Feb 26, 2020
Posted by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Melly and Anny Beth are fifteen and can no longer drive a car Soon they won t be able to walkor feed themselves They had both lived full lives Melly was one hundred years old, and had been left in a nursing home, waiting to die Then Melly and Anny Beth were selected for Project Turnabout and were given an injection to make them grow younger It worked but the fMelly and Anny Beth are fifteen and can no longer drive a car Soon they won t be able to walkor feed themselves They had both lived full lives Melly was one hundred years old, and had been left in a nursing home, waiting to die Then Melly and Anny Beth were selected for Project Turnabout and were given an injection to make them grow younger It worked but the follow up shot, which was supposed to stop the unaging process, has killed everyone who has taken it Melly and Anny Beth have left the project and taken care of themselves for the past eighty five years But who will take care of them when they can no longer take care of themselves

  • Title: Turnabout
  • Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • ISBN: 9780756916336
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Turnabout Melly and Anny Beth are fifteen and can no longer drive a car Soon they won t be able to walkor feed themselves They had both lived full lives Melly was one hundred years old and had been left in a n


    There s a long afterword at the back of this book about the Real Science Haddix used as the basis for the story Even if there s a kernel of truth in the premise preventing certain chromosomes from shrinking could stop and even reverse aging the way science is dealt with in this novel makes the ideas seem less plausible than exploding tumors Amelia and Annabeth are two senior citizens who are injected, sort of without their consent, with a new anti aging formula, developed by a scientist who s on [...]


    I just re read a book called Turn About In this story, two people come up with an experiment that can turn back people s ages, stopping the people from growing any older Then, the scientists, after testing it millions of times on rats and other animals, they decide it s time to test it on humans The most known scientists in the book are Dr Reed and Dr Jimson These two scientists go out todifferent nursing homes and ask these 100 year old or almost 100, to sign a contract of selling their bodies [...]


    This may be due to the fact that I m taking so many biology classes so that entire concept of unaging is completely ridiculous, especially the fact that it is now known that telomeres does NOT cause aging The only thing the two have in common is that as you age, telomeres shorten but whether or not it does cause aging is completely untrue Not only that, but I find that entire point of the story, pointless Finding someone to take yourself is hardly a reason purpose to live Telling the world about [...]


    Turnabout tells a story of two very old women one is 100 years old and the other a few months away from being 100 that take a type of injection that makes them unage The scientists expected to inject another medicine into them to make them stop unaging so they could be whatever age they wanted to be forever But something goes wrong They tried it on one man who wanted to stay around 70 and he disintegrated within seconds So now, the two main characters have to deal with unaging But what will happ [...]


    I wanted MORE One of Haddix s clever twists on the future, where a pair of very old ladies agree to an experiment that will make them young again the catch being that it won t stop As they grow younger and younger fourteen, thirteen, twelve, who will take care of them I love the concept of this book, but Haddix didn t explore as much of it as I wanted her to.


    This review is also available on my blog, Read Till Dawn.I m named after my great grandmother, who was born in 1900 I m actually named after two of my great grandmothers Marie, my middle name, was my dad s grandmother s name , but it s the woman whose first name I share that really captures my fascination She grew up in a completely different time, on a farm in rural Missouri She lived a fascinating life full of ups and downs, and died an old woman living on the same farm she d spent her entire [...]


    A very interesting concept that grabbed me from the first page I feel like it could have been at least twice as long of a book as it was only 223 pages , because my imagination was running farther with this idea It was, of course, strange to ponder, and a little dismaying.


    I love this book, it was awesome it was about how a old woman became younger and younger each year when she and her friend was about 15, they are afraid of what will happened when they are 1 years old but then a doctor found out what to do with them so they stayed 15, and continue to 16,17

    Janelle Revier

    a futuristic twist on unaging if that is a word this tale was about what wasn t said GOOD it you liked the curious case of benjamin button you might like this.


    I thoroughly enjoyed Turnabout This is a science fiction novel about two women, Melly Amelia and Anny Beth, who lived normally throughout the 1900s and participate in Project Turnabout in 2000 when they are near their deaths Project Turnabout is a scientific experiment where participants are injected so that they un age until a certain point in their lives and then receive another injection to stop the process so that they d stay the same age forever But the second injection doesn t work like it [...]


    3.5 stars.Turnabout An interesting book, really Had to read it in English class, so it was forced Didn t really like it, even though the idea is really thought provoking Which, I guess, is the point, because I had to do all of these PROJECTS and ESSAYS about it Huh And speaking of telomeres, I also had to research all about it and discovered quite a few head scratching facts about it Really interesting.But I didn t say it was good, did I Amelia Hazelwood is a 100 year old woman living peacefully [...]

