Feb 16, 2020
Falling, Freestyle
Posted by Vivian Arend

Never venture out of bounds without a buddy preferably two.Dara s past four incredible years have been lived to the fullest Along with her best friends, Kane and Jack, she s left no local wilderness unexplored, no ski slope unchallenged Yet lately she wonders why they ve never seen her as than a buddy with breasts When or if either man will cross that unspoken lineNever venture out of bounds without a buddy preferably two.Dara s past four incredible years have been lived to the fullest Along with her best friends, Kane and Jack, she s left no local wilderness unexplored, no ski slope unchallenged Yet lately she wonders why they ve never seen her as than a buddy with breasts When or if either man will cross that unspoken line.It s a line Kane eyes harder every day Since high school, he and Jack have shared everything A condo, vacations and their best girl Kane s ready to get serious about his wilderness school and outfitter business, and that includes putting down roots Preferably with Dara.Wary of the men who ve recently been sniffing around Dara, Jack has a growing sense that he or Kane better make a move soon, or they re going to lose out on their perfect match Question is, who does she prefer and who s going to bring their easygoing trio to an end Overhearing the boys arguing over her, Dara s floored and torn Choose between them No way Drastic measures are called for, a plan for their annual holiday getaway that will clarify her feelings once and for all or lose everything in a sexual storm of whiteout proportions.Warning Old friends turned lovers can get into the most trouble exhibitionism, bondage, spanking Anal sex, oral sex, unauthorized use of ski safety harnesses, icicles in the hot tub The author apologizes in advance for any melted monitors.

  • Title: Falling, Freestyle
  • Author: Vivian Arend
  • ISBN: 9781609282608
  • Page: 235
  • Format: ebook
  • Falling Freestyle Never venture out of bounds without a buddy preferably two Dara s past four incredible years have been lived to the fullest Along with her best friends Kane and Jack she s left no local wilderness u


    a good read well written loved the characters.


    4.5 stars First line The bright yellow safety marker passed behind them as Dara leaned back on the solid wood boards of the chairlift, easing her skis onto the rests.Memorable Scenes first sex scene good thing I m read this book during a pretty cold spell or I d have spontaneously combusted Jack and Kane discussing erotic romance I love Viv for this scene icicles in the hot tub scene the thought of coldness never crossed my mindReview The main characters of FALLING, FREESTYLE are Dara, Kane and [...]


    Dara has been best friends and neighbors with Kane and Jack for a few years now They love extreme sports and ski snow board often together Dara has held a secret crush on both Kane and Jack but never thought she d pursue this crush because she didn t want to loose either friendship Jack and Kane have lusted after their friend Dara since the day they meet But the both decided never to pursue their desires because Dara is their friend and they didn t want to compete for the same woman On a vacatio [...]


    I really liked that this relationship was based on friendship and that all of those involved worried about ruining that friendship I really loved that Dara took advantage of overhearing the boys secret conversation of her and that she did it in a way that was super sneaky I was impressed the way that Dara really went for what she wanted right away when they all arrived at the resort, I sort of expected her to chicken out They boys response was interesting and not what I expected, one all for it, [...]

    Kitten ~♥️ MM series ~

    Best Friends in love w your their female friend Okay.She wants them too No shocker there.Vacation and an erotica book are the ingredients to helping her living out her fantasy w her 2 besties What Menage Scenes 3 Originality 2 I was confused w some of the pretzel twister position these 3 got into DP 3 Only once Penetratee Submissive and Nymph I didn t learn a thing about her other than that.Pentrators large heavy cocks all I knew was their eye color Good to help get the juices flowing Read befor [...]


    This is a great story about three friends and their love for each other During a long ski trip Dara plans to seduce her two best friends after finding out they want her just as much as she wants them The idea is to find out which man she loves and wants to spend forever with What she finds after 4 days of hot icicle melting sex is that she can t choose and needs them both There is a little bondage and a man who likes to take control in the bedroom so it s light on the bdsm nothing too shocking. [...]


