is twisted and delicious.I also appreciated the character of Liza She was never too stupid to live, nor was she perfect She screwed up, kept trying, made tough choices, and slowly grew and changed through it all She is a cool chick I really loved her relationship with Kyle, who was adorable and I want to adopt.The love story is stil [...]

    ♠ Tabi ♠

    Better than the first, but still just as bare boned with the story and character backgrounds It s like you re dropped right into the middle of this world with the idea that you re already supposed to know the history of it Sometimes a concept like that works wonderfully, and I absolutely love books like that This, however, sadly lacks that magical spark So while I did enjoy it a lot, especially because of Matthew I still wish this had been developed and richer than it is.


    I was absolutely thrilled when I saw this on Around the World Tours I completely adored Bones of Faerie and I had no clue that Janni was writing a sequel It s been a long while since I read Bones of Faerie, but even with the gap I have to say that the sequel was just as good if not better Faerie Winter picks up a few months after Liza successfully brought autumn into her world It s now the dead of winter and Liza and her village fear that spring may never come The once blood seeking plants have [...]

    Tabitha (Pabkins)

    More sadness and brutality to twist your heart Faerie Winter exceeded my expectations for a sequel I felt about it the same way I did Bones of Faerie That it was a great story and by the end I would have been satisfied if I learned there wasn t going to be another book Lucky for me its a trilogy but even better that each book thus far in this trilogy has done such a stellar job of standing on it s own legs.There WAS NOT a ton of rehashing at the beginning going back over absolutely everything th [...]


    The Short Story The highly anticipated sequel to Bones of Faerie does not disappoint Simner has written yet another seductive dark fantasy set in a dystopian environment Enticing and dangerous, Faerie Winter is beautifully dark and brilliant For fans of the supernatural with an exciting new edge, this one is for you The Long Story One of the things I love about this novel was the setting The series is set in a dystopian world which is interlaced with magic Unlike most dystopian societies which a [...]

    MissHavoc Cry Havoc! Reviews

    I have been DYING to read this Bones of Faerie is one of my all time faves It combines both Faerie AND a dystopian world Gah It s wonderful Well, actually it s very depressing and dangerous, but you get what I mean It s sequel, Faerie Winter lives up to my expectations beautifully.It wasn t enough though I wished it could go on and on 300 ish pages just didn t satisfy me, I felt like there could have been Wishful thinking I know, but the ending felt a little rushed I was three quarters of the w [...]

    Anastasia (At Bookish)

    So, I wasn t particularly impressed with Bones of Faerie, the first in the series But I saw this in the library, and it wasn t particularly long, so I m like What the heck Might as well, right Thankfully, it wasn t worse It was actually better, but not by much In Bones of Faerie my review here I thought it was very hard to understand, the story jumping from place to place without me understanding how While that didn t happen in this book, it still seemed like the story was kind of disjointed It [...]


    An apt follow up to the first book, this one continues the story to see how Liza fairs after she returns home Faced with new challenges as she attempts to understand her powers, she goes through another rite of passage that involves challenging the queen of Faerie This is just as dark and dystopian as the first, but offers hope, at least I wanted from each of the characters explanation, emotion, details It feels like the good outline of a story, but elements of how things work and who charac [...]


    said the first book was like water and the sequel is ice Nature s violence has been tamed by winter, making the world cold and grey Things are bleak and though Liza has help, it feel as if she takes on her current quest alone The action seems tighter and intense than the first, part of why I like this one than the first.Read in my review.

    Mira Domsky

    Dark fantasy set in post faerie apocalypse America Sequel to Bones of Faerie Liza and her village fear that the first winter that has come in many years will never end They fear that the world has forgotten spring To make matters worse, not all of the faeries who wish to destroy the human world have given up Liza must try to save her town not only from the beginnings of another war, but from Winter itself as well.Dark, dark, dark But delicious.


    Eagerly I plucked this from the shelf I adored the first book, Bones of Faerie, which is a masterwork This one, not so much It felt padded, and then wrapped up quickly without much meaning An unnecessary sequel, alas But Bones of Faerie is exceptional.


    Read for professional review p.s It was awesome


    After reading Bones Of Faerie I absolutely fell head over heels in love with the twisted, dark and evil world that Janni Lee Simner created.Now this is a book I got totally lost in, I ran through the bleak, once lush forest, I hid from the lurking shadows just wanting to be set free, I smelt the burning flesh that boiled and burst, what a journey this book takes you on and I went so willingly.I absolutely adore each character, every single one was simply magical I love how there are links to cer [...]

    Mia Israelsen Blackwelder

    This one has some really dark elements to it the faeries in this series do not mess around the evil ones are crazy evil It s an intense plot and ends with plenty of hope but so much struggle comes before it This series has me torn it s really well written and original, but it s also really, really dark I m not not totally sold on the darkness of it I feel like it needs a better balance between light and dark in it It reminds me of criminal minds each episode has some really dark things happening [...]


    It was a nice read, I liked the plot and knowing how the characters lived after the last book, but I also kept wanting to skip a few pages And when I did, I didn t miss much Maybe I m just impatient, but this book could do with some editing.