    Elizbette Sanchez

    Do you like books that take place in the future Then is this the book for you Turnabout is a science fiction book by Margaret Peterson Haddix I was very pleased by this book Margaret Peterson Haddix is one of my favorite authors so any of her books I would enjoy Turnabout is one of those books where once you picked up the book, it seemed like you can never place it down Turnabout is a book about two girls named Melly and Anny Beth In 2000, they had both reached the peak of old age and were ready [...]


    After four years of sitting on my physical to read shelf, I ve finally finished it All in all, Turnabout was a pretty decent read about immortality, second chances, finding purpose and family mostly immortality though The latter three are just minor elements Melly and Anny Beth are two interesting protagonists both of them have been selected for Project Turnabout, an experiment about the elongation of the human lifespan and it was fun reading about their childhood and their first lives I actuall [...]


    The first page captivated me April 21, 2085My sixteenth birthday Sad, sad day What I mind most what I ve been dreading most is losing my license I could still pass for being older for at least another year or two, but the agency won t let me Against the rules, they say We know best, they say How can they be so sure when this is all new territory At least Anny Beth can still drive, since she s only eighteen I don t know what I d do without Anny Beth I don t know what we ll do when she hits sixtee [...]


    Science Fiction is the genre of this book It has to do with scientists that give these old people a drug that makes them younger Melly and Anny Beth are the main characters in the story, and they take the drug that makes them older However they do not like the things that are happening in the agency so they leave the agency hoping to find some peace, and to find a cure for the drug They suddenly realize that the drug has no cure and they are becoming years younger very fast They encounter an A.J [...]


    TURNABOUT is a tough one for me to rate this book fell victim to bad timing for me I started reading it just as my life got hectic planning my twin boys 4th birthday party and although I found the idea of un ageing intriguing, the story it s self wasn t interesting enough to hold my attention over all the other craziness in my own life Evidence shown in that it took me like a week to get through such a short book, that I would normally breeze through in one sitting before bed.Anyhow to be fair t [...]




    The book Turnabout, by Margaret Peterson Haddix, has a very interesting plot that you don t see too often in books or movies However, despite this, this book just doesn t wow me and it just doesn t give me enough of that sweet, sweet character development that I love so much The book also just seems to lack explanation at the beginning it just troughs right you into the madness of it all I don t like, though, the crazy switches between time periods But, I have to say, for how unique it is I d re [...]

    Rachel Dalton

    This was another one of my old books that I grabbed the last time I was home I think I only read it once, as a kid, even though it was written by one of my favorite YA authors, Margaret Peterson Haddix who also wrote Running Out of Time, my favorite book for most of my adolescence This woman really has a thing about time, I guess.I remember not really loving this book as a kid too much science , but I found it fascinating this time around The concept is very interesting, and the plot definitely [...]

    Lexi Hanson

    Lexi HansonBook Review for TurnaboutThe book Turnabout was written by Margaret Peterson Haddix and published in 2002 by the Aladdin division of Simon Schuster, Inc The book is about a Woman named Amelia Hazelwood who is about to die in a nursing home She signs a form that she doesn t know what s on it that the doctors gave to her Pretty soon she begins to be able to do stuff she was able to do when she was younger I recommend this book because it is a thrill and a mystery Although it can be very [...]

    Tejomai Buyyanapragada

    Turnabout was a great book about a group of 50 elderly people that were getting ready to die then they were introduced to an experiment called Project Turnabout In Project Turnabout , every patient will receive an injection that will reverse the aging process Along with their decreasing age, all the memory of their last life , will be erased based off of what age they are For example, if they were currently 90, all the memories of the last time they were 90 will be erased Anny Beth and Amelia ar [...]


    My son asked me to read it it s really interesting to read her conception of the future from the year 2000 and realized how much has changed she missed the importance of phones, smartphones and personal computers and how much hasn t exhibitionism It was an enjoyable read.

    Meredith Caldwell

    I usually like Margaret Peterson Haddix, but this book really bored me I barely got halfway through before I had to put it down I really didn t care for the characters or anything really.


    I didn t love it but it was ok.

    Judine Brey

    I found the premise interesting, but in some respects the plotline was fairly predictable Also, it was hard to really care about the main characters.

    Nahari Lippman

    a thought provoking novel that explains why no one really wants to physically live forever.

    Bob Rust

    Turnabout 2003 which deals with false recovered memories of a non existent country, is of the most interest.


    I really loved this book The book feels alive with the characters my favorite character is Melly Hazelwood she is full of life.


    Not my usual choice in books, but I enjoyed it It gave me a lot to think about.

    Mona Lisa (ForestGreenReader)

    Definitely an interesting plot, and I like the main characters I wish there was world building concerning the future.

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