    Uneven bookI really liked the outdoor, skiing and surfing description It s clear the author loved that and it shared nicely.However the remainder was not as successful for me The characters just remained characters, defined mostly by their hair and eye color And I think that was it The tentative to show a hint of emotional conflict was a miss The hot scenes were quite steamy.So for a light outdoorsy erotic romance, that might be it.


    This was okay, but not great There were a lot of non problems and really nothing much happened except a woman who can t decide between her two hot best friends gets to have them both It s a lovely scenario to think about, but it seemed pretty far fetched I also got a little irritated at the two guys consistent reminders that they weren t gay It is a nice quick read and really made me want to go skiing.

    Rinny Rainwind

    A short book but good It s a romance about a girl whose had to over come body image and self esteem issues due to a very bad accident Her climbing instructor helps her through than trauma Along with her long time friend It was a good book I recommend this read.


    This was an awesome book Nothing was over the top, it was just three really great friends taking their relationship tot he next level to make themselves happy What could you ask for LOVED this book It a always nice to finish a book and have that happy giddy feeling


    recommended by MusingBookworm


    I decided on this book when looking for a sexy romance set in snow Living in the South, snow is a rarity, and I figured if I couldn t make snow angels in real life, I may as well curl up with a book whose snow capped setting fulfills my winter wonderland desire Enter Falling Freestyle, a story about three best friends two guys, one girl who use a winter weekend getaway to take their relationship to the next level.Dara, Kane and Jack have been the Three Musketeers for years, and while Dara trusts [...]


    Not even a mountain of snow could cool off these three.FALLING, FREESTYLE is a friends to lovers story with a few twists and gallons of hawt sauce Three interesting characters pushing their sexual limits and taking me on all kinds of fun adventures on and off the slopes kept me enthralled I enjoyed how these two very typical guys had to come to terms with every emotion that played out in their first m nage How could he get turned on by watching their best friend with the girl he loved Was his bu [...]


    The Book Falling, Freestyle by Vivian ArendThe Particulars Erotic Contemporary Romance, Samhain, available as e bookWhy was it in my TBR I like Vivian ArendThe Review The blurb Dara s past four incredible years have been lived to the fullest Along with her best friends, Kane and Jack, she s left no local wilderness unexplored, no ski slope unchallenged Yet lately she wonders why they ve never seen her as than a buddy with breasts When or if either man will cross that unspoken line.It s a line K [...]


    Dana, Jack and Kane have been inseparable since Dana moved into their building years ago, they spend all their free time together but Dara has started to get fed up of them seeing her as one of the boys Jack and Kane are as different as night and day but Dara has developed strong feelings for both of them, she d love to move things forward but who should she pick Can their friendship survive if she chooses one over the other I always enjoy Vivian Arend s paranormal romances so I thought it was a [...]

    Christi Snow

    Review reposted from my Smitten with Reading blogMy Review A bit of menage on the ski slopesHOT Friends to lovers favorite style of romantic story You should already know that I am going to like this one, right o These three have been best friends for 4 years Dara has debated for years about making her move on one of these guys, but after an overheard conversation between the two guys, Dara decides to take advantage of their upcoming ski weekend to figure out which one she wants They all arrive [...]


    Falling Freestyle is guaranteed to make you want to go skiing for a long weekend after reading it Despite the somewhat unappealing cover, this is a cute, fun read perfect for a cold winters night.Dara, Jack and Kane have been best friends forever When Dara overhears the two of them talking about making a move on her before it s too late, she knows she has to take action She s always been attracted to both of them, and doesn t want to lose either of them Dara knows just what to do on their annual [...]

    Romancing the Book

    Reviewed by EmmaRaeWell, romances are about escapism and fantasy, and this packs quite a punch in 120 pages Usually books this short fly by, but this one was impressive Read the warnings, which I usually skip in copying the blurb here to the blog If any of that isn t for you, skip it except bondage and spanking, which was very light If you like best friend stories and triad stories, this is right up your alley.I m amazed at how the author packed so much character and steam into one novella Dara [...]