    After a long time I finally picked up this book I loved it The characters and the storyI missed them, so it was nice to finally continue on with the series I really enjoyed it and everything that was going on in this book Currently waiting for book three to come at my doorsteps


    Great quick read Have really enjoyed this little series


    I feel my ratings for this series are somewhat misleading, as I gave both Faerie Winter and Bones of Faerie a 3 star rating Faerie Winter, however, is significantly better than its predecessor, and just barely missed out on a 4th star.First the writing itself improved in this sequel, a whole level above what Simner demonstrated in the first book A pleasant surprise.Second the story in Faerie Winter is solid than in Bones of Faerie Partly due to working from what was already built in the first b [...]


    I liked this one better than Bones of Faerie, but I still had some issues with it And to be fair, while there was some improvement on some of the things that bugged me from 1, the main reason I enjoyed this one than the first was that it allowed for time to be spent in this world and with these characters If you ll recall, my biggest issue with the first book was that it was too short Faerie Winter picks up about six months after Bones of Faerie Liza and her friends and family have just lived [...]

    Ciara M.

    Afters have to stick together More like 3.5 satrs Just like the first book, this one was fun fun fun The setting is interesting and I m a fan of anything that s not afraid to mix genres faeries and fantasy mixed with post apocalyptic environment following a nuclear fallout hell yes Pros New Characters Don t get me wrong, I liked the old characters, and I m glad we got to see them again, but the previous cast was kinda few in number, and I m a HUGE sucker for books with a massive amount of charac [...]

    Chrystal Snowdrop Dreams

    Could this story get any better I was so happy to be back in Liza s world and to see what happened after she saved her mother from the faerie realm The War between humans and fae had been a harsh one, leaving destruction and death on both sides It also left both sides with the inability to trust This companion novel shows us how people and fae alike can change for the better, while there are those who could never truly let go This book is about forgiveness, even when the reason is hard to come t [...]

    Michael (Mai)

    Janni Lee Simner you did it again I guess I ll start with Wow It felt exactly like the same world that I loved I read Bones of Faerie originally while standing on the train platform in No One Knows This Place rural, Japan I remember looking at the trees suspiciously thinking maybe just maybe they might try to kill me Janni made it all seem so real In book two, we re still in this world only it s winter and because of Liza all of the trees are pretty much hibernating So, no killing Did that chang [...]


    Spoilers for Bones of Faerie PossibleI signed up for this tour on Around the World ARC Tours without reading the first one, Bones of Faerie It had been on my TBR list for a while so I figured it was a good way to get me to read it and then I would have the second one soon I read the first one and really enjoyed it so I was happy to be getting this one soon I think I liked Faerie Winter even than Bones of Faerie They are both great but there was so much going on in Faerie Winter The book starts [...]

    The Winter Rose

    I am a big fan of the first book BONES OF FAERIE It s one of my favorite books I assumed it was a single book I didn t know or expect a sequel So you can imagine my joy when, while strolling through the bookstore, my eye caught FAERIE WINTER I snatched it up and let out an audible squeal of delight one which made a nearby youngster pause and give me a rather quizzical look At last I was reunited with the characters and world I had fallen in love with And happily, FAERIE WINTER did not disappoint [...]


    A very solid sequel to the first book It was dark, mysterious, and bleak where it needed to be, and picked up with lots of bravery, heroism, and a few surprising ways in which the characters overcame the struggles in the end I must say that relationships developed very believably within these first two books of the Bones of Faerie series, and I especially liked the way both new and old relationships developed and reached new stages within Faerie Winter.The storyline and world building was defini [...]


    I would have given this a four, but I think it unfair, given what I am going to say next.This is not a great book It is not close to being one of the best all around books of the year, nor does it even reach the concept of a masterpiece The writing in this book made me roll my eyes some times Not because its bad, but Simner here tries to be incredibly minimalistic, and writes at times as if trying be poetic, which doesn t always work This doesn t happen all the time But there were enough cases f [...]

    Tiffany (About to Read)

    Faerie Winter is the second installment in the Bones of Faerie series I like this series because it combines a post apocalyptic world with faeries, and that s not something that I ve seen done before Even though I am getting tired of dystopians and I m not crazy about post apocalyptic novels, adding faeries into the mix almost makes it feel new.Since these books are relatively short, they are perfect if you want something quick, but aren t in the mood for contemporary The plot was pretty good It [...]

    M. Dobson

    Believe in SpringJanni Lee Simner s Faerie Winter is the enchanting sequel to her Bones of Faerie As in the first, her realistic characters struggle with their own insecurities, histories, and the consequences of their promises in the midst of two dying worlds human and fae Janni s world is deftly drawn and stunningly original a world where magic endowed children live in an environment where even the flowers sting, bite, and kill Harvesting carrots could literally kill you, and as for a walk in [...]


    Excellent follow up to Bones of Faerie Liza brought the chia tree seed back from the dark dead world and had it come to life in the human land But after fall winter occurred and never left Those from Before kept saying spring would come but after 6 months, it looked a bit grave Many of those from Before don t trust their own children since all born After have magic and they are afraid of the children Liza s mom is trying to train the children how to control their magic But many like Kyle and Joh [...]

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