    I am always game for a good menage book Always This one was a little different from the menages I usually read because much of the action involves sex between two of them while the third looks on or engages only minimally Trust me when I say this works perfectly for this book It s sexy as hell and it very nicely deals with some of the issues Kane has with being involved in a trio when he s not sexually attracted to men.One of the things I absolutely love about Vivian Arend s writing is that she [...]

    Mrs. Missive

    I have hit the sweet menage jackpot here This is the textbook example of a romantic M F M with a lighthearted spirit Dara, Kane, and Jack are the three skiing musketeers, complete with candybar swords They do everything togetherwell everything except what they ve all been secretly wanting Dara is apparently a big reader and her preferred style of literature mirrors my own Dara likes to read about menage Having two studly best friends , it was apparently pretty easy for her to substitute them as [...]


    This is of a 2.5 star read for me, that I m rounding down to a 2 star read, simply because I didn t enjoy it that much while I read it I didn t like the power plays between all of the characters and Jack s little tantrum at the end of the story didn t help matters any The Skiing Snowboarding was of a side note than an actual theme around the sport, and I went into the book expecting much than what I got Dana came across as a mixed up mess than an actual heroine, and this book seemed to show [...]


    Friends to lovers and m f m menage Helloooo favorite themes D This is the first contemporary I ve read by Vivian Arend and it won t be the last Falling, Freestyle was just flat out fun Plenty of friendly play time between Dara, Jack and Kane and many LOL moments Then there was the sexy play time Holy smokes In the cabin, on the slopes, in the hot tub I will never look at an icicle the same way again.Falling, Freestyle is going on my digital keeper shelf for when I need something light, sexy, and [...]

    The BookWhisperer

    This book is a fast read that can get your blood pumping Dara presents the opportunity for both of her best friends to be with her, both want her, but are unsure if it is something that they can both do I zipped through this within an hour and found it a good read Arend placed Dara in some steamy situations that any girl couldn t say no to And with guy friends like Kane and Jack, she doesn t.The three test their feelings for each other and just how far they can go BookWhisperer Reviewer MC

    Michele A. Blank

    almost too much is that even possible Well actually there is such a thing as too much of a good thing While this is a great erotic escapade, it s almost too much How much can one woman ahem Well apparently that would be infinite, then take on an entire day on the slopes The scene in the cafeteria was erotic but also hilarious those poor ski boarders Being a fan of Ms Arend, I expected HOT, but this bordered on too much Also needs some editingBut, give it a try It might just be exactly what is ne [...]

    Mr. Granger

    I liked this one There was enough back story to make the menage scenes between friends believable The two male leads were different lovers, and that added a nice twist to it The sex scenes were well written, if not quite as hot or as explicit as I normally prefer.I wondered at the end if a long term three way relationship would be workable between these three Maybe it would be, maybe not Maybe a sequel, Vivian Let s find out.


    This was a hot friends to lovers story, with the twist that it s a trio of friends Kane and Jack both like Dara, and she likes them, but no one has made a move, afraid to mess up their friendship That s about to change.There wasn t much threesome action though, mostly it was one on one sexytimes, but switching back and forth.

    Rissa (an M/M kinda Girl!!)

    WELL.what can I say I ve been spoiled with the menege where all people play with each other view spoiler so I was disappointed that there was no peenie play with the boys.It coulda been HAWT I liked that these 3 where such good friends and the lovins between them were all pretty steamy However I woulda liked to see into the relationship past the night they come home hide spoiler

    Amanda Hopkins

    Not all that I was hoping for2 hot men 1 hot athletic woman all best friends who know each other well And with this great base the story never really took flight in my opinion.Too wishy washy about the romance And the HEA was kinda dull nothing unexpected or exciting in the book.

    Shelly Bell

    I won the paperback copy and I was so exciting to discover it signed by the author I d previously read each story Falling, Freestyle and Rising, Freestyle They were a couple of my first forays into erotic romance and menage I m happy to report they re still as hot today If you haven t read these stories, pick up this book


    I liked Jack and I even liked Kane but the heroine was a complete dumb a and selfish to boot I felt like she goaded guilted Jack into making a decision he wasn t comfortable with at the end, which was only a HEAFN, happily ever after for now Major disappointment from an author I know can do better.

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